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I did a thing with my girl Bri over at @sweettalkspodcast ! We talked about what we can do as entrepreneurs to protect our brands as we build & grow 💪🏽✨ Thank you Bri for having me & for being an incredible host. Go check it out, y’all!!! 🎧🍫 ▫️ #Repost @sweettalkspodcast ・・・ NEW EPISODE: This #SweetTalks episode features Yasmine Salem Hamdan, attorney, advocate, advisor, and founder of YSH Law Firm, a law firm that offers Business Development and Trademark Protection Services that help you build and grow a thriving business, all while taking protective and preventative measures to shield yourself, your family, and your future from liability and financial uncertainty. Tune in to hear us dive into the value and importance of protecting your brand and the things you should know to do so. Yasmine is a genuine and honest attorney whose passion is to help young entrepreneurs, so make sure to get your pen and paper to take notes because she is dropping gems all episode long! By the end of the episode, you’ll be ready to begin the process of protecting yourself and your brand! • “There is a gap of information between the business world and the legal world, so I gladly fill that gap... When you don’t know what you don’t know, you don’t even know what questions to ask.” - @startuplawyerlady • This episode’s dessert was a birthday gift from a neat candy company out of California @sugarfina 😍. Listen up to hear about some unique flavors and concepts that have me wanting to try more! (Link in bio 🔗) Also, be sure to subscribe on Soundcloud, GooglePlay and iTunes! ❤️🎙🍨 . . . . . . . . . #newepisode #motivation #bossup #trademarkattorney #makingmoves #dallasentrepreneurs #businessinspiration #branding #brandbuilding #womeninbusiness #entrepreneurlife #dallas #womenentrepreneur #empowerwomen #mompreneur #girlboss #bossbabes #blackownedbeauty #podcasters #womenwholead #femalefounders #womenofcolor #lawyerlady #podsincolor #brandprotection #womenowned #brandbuildher #brandbuilder
“ No no no no noooooo.” As I sat there at my computer completing a trademark clearance search for one of my clients (for her awesome business & brand she launched about a year ago) I came across another brand providing the SAME services, under the SAME name, and.. Sure enough, they owned the federal trademark registration. 🤦🏽‍♀️ ▫️ I’ll admit, most of the time this is not the result of the trademark clearance searches I do. But inevitably, there are some that find themselves in unfavorable situations. ▫️ I feel this sense of dread for my client because she had already developed so much of her business based on that brand name. I empathize because I know personally how much goes into building your business & your brand. I know we spend countless hours & endless resources... the time, the money, the energy that we invest as entrepreneurs in building and developing our businesses. ⏳💰🔋 ▫️ Did the other brand use it first? Did my client? We’re definitely hoping to have the upper hand, but either way, this situation SUCKS. I *cannot* emphasize enough how important it is to be proactive about your brand protection. How important it is to enforce your rights & maintain exclusivity. How doing do can help you avoid expensive legal battles, forced rebrandings, & infringement situations. ▫️ #fridayintroductions If you’ve been connected with me here for sometime, then you know I’m Yasmine aka @startuplawyerlady 😊 I work with entrepreneurs & brand builders like YOU to best protect your brand assets from infringers & competitors that are out there. I know what you’re building is valuable, & it’s time to treat it that way. ▫️ 👉🏽💥 That’s why I’m developing some super exciting & valuable content to roll out in the coming weeks!!! Are you interested in having access to information & resources that will help you protect your business & brand? If so, drop a wave 👋🏽 or raise your hand 🙋🏽‍♀️ in the comments & @ tag your brand/business! & If you’d like to download my *free* Trademark + Brand Protection e-booklet, simply click the link in bio 🔗😊 ▫️ Happy FriYAY!!! ☀️
Honored to be honored alongside these women 🙌🏽 On October 20th, Boss Women Media will be hosting the 2018 Boss Women of the Year event & you WON’T want to miss it! 😍 ▫️ Among the many fabulous panelists & honorees, Angela Rye @angelarye will be the keynote speaker & I can’t wait to hear her presentation on Amplifying Your Power Voice 💪🏽 ▫️ TODAY ONLY @bosswomenwhobrunch is offering the last few tickets for only $99! Use the code ‘dayofthegirl’ at checkout. Link in bio over at @bosswomenwhobrunch Hope to see you there!!! 💃🏽 #bosswomenoftheyear
It’s not Thursday, but here’s a throwback 🤪 Mostly because I CAN’T WAIT to attend the #BoardofBrilliance event with the incredibly brilliant Jordan Gill of @systemssavedme & @jereshiahawk later this month! Anybody else here planning to attend!? Ya girl is READY 🤓😏
🗣Say it with me, y’all: Domain ownership DOES NOT equal trademark ownership. In other words, even if you purchase & own the right to the use of a domain name (, you could be required to surrender it later if it infringes on the trademark rights of another. Now let that sink in 💆🏽‍♀️ ▫️ Securing your trademark assets (that might include your brand name, product name, logo, tagline) is the foundation of protecting your brand.🔐 Interested in learning more? Click the link in bio or visit 🔗 Happy FriYAY!
