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@shawnladon rocking to “Love On My List” ... I’m posting everyone who makes and sends me a video of them jammin! I’ll even be giving away a special gift of love for Christmas!!!
***Available Everywhere*** 〰️link in bio〰️ LOVE ON MY LIST ft. My favorite boy in the world! My son, Jaiden Johnson. Please purchase this! And share it!!!! • • • Written by: @stanleyjmusic Featuring: My 9 yr. old son, Jaiden Johnson Produced by: @musik_therapist Original Artwork by: @charliebzo Engineered & Mixed by: @i_play_drumz30
God is up to something! Meet me there if I’m near you! There are more dates to come • Phoenix, Michigan, Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, Florida, Cali, just to name a few! #ImBack
1 DAY AWAY!!!!!!! Be sure to support! Had a blast recording this holiday original with my son! He did his thing being that it was his first time in the studio! #LoveOnMyList Available on all digital music outlets! #BuyIt #StreamIt #ShareIt #iTunes #Spotify #Tidal #ALLDATandMORE • • • Written by: @stanleyjmusic Featuring: My 9 yr. old son, Jaiden Johnson Produced by: @musik_therapist Original Artwork by: @charliebzo Engineered & Mixed by: @i_play_drumz30
This Friday!!!!!! LOVE ON MY LIST ft. JAIDEN JOHNSON releases online everywhere this Friday, December 7!!!!!!! #Spotify #iTunes #etc #MySon #Christmas #Family • • • Written by: @stanleyjmusic Featuring: My 9 yr. old son, Jaiden Johnson Produced by: @musik_therapist Original Artwork by: @charliebzo Engineered & Mixed by: @i_play_drumz30
“Glory To Glory” @celebrationrva 3rd week worshipping. Thank you to an amazing team... growth is taking place and love is driving the progress forward. Stay tuned! Great things to come from Celebration Church!
Yooooo someone sent this to me! She was too determined to hit this note 😂😂😂 GIVE ME YOUR BEST CAPTION PEOPLE!!! @notkarltonbanks @kevonstage @churchoflaugh I have the video without the words too fellas 😂😂😂
Happy to be back on the East Coast. Thank you you to @qiuntellii for the merch! Proud of you bro... let’s work in 2019!
LOVE ON MY LIST ft. Jaiden Johnson • • • • That’s right! Got in the studio with my son for a family Christmas record! This will be available very soon! But thought I’d leak a snippet 😌 It was so much love recording with my boy! • • • • More details to come! 😊🎄🎄 Written by: @stanleyjmusic Produced by: @musik_therapist Artwork by: @charliebzo
〰️ F R E E D O M 〰️
@celebrationrva Richmond!!!! Im ready! Thank you for all the welcoming love!
〰️ H E A R T 〰️
It’s been quite some time since I’ve released music of my own. For many reasons! Some personal and some business. I’m very aware of the gift God gave me and the disservice I’m doing with not fully using this gift. I assure you the season of artistic silence is over! TRADING CHAINS was released in November 2015. With the help of @brixtncf ! Didn’t really push it heavy for various reasons. But it’s a strong and powerful song! BEYOND ME was my debut and only album released in 2011 when I was signed. A very honest and heartfelt project. Both Are available on most digital outlets. Just thought I’d share this with you. #StayTuned #SHARE #LinksInBio
•Read the Energy. Feel the vibration. •
〰️ J O Y 〰️
It’s important to remember that God is not allergic to sin, he is not afraid of dark places, he is not confined, to only, the pretty things in existence. God is all encompassing and since, before time, specializes in creating amazing things out of chaos. Don’t ever think that worshipping through chaos is not of God. In fact, it is so profoundly divine to see beauty emerge out of chaos. So continue to heighten your awareness to God’s presence which is EVERYWHERE in ALL of creation. And honor and respond through worship to the work of our Savior and redeemer, Jesus The Christ.
Daddy will always show affection for his boy! I think we’ve raised up enough insensitive men who have issues with identity. I am indeed raising a man, yes! But I instill in him qualities that tear down the sexist and misogynist constructs that we place on young boys. • Femininity is NOT synonymous with weakness and masculinity is NOT equivalent to a dismissal of emotional expression. Not my son! Love yourself and others. And find peace in feeling and being! Daddy loves you always! #HugsFromAFather #KissesFromAFather #StopPervertingOurBoys
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