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thanks Ms. Heather and the Adams for living across the street and introducing me to my love for hockey #game7
focused on what’s important (the gyro)
STOKED to announce that I will be serving on the Overall Executive team for OwlThon as the Partnerships Chair!! Can’t wait to see where this year brings me! (yes i know i posted this picture already)
This past year I had the opportunity to be an Owlthon Morale Captain, because of this I have met some of the most amazing people that have pushed me to go out my comfort zone! I can’t thank these people enough for being such an inspiration and making be want to Be Bolder. Not only that but on my own I made 1,108 miracles happen and I am overjoyed and can’t wait to surpass this next year!
GOODLUCK IN CHINA!!! hope these next 16 months treat you well sis!!! Working for Disney will be magical!
mood: when you have an exam but you have brunch at 1
It’s alway sunny i️n... part 2
just a mom & dad and their kid
issa snack🐟
when someone says get on the lane train🚂
happi 1 year anni to the boot and my still to this day broken foot!!! you’re the worst thing to ever happen to me!!!! thanks pdtfau i’ll always love you
honestly so upset i didn’t get a single picture of me looking tan so here is this one #gameday #ilovewater #rinsta
sometimes things happen, ya know
stopped in to say hi to the dino’s
it’s cow tippin season... MOOOOO #fpf
happy birthday!!!! a year and a day ago i was given the biggest blessing and handful a person could ever want!!! you’re forever my favorite person and my first kid!!! love you mush❣️
no one panic!!!! we are officially adding another to this dysfunctional trio👩‍👩‍👧‍👧
best big/little 2017
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