I spilled the beans on our IG LIVE earlier tonight but I’m so excited to share with y’all that I have had the honor of being nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award with COSIGN Magazine!!! (Crazy, right!?!) 😆🤩 @cosignmag ▫️ Voting began today & you can vote once per day- I’ll be putting the link in my bio shortly so y’all can check out all of the other amazing nominees & cast your votes in all of the categories 🏆✨ Will you be at the COSIGN gala in December? (@alanna_sarabia will be our lovely host!) Were you nominated for an award? Lemme know! ▫️ Special thank you to those that thought to nominate me for this award & a special shoutout to my phenomenal friends that have also been nominated & deserve all of the recognition in the world 👏🏽👏🏽 @danyelsurrencyjones @christianayebra @jcicreatives @ridesthatmatter @millennialstowatch @40magazine @bosswomenwhobrunch @b.moiselle @gabriellemcbay @skewu @_joshwise @image_ambassador - OKAY I know some AMAZING people. Best of luck to everyone & can’t wait to see y’all Dec. 1st!!! 💃🏽
🎥🎉 In ONE HOUR [7pm CST] on IG LIVE: AMA with @startuplawyerlady ! ▫️ I’m a little under the weather today but didn’t want to ditch y’all at the last minute 😅 I got some really good questions & as usual I will do my best to reserve time afterwards for Q+A. See y’all soon :) -YSH
Join me tomorrow for our monthly Ask Me Anything IG LIVE 🎥✨ with YSH 💁🏽‍♀️ ▫️ SWIPE for deets ➡️ ▫️ It’s not too late to send in your questions 📨You can submit via DM or my IG story. Will you be attending live!? See you sooon :)
So happy to serve as a sponsor for this month’s Founders Live pitch competition! Will you be there? Tickets are running low so grab them while you can - link in the bio over at @founderslivedallas
The weather in Dallas today = PERFECTION 🙌🏽 More of these 70° days please ☀️ How was your Wednesday!? Mine was busy with client work + meetings ✔️ Ready to crush the rest of the week!
As September comes to an end, it means one thing for sure.. It’s almost time for our next Ask Me Anything LIVE! 🎥✨ With yours truly :) ▫️ ➡️SWIPE for the deets➡️ ▫️ During AMA LIVE we talk about allll things Business + Brand Protection 🔐 Earlier this month we touched on protecting a hashtag, slogan, or tagline as a business asset, different things to look out for in partnership agreements, how to avoid infringing on the IP (intellectual property) rights of other, & how to protect yourself & your business from infringers as well. 📨Submit your questions via DM, in the comments below, or via my IG story, see y’all soooon :) #tripodondeck #hitmewithyourqs ▫️ Did you catch our last AMA? What did you think? What did you learn that you hadn’t known before? I’m curious, share with me in the comments!👇🏽
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Business plan📈✔️ Brand identity✨✔️ Brand.. Protection🔐? Uhhhh. 🤦🏽‍♀️ ▫️ Hi! I’m Yasmine, aka @startuplawyerlady. If you’ve built your brand, are running a phenomenal business (read: impact AND revenue), but haven’t taken the steps necessary to *protect* your valuable & recognizable brand.. well, it’s a good thing our paths crossed! Connect with me here on Instagram @startuplawyerlady & check out the YSH LawBlog for some powerful info 🔗 Talk to you soon!
So you’ve got this awesome brand name you’re operating under, you’re investing your resources (⏱,💰,🔋) into developing, & you’re using to help your customers distinguish your amazing services or products from all of the other noise out there. 🗣Listen carefully: THIS IS A VALUABLE ASSET OF YOUR BUSINESS! Now, what are you doing to protect it?🔐 • If your answer is “nothing” it’s time to re-evaluate your Brand Protection Strategy. And if you don’t have one, you know what you need to do. If you don’t.. keep reading. • ®️Trademark protection is a must if you want to own the right to the use of your brand or product name, logo, or tagline *exclusively* across the United States. Securing your federal registration allows you to: • ▫️Position yourself to be able to exclude others from using your name or anything like it - the only way to stop infringers in their tracks ▫️Secure exclusive ownership of your trademark asset federally, across the entire United States ▫️Show up in the USPTO federal database so that others are deterred from infringing on your brand. (If you’re not there, how will others know it’s taken?) • Without a registration, you can find yourself in a messy, time-consuming, & expensive legal battle. Ain’t nobody got time for that 👋🏽 • 💡Want more info? 🔗 in bio to check out the YSH LawBlog, schedule a Brand Protection Discovery Call, & to sign up for the Brand Builders Newsletter- you’ll also receive our FREE Trademark + Brand Protection 101 E-book!
Today’s workspace views 💻☕️ How is your Monday going!? Sometimes a change of venue is just what you need to brighten up the start of your week ✨
It’s FRIYAY! And that’s always a reason to smile.. even when you’ll probably be working Saturday 😆🙋🏽‍♀️ ▫️ It’s been a while since I did #fridayintroductions soooo here it goes! ▫️ Hiiii :) I’m Yasmine aka @startuplawyerlady - My mission is to educate entrepreneurs + biz owners, while helping my clients take the proactive steps necessary to protect themselves and their brands. 🔐®️ Learn more @ ▫️ A few random facts about me ↯ ✨ I am the oldest of 6 sisters 👯‍♂️👯‍♂️👯‍♂️ ✨ Two desserts I can hardly say no to: fresh chocochip cookies + #knafeh ..if you know, you know. ✨ I don’t get reality tv. I’d much rather watch a funny sitcom or a documentary 📺 ✨ I looove anything Reese’s (except the cups with the pieces inside.. *shudders* whoever came up with that should be fired. Yeah I said it.) ✨ I’ve become a fan of podcasts + audiobooks in recent years. I’m currently *loving* the @systemssavedme podcast (heyyyyy J 👋🏽) & I recently finished Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’ for the second time. Sooooo good. ✨ I haven’t shopped in an actual mall in a very, very long time. Online shopping for the win 💸 ✨ I’m looooong overdue for a vacation. The past 2 years have been the definition of #grindtime for me. What about you? Where was your last vacation!? Any recs? Share with me in the comments 🤩🌴
Waco peeps! Hope to see y’all tomorrow 💥 ▫️ Hosted by the fabulous folks over at @startupwaco | Featuring @wildlandsupplyco @fourcolumnsmktg @deuxsouth & yours truly 😄
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