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🎉1YEAR🎉 Life is held down together by choices,one after the other doesn’t matter which one, because life just keeps unfolding, it won’t wait around for you and if you seat still it could pass you by all together. For the Most part of my life I’ve been told that I wasn’t good enough to achieve some of the things I wanted which btw 😅 I did, all of them. See that’s the thing with me I’m stubbornAF and when I’m told I can’t be who I want to be I put my mind to it until I get it (cliche right? IK😜) I was told I’d never make it to High school because I wasn’t “book”smart enough to. I did. During High school I was told NO University will take me because my grades weren’t good enough. Currently a 4th year ELECTRONIC MEDIA MAJOR. I was told I was never gonna meet @chrisbrownofficial I won a competition with @capitalfmkenya who not only gave me a chance to see him but flew me to South Africa to watch him live. See AGAIN that’s the thing, that cliche line up there 👆🏾 that’s what got me through all the judgments. Hard work+God that’s all you need. Quick e.g I may not have made it past the @nrgradioke Top 50/ gotten the presenter slot but the hunger is still there, the ability to believe that I’ll get there is what differentiates you and me from ordinary people. I’ve wanted to work in @enews Los Angeles since I was 13 and that too shall become a reality soon enough. So, if you haven’t related to anything in this extra long caption GET THIS. Stop! Looking for validation from other people to do what you want to do. Do you! And when you still feel demotivated watch my 2018 Workout Routine (Link on my Bio) bc you won’t be the same.
Sad teens, with happy faces 😀😋.
No complaints here✨✨😊
Sometimes we get scared because, we aren’t where we want to be in life, people around us seem to be doing more than us, we can’t have the things we imagine; right away, we are stagnant in our own lives, the hard work gets tiring when you don’t see a drastic shift in your life. But that’s it! Once you pass those Fears. Pass the hurdles. Everything else that’s beautiful and magical will be on the other side. ✨✨✨✨🌕 Promise! ☺️
When a Vlogger and Blogger meet. 💛
Time flows in a strange way on Sundays! 💛
It is SO crazy to believe that it was just the other day I joined University and to imagine that I’m in my LAST year/ 4th Year (Senior Year Baby🎉) is tumultuous. I never love endings because it means a New Journey awaits. From pre-school we look forward to Primary from Primary we look forward to HighSchool then COLLEGE. So after? What next? You become the person you studied to be? No! you go into the real world and it takes you anywhere,everywhere. 📸: @patrick_maingi
I just got legal across the globe and it feels pretty great to know I can finally 🥂 in Los Angeles!!! 🎈21🎈🥂
Waiting on the 19th like...... #BirthdayMonth 🎈
Day 1. Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one! 📸: @obrienbaburam
TOUCHDOWN! With my coconut 🥥 🌴. Vacation 2017!❤️
Travel. Explore. Live.🍀🌴
WANDERLUST Choose Adventure; always. 😊 Happy Holiday💗
VLOGMAS DAY 22😀😀. Super excited to have this video up, considering I shot it few months ago. Thanks to @djprotegekenya. Humbled to have worked with 3 media personality from @capitalfmkenya 🌟LINK IN MY BIO🌟
Hola fin de semana.
There are many things I dream off, but what I mostly pray for is peace of mind.💫 New VLOG(@nasty_csa & @tydollasign ) in Nairobi is up Link in my Bio. 📸: @greggytoinfinity
When you make it on @tydollasign picture. 😂 Number 23 🙏🏾🙌🏾 @jameson_ea
World full of magic, believe in it💫. New Vlog is up, all about the Fifth/2017 ✨LINK IN MY BIO✨ 📸: @greggytoinfinity
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