Stay & Wander

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Braving the cold morning air, disturbing the stillness of the water. Photo by @kayvanhuisseling #stayandwander
The short moment when fall is at its peak makes it such a special time of year. Photo by @jessolm #stayandwander
Heading straight into the Florida keys for some fun in the sun. Photo by @gallivanti #stayandwander
When you find heaven on earth and you have it all to yourself. Photo by @carloslazarini #stayandwander
Always appreciative of perfectly placed strangers. Photo by @johnny777 #stayandwander
A hidden getaway, nestled in the trees, secluded from the rest of the world. Photo by @joeylaffort #stayandwander
Ocean textures and man made shapes in Australia. Photo by @johndean_ #stayandwander
One of life’s great pleasures is slowly paddling on glassy smooth water. Photo by @evolumina #stayandwander
The twisting maze of the streets of Venice, just waiting to be explored. Photo by @itchban #stayandwander
Anticipating more than just slippery sections on the road. Photo by @fabian.huebner #stayandwander
Watching a perfect sunset from the best seat in the house. Photo by @silkymerman #stayandwander
Peaceful train ride in a fall colored wonderland. Photo by @joellefriend #stayandwander
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