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I’m 23 🎁 , a year older and things had been busy for the past couple of months ! Just wanna thank everyone who has been supporting and been active around my social circle & even those friends that had been around me for very Long 😉. This year is going to be a hell of a year. So much things to be accomplish but so little time! But nonetheless I wish everyone gets to accomplish their goals ! HEH HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME BITCHES 💦💦
The best way to start 2019, @Meike_Global has given me a chances to test out their 85mm 1.8 AF Lens ______________________________________________________ It is one of the cheapest lens you can find in the market with such excellent performance and Quality that still impress me. Which I’ve been using it for the pass weeks. I really love the lens with their focal length best for Portrait & Landscape Photography. I will still be moving around to test out this lens and see how it goes ! But nonetheless this is Lens is a beast. Comparing with Sigma Art which such high value while this Meike 85mm 1.8 Still gives the same result. ______________________________________________________ If you manage to read here. SWIPE LEFT ! You have good thing In store for you! Just a heads up ! Meike will be planning to do a “Giveaway” for future projects & Equipment Lunches. And will be looking forward to send some of them to you guys out there ! Better be notified early than never! Don’t say I didn’t tell y’all about it 😉. ______________________________________________________ Just Follow : @Meike_Global Tag 5 Friends and Comment On either down below or on their Latest Post
Watch the time , don’t let it run out ⏱
What shall I watch “ON” Netflix ?
Tell me what’s your city like?
I want to travel to Hong Kong again 😭
Anyone from Jakarta Up for shoot in March? Want to get some connection for Urban spots and Smoke Bomb shoots 👋🏼
Running out of time
You were the shadow to my light .. 🤯
Join @DarkMobs FFA 😍
Hi Friends
🍻 Cheers
Couldn’t decide Warm or Cold tones ... which is best?
How’s the weekend y’all !?
Happy Halloween 💀
Create to inspire not Create to Insult 🤔
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