mother of #2 Justin and zack slotkowski wife of scott burrows. owner of rock star cleaning services health and fitness life style motivation

What I wouldn't do to have both of my boys under my roof at one time again. #Alllove .#butsoproud .
Love cleaning my friends condo. Lovin his cat. Peeking his Head out 😀🐱
Another kid. Making me proud!! Way to go Justin 😍😘 so blessed to have such smart ambitious and driven boy's.
Belated Anniversary surprise
Happy 6th Anniversary to this pretty great Guy. So far it's been a wild ride and I'm looking forward to many more years of good and bad. Love you 😍😘💕
Friendships that last a lifetime.
TBT. 1984 (that hair)
When you dye your hair and you come out looking like Bozo you go into complete disguise. On my way Julie!
Remembering our brother. No words just in shock. Great memories
RIP my brother. Love you forever
Sissy time. Apparently my sister wanted to make up my birthday lunch and this is why i love her but not only because of this but because she is completely selfless.
Happy Birthday to my Daddy in heaven. You are the angel who gave me my wings who became the woman I've become today. Miss and love you so much. Would have been #91 .
When you change the colors of your room and you have to get all new accents and accessories.
Loved celebrating both our birthdays together. At the Halls House. 30 plus years and never gets old. I so appreciate the great dinner you made us. Love you gf.
My birthday dinner at longhorn steakhouse. Thanks to so many that wished me well. Mostly I'm thankful for my boy's and all my family😍
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