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🗣✨ Calling all service providers! It’s 2019. If you aren’t doing business online, I don’t know what you’re doing 🐸☕️ And if you *are* marketing your services online, building your brand, & investing in your business, all without protecting your intellectual property—we need to talk. • As a service provider, the value of your business lies in your intellectual property. For example, your systems: HOW you do what you do. Your trademark: WHO you identify yourself as & HOW your audience identifies YOU. Your copyright: WHAT content you’re creating & using to market your services. You likely don’t have the physical assets like equipment, inventory, etc. that traditional retail-based businesses have & that’s okay. Securing your intellectual property in 2019 should be a PRIORITY, not an option. • ✋🏽Don’t leave yourself & your business vulnerable to infringers & expensive legal issues. Be proactive in your brand protection, not reactive 🔐 Visit to check out the blog where you can learn more - 🔗 in bio! #protectyourbrand
A few shots from our trip to DC last week 📸 I had the opportunity to witness history in the making—the swearing in ceremonies of the first two Muslim Congresswomen, including the first Palestinian-American Congresswoman. 🇵🇸 Congratulations to both Congresswoman Ilhan Omar @ilhanmn of Minnesota & Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib @rashidatlaib of Michigan on your victories! #represent
Did you catch this month’s Ask Me Anything LIVE? I managed to share the replay (lol) so you can watch it for the next 24 hours 🎉 Let me know what you think! Some of the topics we discussed include: ➡️ How to protect your brand as a small business ➡️ Is trademark protection important for service providers or only for retail brands? ➡️ Is brand protection is expensive? ➡️ What are the consequences of not protecting my brand? (Hint: one involves federal court & another involves a forced rebranding 😖) Check it out while it’s still up! ▫️ And don’t forget to join our new Facebook community: Brand Builders Anonymous 💪🏽 I’ll be going LIVE there more often & sharing valuable info & resources for you brand builders & startup founders out here ✨ Its FREE to join! Link in bio 😊
TOMORROW! @ 7pm CST here on IG LIVE🎥 Submit your brand protection-related questions via my IG story. See y’all sooooon 😄
💭 “Is using an online legal service the same as hiring a lawyer?” One of the questions addressed during our #AskMeAnything LIVE session last night. Here’s my answer: • 📝 Document preparation services like Rocket Lawyer or LegalZoom can cause more problems than they solve. Many clients come to me to clean up the mess created by the use of these service providers. Understand that when you utilize such a service, your interests are *not* protected nor are your unique circumstances considered. • Let’s say it together now: THEY ARE NOT LAWYERS! They are document preparers. You’re spending your hard earned 💰 for someone like you (not a lawyer) to fill out paperwork blindly, with no experience in the legal process. Do not be deceived. Not to mention the class action lawsuit one of them is facing (again..) for the unauthorized practice of law.. 🐸☕️ • Contract drafting and trademark protection are legal matters which require a legal mind. Invest in your business wisely; it is worthy of a solid legal foundation. You wouldn’t build your dream home on a shaky foundation, would you? 🏡👀 • Hiring an attorney means you have created a relationship with a legal professional that will zealously advocate for you on your behalf, will represent you in legal proceedings, & will help you to strategically make decisions in the best interest of your business. 🔗 in bio for more info!
Tomorrow is the first Monday of the month! And that means it’s time for 🎥 #AskMeAnything : Brand Protection with YSH 🙋🏽‍♀️ Confused about something related to protecting your brand? Perhaps your business name, or your photos? Maybe you want more info on the trademark protection process, or you’re wondering about a type of contract you’re thinking to implement in your business? Either way, submit your questions via DM or via the question widget in my story! See you tomorrow @ 7pm CST here on IG LIVE 😄
Honored to have been honored by @cosignmag & my dear friends & colleagues as the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year!!! A million thank yous to those that have supported me in my journey & allow me the opportunity to be a part of theirs. A special thank you to the #COSIGN team for your extraordinary efforts & for creating this incredible platform. God is the Most Generous, y’all. #alhamdulilah #cosignawards2018 #cosignmagazine
Red carpet with my one & only ✨ #cosignawards2018 #cosignmag #dallas 📸 cred @ir_shoots 👑 Glam by @fifi.tesfatsion
Client meetings are my favorite! Most of my meetings are virtual via Zoom or FaceTime (thank you, 2018) but it’s always a pleasure to meet with a client in person when possible. ▫️ 🙋🏽‍♀️ For the business service providers out there, do you meet with your clients virtually? 🖥🤝 If so, what are some of your favorite digital tools!?
Bey said it 👏🏽👏🏽💃🏽💪🏽
💭 Picture this: You’re using a name you *love* for your business + brand. Except.. you skipped the part of working with your lawyer to clear the mark and make sure you aren’t infringing on someone else’s trademark rights. If you are committing infringement, you may find yourself having to defend against an infringement lawsuit (oh hell no) or going through a forced rebranding 😶 The last thing you want in the early stages of your biz (or you know, ever) is to be dealing with this type of problem. ▫️ Securing your trademark assets (that might include your brand name, product name, logo, tagline) is the absolute foundation of protecting your brand 🔐 & avoiding future legal disputes 🙅🏽‍♀️ Interested in learning more or connecting with me? Click the link in bio or visit 🔗 Happy Monday!
