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It is definitely starting to feel like Fall around Stahlbush. The air is crisper, the leaves are beginning to turn, and we’re wishing more than ever we could savor Summer a little longer! Luckily, our Summer flavors are around all year long. 🍓😊
This week saw the first rain on the farm in ages, which means our summer berry growing season is coming to an end. We’re a little sad, but knowing that our favorite berries are waiting for us, fresh as ever, in the freezer cheers us up! Today on the blog, we’re celebrating our favorite berry recipes, link in bio! Photo courtesy of Oregon Berries. 🍓
We grow what we love, from our family farm to your family table. Find us in a freezer aisle near you!
Sound on for some peaceful sounds for your Wednesday afternoon. 🍃
From our family farm, to your family table - that’s what we’re all about at Stahlbush. 🍃
#throwbackthursday | our tractors have undergone a bit of a makeover since 1985. Today, we’re using the first tractors in Oregon with GPS-guidance systems for precision, efficiency, and awesome-ness. 👍
Some snaps from our company barbecue! One thing that’s for sure, we know good food when we see it! 😍 Find recipes, like the cobbler pictured here, on our blog to get a peek at some of our summer favorites! Link in bio.
Getting our hands dirty this Friday afternoon, and spending some time in the beet field. These beets are almost ready for harvest and we’re so excited to share their beautiful, vibrant color and unique flavor with you! 🍃
There’s something special about still sunrises on the farm. Despite all the bustle of summer, mornings like this remind us all to slow down and appreciate the simple things.
As summer comes to a close here on our main farm, we’re excited to celebrate the bounty of this season with our late-summer fruits and vegetables. Today on the blog, we’ve curated the perfect late-summer brunch menu with time-tested recipes that our friends and families love, and we think yours will too. What are your favorite late-summer meals to share? Check out ours, link in bio.
We’re taking this berry cute advice, and reaching for the sun. Happy weekend friends! 😊
It can be easy to get caught up in the end of summer bustle, but little moments like this remind us to relish in the sweetness, slowness, and simple joys of summer. 🍓
Drumroll please... Yesterday’s mystery leaf belongs to our very own cauliflower!
Can you guess what cruciferous vegetable this giant leaf belongs to? Check back tomorrow for the correct answer! 🙈
Planted, grown, ripened, and harvested in America’s backyard - we think that’s pretty cool. Read more about how we do sustainability at Stahlbush, and how our everyday choices can change the world, link in bio. 🌿
Here at Stahlbush, we always strive for the most vibrant flavors - and with the most vibrant flavors, comes the most vibrant colors. Each time we’re in the field harvesting, we look for the brightest, most beautiful colors to share with you. We grow every color of the rainbow here, each as delicious as the next! 🌈
They say it’s important to eat your greens- we say it’s important to eat a rainbow 🌈
One of our berry favorites, Marion Blackberries or Marionberries were developed in the same city as our main farm: Corvallis, Oregon! This week we started harvest and are excited to share this Pacific Northwest gem with you!
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