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✨ New Recipe Alert ✨ This deliciously simple recipe is inspired by all our favorite sights and flavors of winter and the holidays. The rich chocolate reminds us of curling up with a mug of hot coco, the fluffy frosting mimics freshly fallen snow, and the sparkling cranberries take us back to quiet mornings on the farm with everything encrusted in glistening ice crystals. Best of all, the recipe is ready to go on our blog. Get cooking! ❄️✨
Frosty mornings on the farm are special - the crisp air, bird songs, and sparkling dew remind us to slow down and savor the beauty of Winter. Things may be a little quieter out on the fields, but inside we’re preparing and getting excited for our next growing season in 2019!
Cranberries can do so much more than Cranberry Sauce. Our Frozen Cranberries make the perfect addition to breads, salads, cakes, dips, smoothies, and more. They always add beautiful color and a powerful punch of flavor to brighten up your winter day! ❄️😋
The holidays can get busy, so we’ve gathered our top one-pot, 10 ingredients or less dinner recipes for when you want something tasty, healthy, and easy, like this rice and bean burrito bowl! Head over to our blog to check them out, and happy cooking! 😋
Welcome to Oregon weather, and a scene from our main farm. One minute it’s pouring down rain, and the next the sky opens up to reveal a rainbow. Here on the farm, we’re always looking forward to Mother Nature’s next surprise. 🌈🍂
We’re off to start preparations for Thanksgiving, using our delicious frozen vegetables to make our meals even tastier! Happy Thanksgiving to all, wishing you a happy and joyous holiday! 🍂
Who knew blueberries were so beautiful all year round? The whole farm is exploding with color, and we’re loving it! Best of all, our vibrant summer berries are still available, fresh as ever, in the freezer aisle of your favorite grocer! 🍂
No tricks here, only treats! Our cauliflower is looking tasty as ever this season and is enjoying these brisk, Fall mornings on the farm. 🍂
(Continued from last week...) Today, Natalie is our Main Farm Irrigation Farm Manager at Stahlbush. Her main duties are managing a team of 8 irrigators who monitor, move, and control irrigation systems around the Main Farm fields. Each day is different as each field and crop has different needs – therefore, her day to day usually includes a shovel, gloves, and lots of walking- 5 miles on a good day. Each morning, Natalie checks on fields she knows are almost ready to be watered. She stomps out to the middle of each field, where she places an orange flag marking the tensiometer, which acts as an artificial root and indicates soil water and the need for irrigation. She also checks the soil visually – digging up a small section with her shovel, she checks it for its ability to form a ball, color, and stickiness. “Watering the right amount is important,” she explains, “too little and the plant becomes stressed, decreasing the yield, too much water leads to nutrient loss– our job is to make sure the crops get just the right amount to allow high yield, resilience, and health”.
Natalie Edward began her journey to Stahlbush at Oregon State as an Undergraduate. Before her time at university, Natalie traveled internationally to developing nations, which led her to understand the importance of preserving earth’s natural resources from a young age. Witnessing first-hand how sustainable practices can impact a community, she was inspired to do everything she could to learn more. When she found herself in a soil science class at Oregon State, she found a way to channel her interests in sustainability. On the first day of class, her professor jumped to the front of the room and exclaimed “Who wants to save the world?”. Natalie looked around at her timid classmates, and before she knew it, raised her hand high and proud proclaiming, “I want to save the world!”. At the end of her first semester studying soil science, Natalie knew she had landed on her passion and was readier than ever to change the world. • • • • Check back next week to learn more about what Natalie does at Stahlbush, and more behind the scenes photos!
Mornings on the farm are sure crisp with everything covered in dew, but by the afternoon we’re enjoying the warm, brilliant sun - that’s why we love Autumn! 🍂🌾 What is your favorite thing about Autumn?
Another beautiful harvest in the butternut fields is underway! Frozen Butternut Squash is so diverse - we love it in soups, roasted, on salads, and more.
Jessica, one of our field reps here at Stahlbush Island Farms can’t live without her iced coffee, sunglasses, and waterproof boots. To find out more about her and the story behind these photos, follow the link in our profile! 🍃
We can’t get enough of all your creative recipes! @nutritionbysam made a late-summer meal that is a perfect rainbow mix of beautiful veggies and our deliciously simple Frozen Garbanzo Beans. Tag us in your unique recipes for a chance to be featured! 😋🍃
Rolling into the weekend... 🌾
Here at Stahlbush, we’re starting to see glimpses of Fall all around the farm. Berry harvest is wrapping up, a few trees are turning from green to red, and the mornings are cooler and crisper. Another season, another harvest is upon us! 🥕🍂
It is definitely starting to feel like Fall around Stahlbush. The air is crisper, the leaves are beginning to turn, and we’re wishing more than ever we could savor Summer a little longer! Luckily, our Summer flavors are around all year long. 🍓😊
This week saw the first rain on the farm in ages, which means our summer berry growing season is coming to an end. We’re a little sad, but knowing that our favorite berries are waiting for us, fresh as ever, in the freezer cheers us up! Today on the blog, we’re celebrating our favorite berry recipes, link in bio! Photo courtesy of Oregon Berries. 🍓
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