🎥✨ I hope y’all will join us tomorrow! We’re going LIVE here on IG @ 5pm CST/6pm EST talking all things biz + brand protection. 🔐 And while you’re at it, check out my girl Ro over at @rchellelynn - She’s fabulous!!! #RealTalkRo ▫️ ・・・ 🔁 #Repost @rchellelynn So you’ve legally protected your business...right? 🤔 If you have to think about it then you definitely need to tune into #RealTalkRo tomorrow w/ my special guest Yasmine, @startuplawyerlady. ⚖️ She’s going to be sharing everything you need to know about trademarks, copyrights & intellectual property. 📺 Basically, you need to be tuned in! Join us LIVE! At 6 pm EST & bring your questions. #TheContentCure
#FridayIntroductions Because it’s been a *while* & there are lots of new faces here! Hello everyone!!! Allow me to (re-)introduce myself 🤪 ▫️ I’m Yasmine Salem Hamdan, Business + Brand Protection lawyer aka @startuplawyerlady. 😄💃🏽 I spend most of my time working with my clients to protect their fabulous brands 🔐 through strategic trademark protection®️ & solid contract development 📝 ▫️ I enjoy teaching entrepreneurs about the world of #brandprotection & sharing with y’all the WHY. 🔍Why it’s so important to identify your brand assets 🔐Why it’s absolutely vital to secure & protect them 💡Why a smart & strategic business owner is PROACTIVE, not reactive 🙅🏽‍♀️ when it comes to protecting one of the most valuable things you will build in your life. ▫️ Well, that’s me! Now tell me about YOU & your business in the comments below. 👇🏽 Don’t forget to @ your IG page! Happy Friday y’all!
🎨✨ Have you ever had an illustration created of you!? This was a first for me 😍 Thank you @dresslikeanartist aka @sunflowerman for sharing your skills with me yesterday. 🌻 & Thank you to @socialrevolt for hosting a great event at @thecrescentdallas #strikeapose
#latepost The 2018 Boss Women of the Year event @bosswomenwhobrunch this past weekend was simply incredible. Special thank you to Marty @martymotivates + her fabulous team for all of your hard work and for bringing together hundreds of boss women. I know it was no easy feat. Thank you Angela @angelarye for delivering a phenomenal keynote & for leaving us with much to chew on as we move forward as #bosswomen . Thank you to the vendors & sponsors for contributing to & supporting this cause. Thank you to the amazing speakers for sharing their stories as entrepreneurs, corporate queens, spiritual warriors, & badass mamas. Thank you to @pageelevenpapergoods for my new planner that I can’t wait to begin using in 2019 😄 And @mauvepaperco for the beautiful artwork! 👉🏽Go check these vendors out y’all!!! @pageelevenpapergoods @mauvepaperco @whenandweartoday @powerhandz @urbanskinrx cdmjessicalynn @highspirits.essentials #bosswomenwhobrunch #bosswomen2018
I did a thing with my girl Bri over at @sweettalkspodcast ! We talked about what we can do as entrepreneurs to protect our brands as we build & grow 💪🏽✨ Thank you Bri for having me & for being an incredible host. Go check it out, y’all!!! 🎧🍫 ▫️ #Repost @sweettalkspodcast ・・・ NEW EPISODE: This #SweetTalks episode features Yasmine Salem Hamdan, attorney, advocate, advisor, and founder of YSH Law Firm, a law firm that offers Business Development and Trademark Protection Services that help you build and grow a thriving business, all while taking protective and preventative measures to shield yourself, your family, and your future from liability and financial uncertainty. Tune in to hear us dive into the value and importance of protecting your brand and the things you should know to do so. Yasmine is a genuine and honest attorney whose passion is to help young entrepreneurs, so make sure to get your pen and paper to take notes because she is dropping gems all episode long! By the end of the episode, you’ll be ready to begin the process of protecting yourself and your brand! • “There is a gap of information between the business world and the legal world, so I gladly fill that gap... When you don’t know what you don’t know, you don’t even know what questions to ask.” - @startuplawyerlady • This episode’s dessert was a birthday gift from a neat candy company out of California @sugarfina 😍. Listen up to hear about some unique flavors and concepts that have me wanting to try more! (Link in bio 🔗) Also, be sure to subscribe on Soundcloud, GooglePlay and iTunes! ❤️🎙🍨 . . . . . . . . . #newepisode #motivation #bossup #trademarkattorney #makingmoves #dallasentrepreneurs #businessinspiration #branding #brandbuilding #womeninbusiness #entrepreneurlife #dallas #womenentrepreneur #empowerwomen #mompreneur #girlboss #bossbabes #blackownedbeauty #podcasters #womenwholead #femalefounders #womenofcolor #lawyerlady #podsincolor #brandprotection #womenowned #brandbuildher #brandbuilder
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