Stebo Wa Sethuamajwe Lerotholi

Crazy is feeling in me at this moment
I'm self confidence on Thursday hey
Thanks God 4 being they if us for this 64match cuz we manage 2 b on second place Thanks Nedbank cup
I'm they District I'm leaving in!
It's tuesday I choose mya #Berea city
Berea city Re ba jele khale
Yesterday celebrating our King s birthday . Happy birthday King the 3rd
I'm guess my mood hey if you can...!
Since the bell rang sssssk Ha lla Sekolo sea kena ba bohlale ba tla tsoa ba nkile Malebela
It's Beautiful Feeling
Feeling Dizzy
This anit started yet #motivation #Determination #Naturalisium No pain no gain 🕺
Don't try this at home !!!
Throwback whereby I was wondering whether 2 2 see if the pic I was planned
Smooth closeby pic
Just flexxing at park
Flashback me on the middle of the road
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