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“zan this is fricken lit”- chris raney aka my dad
In honor of #ChildHealthDay and being a part of the OwlThon executive team my goal today is to get an additional $100 in my donor drive! Any donation helps!!! link in my bio!!!
i don’t joke about my notecards #ftm #ipassed
The star of the show, the baby of the group, the angel sent from god!!!!!! Laura is finally 21!!!!! celebrating you is something that should be year round!! thank you for being my first friend at fau, and continually traveling with me!! San Fran isn’t ready for us! ily endlessly
god really blessed me by having you walk into my life freshman year of highschool, HAPPY 22nd Morg!!! thank you for coming and lifting my spirits this weekend, don’t know what I would do without your radiating spirit!! i love you more than whipped cream as a chaser!!!!
today we celebrate the life of my beautiful grandma, she was the light in our family and the person that pushed me to be the best version of my self. i strive in life to be half the woman that she was to her friends and family. I don’t know what I’m going to do now that I don’t have you to tell me to constantly brush my hair. shirley you were my favorite person in the whole world, my best friend. I hope you are at peace and tell everyone i said hi up there. forever and always with love, your zanna
tune in to next weeks episode to see how the celebration continues!! 10/11 am c est
“can i be a floater?”-me
mom & babies first recruitment together👩‍👧
last night was peachy, happy 21st fran! you are so loved🍑
mom, as you are walking across the stage today I wanted to take the time to thank you for being you. I don’t know what I will be doing on Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun now that you won’t be down in boca. you’ve given me some of the best college experiences and i love you for that. I now don’t know who will be calling me dramatic or chugging with me at tailgates. @millersalehouse will miss you and so will I! expect to see me soon!!!! forever your favorite child suz
yesterday by bff left boca for a HUGE change in life!! thank you for the endless laughs and all the joy you brought to my life!!! going to miss you being a walk away! love you malz! can’t wait to see you in london!!
did some light reading this weekend...
thanks Ms. Heather and the Adams for living across the street and introducing me to my love for hockey #game7
focused on what’s important (the gyro)
STOKED to announce that I will be serving on the Overall Executive team for OwlThon as the Partnerships Chair!! Can’t wait to see where this year brings me! (yes i know i posted this picture already)
This past year I had the opportunity to be an Owlthon Morale Captain, because of this I have met some of the most amazing people that have pushed me to go out my comfort zone! I can’t thank these people enough for being such an inspiration and making be want to Be Bolder. Not only that but on my own I made 1,108 miracles happen and I am overjoyed and can’t wait to surpass this next year!
GOODLUCK IN CHINA!!! hope these next 16 months treat you well sis!!! Working for Disney will be magical!
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