Jacie Hudson

Hemi Orange ‘09 Challenger SRT8🍊🎉 Corinth, MS sc: jacienpink contact: Sponsored by: @jaxwaxcarcareproducts ~

Christmas parade😁🎄❤️ #notintheSRT #oops
its our three year anniversary😋
since I was 15. loved mopars since I can remember. didn’t have to jump on the mopar bandwagon... not that it matters, just a fact😉
Texas hangs🤙 photo credit: @dbwithastang #wearemopar
It’s hard to keep ~track~ of all the memories i made this weekend. It was so good meeting everyone and seeing so many awesome mopars all in one place❤️ #wearemopar #wam3
this shirt from @geardrivendesign came in right on time for @wearemopar this weekend😍
this Thursday will be my first time going to Texas for @wearemopar ! if you’re going and see me there come say hey!😊 #wearemopar #iamsoexcitedicanhardlystandit
a work of art😏 very impressed with how this turned out! hit up @rizzzooo93 @highoctanedesignco for one for your car! he does some awesome work🙌
she’s finally healed🎉 one of the fans got jammed, breaking the blades off and sending them straight through my radiator🙃
how i’m about to pulling up to @wearemopar in a few weeks if my car’s not fixed by then😂 already got some new parts ordered, just hoping there’s nothing else wrong😬🤞 #GottaDoWhatYaGottaDo #PrayersForTheSRT 🙏#wearemopar
when your car breaks down and leaves you stranded but that’s still bae... lol, I believe in making the most of a bad situation and I have help coming. just so thankful it didn’t happen on the way to We Are Mopar in a few weeks😬😅 #thingshappen 🤷‍♀️
don’t know about you but this pretty much sums up my #moparmonday #nofilter
didn’t run mine but always a good time at the dragstrip ⛵️💨
somewhere under the rainbow..😊🌈
taillight tuesday🕶
good morning and happy 6.1 Hemi day🎉😊 may not still be in production but let’s not forget about our 6.1s😉 #srt #370
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