mother of #2 Justin and zack slotkowski wife of scott burrows. owner of rock star cleaning services health and fitness life style motivation

I'm ready for a serious change in this climate. Once I arrive in Arizona, I may not come back 🏊✈️🏖️
Doing our own rehabilitation. My style.💪
Nothing but love to all who celebrate
We all complain about our Mom's telling them to get off our back and all they have ever done was have our backs like we back our kids no matter what. One day I'll miss those calls. Love your mother. She's the only one you'll ever have. This woman is going strong at #90 . Love her ❤️
90 and going strong. Love this mama.
Smile behind the Winter month. ☃️
Look who's up and determined to walk ❤️
Winter Mornings ☃️
Surgery on his TPLO. Home, resting and definitely not happy poor baby 🐕😢❤️
Afternoon detox. Homeade lemon Ginger and tumeric ice drink. 😛
A mother's heart is only fulfilled when she is with her children. With them or without them physically, she'll always have their backs. Anyone can raise a child but it takes a whole lot of love and devotion to turn into Loving caring responsible men and women. These two I'm just so proud for them to call me Mom and proud to have them as my blood.
8 year's today. Miss you pop's 😘
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