Stace Braun

Mumma to Madeline Ocea 🎀• Teacher ✏️• Riverland, SA 🌿

• NINE MONTHS• Our sassy girl... • LOVES swimming lessons and anything to do with water (definitely a Fieldhouse) • favourite foods are banana & pear • can pull herself up and stand with help (when she isn’t crawling somewhere she shouldn’t be) • has 4 teeth • says Dadda • is a petite 7070g & 70cm tall.
🐶🐶☀️ The love between these 3!
Sunday ☁️☁️☁️
This is my big bro & nephew. Do we look alike? Birthday hangs 💕😊
Rhyme time & birthday lunch with one of the best Gran’s going ‘round. 🌞🍃
Best buds 💕
🐰 happy Easter every bunny 🐰
🐣 E A S T E R 2018 with friends 🐣
Play cafe fun
• E I G H T M O N T H S • 8 months of melting strangers’ hearts with your smile. Our strawberry brown haired little babe. . . . . #madelineocea #eightmonths #hatesshoes #crackedtheshits #cottononkids
C R A W L I N G- yesterday, a day shy of her 8 month ‘birthday’, little Miss finally worked out how to move forwards.... towards catalogues... (shopaholic in the making?) 💜
Stubborn but cute.
Words to live by, people. 👌🏿 . . . 📷 via Pinterest.
Pear & apple I like to munch, Mango & carrot not for my lunch, When I sip from my Munchkin cup, I’m proud as punch! . . . #stylewithmunchkin #munchkinmomentanz #misskyreeloves #madelineocea #munchkincup #win #sevenmonthsold
S e v e n m o n t h s with my little bestie 💞 Where is the time going? You brighten up our days like no one else, Madeline.
My first time leaving my little babe for longer than an hour. My first time drinking since Oct 2016... I survived... My boobs didn’t explode, I didn’t get drunk & I had so much fun, but I did miss her (even if it was only a 6 hour day away from her).
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