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YSH Law Firm💡 ✨ 2018 DFW Woman of Influence Helping #entrepreneurs around the 🌎 with brand + trademark protection needs #ownyourbrand 🔐®️

Quick selfie from the other night #safetyfirst #thecarwasntmoving 😆 Happy Wednesday, y’all!☀️
Food for thought 💭 If you want it to be a business (read: revenue generating), you must treat it like one. #bossup 🔗 in bio.
Hello, brand builders! ☀️ Today’s topic of discussion: What’s your Brand Protection Strategy?🔐 . So many founders, creatives, & entrepreneurs overlook valuable business assets they have created within their businesses. Consider the time, money, & energy you’ve invested in building your brand’s presence, recognition, & reputation. Such an investment makes for valuable intellectual property, deserving of your attention! It only makes sense to take the steps necessary to protect it from potential infringers & future legal issues. . 💭 What kinds of questions do you have about protecting your brand? Are you curious about the process? Having trouble identifying your business’ IP? Let me know in the comments below! . Be proactive, not reactive 💪🏽 Click the 🔗 in bio to schedule your complimentary Trademark Strategy Session #ownyourbrand 🔐®️
How beautiful is this setup? @dfwinfluencers did an amazing job! @corrientes348steakhouse was the perfect venue. Everything was just beautiful 😍 & the food was amazing. . 🌙 The month of Ramadan began last week (why I haven’t been as active on here) and the Women of Influence dinner fell on Day 2. During Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset. Fasting is an exercise of self-restraint, & allows for one to focus on his or her relationship with our Creator. May you all have a blessed month ahead filled with peace, wellness, and success! . The people at @corrientes348steakhouse were kind enough to pack me a dinner to go (and make it just before I left so that it was fresh) since the event started a few hours before sunset. I must say they were very generous! After my drive back to Waco, Hubby & I were eating a spectacular Argentinian 5 course meal at 10pm on our living room couch 😂👏🏽 I broke my fast at the restaurant on a glass of freshly made juice (& cake 😂). The food was wonderful & service extraordinary. I highly recommend. It’d make for a lovely Fathers’ Day lunch or dinner! @dfwinfluencers @corrientes348steakhouse @curls @msluluamin
A few shots from the @dfwinfluencers #WomenofInfluence event last week 😍✨ . Lulu, you are a visionary. It was a magical evening filled with inspirational & beautiful women leaders. A special thank you to @corrientes348steakhouse for hosting & for the phenomenal hospitality!
🛑 What’re you doing to stop infringers from using your brand or product names? #protectyourbrand 🔐®️
✨🎓Join me in congratulating my beautiful sister Nancy @sancynalemxxo on her college graduation this past weekend!!! 😍 She is one of the most talented, determined, & caring people I know. Not to mention, the glue that holds our family together. Love you fancy Nancy 💗👯‍♀️🤟🏽 #proudsister #ASL
#Repost I had such a great time as a guest on the #BigSmallBiz Podcast with @sophconsultingllc ! And now it’s available for everyone to join in on the fun :) We’re talking all things business, trademarks, & brand protection! Check the link in their bio! @sophconsultingllc ・・・ Today on the #BigSmallBusiness Podcast we spoke with Attorney Yasmine Hamdan about trademarking and protecting your brand, business, and intellectual property! Download the #podcast on Apple Podcasts, Sprinkler, or any other podcast platform. We really enjoyed the great information @startuplawyerlady provided to us. Apple Podcast Link:
Y'all, I am so excited & honored to have been named a 2018 Woman of Influence by DFW Influencers! Come join us tomorrow at @corrientes348steakhouse & support the vision of @msluluamin of @dfwinfluencers ✨ Can't wait to meet & be in the company of all of these fabulous ladies!!! Click the link in their bio for more info👉🏽 @dfwinfluencers #womenofinfluence #dallas
Protect your brand 🔐®️
Honored to have served as a panelist this morning alongside these AMAZING women, mothers, sisters, friends. Oh and CEOs 😏 @compleowaco @cheddarboxwaco @jesussaidlove @lafiestawaco @lunajuicebar I am inspired by you all! Thank you @1millioncupswaco & @wacohippodrome for hosting this event. #ladybosses #femalefounders
“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” No doubt I’m a dreamer💭✨, but one that follows up with action💪🏽😏 . What are you working on this week?? Tell me in the comments! 😄 Happy Monday! #dothedamnthing
Looking forward to this Wednesday! I’ll have the pleasure of serving as a panelist alongside @compleowaco @cheddarboxwaco & @lunajuicebar @jesussaidlove @lafiestawaco Wednesday, May 9th at the @wacohippodrome. Sponsored by @1millioncupswaco ☕️ . Coffee compliments of @pinewoodroasters 😋 Hope to see y’all there!
Do you truly own your brand? 🤔 💭 Protect your brand name, logo, tagline, & more from potential infringers looking to take advantage of the reputation you’ve built. . 🔗 in bio to schedule a Trademark Strategy Session 🔐®️ #smartbrands #proactivenotreactive . What kind of questions do you have about trademark + brand protection? Let me know in the comments!👇🏽😄 Happy Sunday!
Anybody else? 🤦🏽‍♀️
#TBT to my law school graduation! There were many times along the way I (foolishly) doubted myself & thought I wouldn’t see the end of the road. Little did I know, it was just the beginning! I found ways to stay motivated, keep my eye on the end goal, & was so blessed to have a support system of rockstars. . We’re nearing graduation season & I’ll be celebrating many dear friends as they graduate law school, my sister will be graduating from college, & my other sister from high school! Needless to say, I’m one proud big sis & they’ve got me feeling quite old 😅 . Any of my friends here celebrating a graduation this month? Congrats to all the grads!!! 🎓🎉💃🏽 Happy Thursday!
🍓😋 This smoothie was..everything. Strawberry, banana, date (YUM), flax seed, & almond milk. Yes please!!! @ohmyjuicewaco makes my taste buds smile 😄 How is your Wednesday going!? Hope you’ve been getting your #hustleon 💪🏽
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