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Well, good Morning!!!
TBT. Bronco's #collegeyears .
Miss these guy's. One an hour and a half away, the other, thousand miles away but nothing Will ever stop me from coming to see them. Plans are in the works. . #myheartsforever .
Ahh, my current lifetime movie position. 😎
Just hanging out.
Tomorrow is my first day towards a better future 📣 you are never to old to start over. #buisnessadministration .
Missing my mini me, well not so mini. Can't wait to visit him in Arizona. Not soon enough. 🙏❤️😘
Happy Saturday selfie.
Marley had a little limp today. Who says you can't put a heating pad on your k9 babies 😍❤️
This is something you don't see everyday at your local Hollywood market 😀
❤️ these girls.
Happy National doggie day to these two beauties. I just love you!!!
Someone call the fire department
It's Al about the Woodward cruise oh and get off my tube ❤️😁
What I wouldn't do to have both of my boys under my roof at one time again. #Alllove .#butsoproud .
Love cleaning my friends condo. Lovin his cat. Peeking his Head out 😀🐱
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