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💻✨ Have you visited 🔗 yet? You can check out the YSH LawBlog, learn more about how I work with clients to build a solid legal foundation for their businesses, & you can even book a Brand Protection Discovery call by clicking on the Let’s Work Together tab 🔐 ▫️Trademark protection ▫️Contract agreements 🔗 in bio! • What would you like to see more of on the LawBlog? I’m open to your suggestions! It is created for you, after all 😊
Well.. If you know me, you know I DON’T do close ups. Somehow @alexwolfphoto_ convinced me otherwise 😅 I had so much fun at our shoot for @wacowork ’s member interview series. Thank you Alex + the team (Caroline + Stephanie 😄) over at @wacowork !!! ▫️ ✨WaCoWork is a dope new coworking space located in downtown Waco - Home to creatives, startup founders, freelancers, & more. Be sure to check it out!
Happy Wednesday, friends! Let’s talk Brand Protection😏🔐 ▫️ Do you have a Brand Protection Strategy in place for your business? Consider the time, energy, & $$$$ invested in building your brand, increasing its recognition & strength, & more. For it to go unprotected is simply unreasonable & all too risky. Ask yourself, are you building a small business or an empire based on your brand? ▫️ ✨SERVICE-BASED BUSINESSES: What assets do you have in your business? Many times, when there is no physical inventory in the equation, much of your business’ value lies in its intellectual property: The brand you’ve built & recognizable identity you’ve created. There is undeniable value in that. Are you taking the steps needed to shield that IP from infringers and to secure it yourself? ▫️ Be proactive about your brand protection, not reactive. Waiting to react is almost always more time consuming, more expensive, & not to mention mentally exhausting. Your business’ growth, not conflict, is deserving of that energy. Create a solid foundation for your business today, you’ll thank yourself later 😊 #ownyourbrand 🔐®️ ▫️ 🔗 in bio to schedule your Brand Protection Discovery Call! Talk to ya soon 😊 |
The result of wearing these pants + discovering a floor length mirror.. How could I resist 😆 #watchmemove ▫️ Edit: A lot of people have asked so here are the deets: 👖: @ASOS (I snagged them pretty recently so they may still have em!) 👚: @hm , bell sleeves & all 😍 🧕🏼: @veronacollection - (I think.)
Current workspace situation 📝 Sometimes I like to mix it up & have a change in scenery. What’s your favorite space to work from? Coworking space? Coffee shop? Public library? Lemme know, I’m curious! | 🔗
Have you checked out the YSH #LawBlog yet? Click the 🔗 in bio to understand what a trademark means to your brand, the purpose of securing your exclusive ownership, & the vital benefits of a federal trademark registration. Let me know your thoughts below! 💡®️🔐 Happy Monday☀️ ▫️ PS- If you love learning about brand building + how to protect what you’ve built, sign up to receive YSH Law’s monthly Brand Builder Newsletter! You know the 🔗’s in the bio 😏
✨ I had the honor of serving on a Business Fundamentals panel alongside these phenomenal women this weekend! #TheBlueprintSummit Thank you to @cosignmag for the opportunity to share our knowledge & experiences. #dallasentrepreneurs
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#shitiwouldveeditedout OOPS. Sometimes, the camera falls 30 mins into your Ask Me Anything live, not once, not twice, but THREE times. All because you decided to be lazy & not just order a compatible tripod in time. #lessonlearned #bloopers #IGliveprobs 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ▫️ On that note, do you have a tripod that holds your phone vertically that you LOVE? Lemme know in the comments! I could use some help 😅
🎥📸 Did you catch the Ask Me Anything Live on Instagram today? We talked about shielding yourself from trademark infringement as a business owner, how a hashtag can become an intellectual property asset, & the value in implementing a non-disclosure agreement to protect your methods, clients’ information, recipes, or business contacts. Hopefully you find it helpful! ▫️ First Monday of every month, I invite you to join me for our monthly AMA! Send questions via DM 📨👌🏽 -YSH
🎥🎉 In ONE HOUR [7pm CST] on IG LIVE: AMA with YSH! SWIPE for details ➡️ ▫️ I’ve gotten a ton of great questions & will do my best to reserve time for Q&A if you didn’t have a chance to get your question in. I hope you’ll join us! See ya soon. 😊 -YSH
Mark your calendars 📆 + SWIPE➡️ for details! Two awesome events I will have the pleasure of being a part of this month. Looking forward to shedding light on the legal side of business + brand building. Hope to see you there!!! ▫️ Check out @cosignmag & @maneelementz
On Sunday, we boba 😋☀️ What’s on your Sunday agenda!? ▫️ For me, that typically includes ☑️Boba #priorities ☑️Meal planning + grocery shopping ☑️Business planning for the week ▫️ All of the above makes for a productive Sunday in my book! What about you!?
🎥✨[SWIPE➡️] The first Monday of the month is coming up.. That means it’s almost time for AMA with YSH! ▫️ Last month I got some really great questions & we had a great discussion about identifying your trademarks, the Trademark Protection process, and I explained my method for conducting your own preliminary clearance search before getting started on the brand protection process. Looking forward to this coming Monday for our second AMA together! ▫️ 📩 Send in your questions via DM or via the question box I’ll be posting on my story this weekend. See you soon! ▫️ PS- Have you signed up for the Brand Builder monthly newsletter yet? Click the 🔗 in bio to get your name on the list for the next one!
Who will be attending the #blueprintsummit in Dallas next weekend!? Looking forward to hearing all of the speakers & meeting all of you! It’s going to be an exciting event. Thank you @cosignmag @cosignmediagroup for providing me the opportunity to share my knowledge & contribute to the conversation. ▫️ Lemme know if you’ll be there! 👇🏽 ▫️ 🔗 Link in @cosignmag ’s bio for more info
🗞✨ New blog post dropped on the YSH #LawBlog , y’all! I’m back on my blogging game & you’re going to LOVE IT. ▫️ This week’s post covers 7 mistakes I see entrepreneurs making allllll too often & ways to avoid making those same mistakes. 🔗 in bio, check it out! And let me know your thoughts💭 ▫️ PS, if you love it (which I know you will) sign up to be a part of our monthly Brand Builder Newsletter mailing list! You won’t wanna miss out. 🤗 You already know the 🔗 is in the bio! Happy Wednesday!
⚙️✨ Thank you to my badass fellow lawyer & friend @overnight.empire for snapping this pic of me & sending it over! This is from the @millennialclubs Building + Funding Your Business Panel at @thedectx x @capitalfactory campus in Dallas a few weeks ago. Have you been by the space yet? Any of my friends members!? If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should!
Hey Brand Builder 👋🏽 So you’ve got this awesome brand name you’re operating under, you’re investing your resources into developing, & you’re using to help your customers distinguish your amazing services or products from all of the other noise out there. Now, what are you doing to protect it?🔐 ▫️ ®️ Trademark protection is a must if you want to own the right to the use of your brand name or logo *exclusively*. -Position yourself to be able to exclude others from using your name or anything like it -Secure exclusive ownership of your trademark federally, across the entire United States -Show up in the federal database so that others are deterred from infringing on your brand. (If you’re not there, how will others know it’s taken?) ▫️ 💡Want more info? 🔗 in bio to sign up for YSH Law’s Brand Builders Newsletter & receive our FREE Trademark + Brand Protection 101 ebook!
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