•Happily Married Dog Mom• Japanese 🇯🇵 Irish 🇮🇪 NorCal & Massachusetts Make up. Beauty. Curves. Make up is socially acceptable face paint! 🤘🏼WAR PAINT!

I wonder if I should do a tutorial on make up for mature skin?
What personality type are you???
She sleeps like people 💚🐾 *borrowing my pillow lol
Straight hair and trying out @maybelline tattoo studio brows! So far, I actually prefer wunderbrow, I find maybelline’s formula lighter, and less clumpy
Trying out the new @maybelline tattoo studio brow gel! Box claims it is waterproof, will not transfer and will last up to 2days! If you are brow less like myself, this is big news! I have been a long time use of wunderbrow, we’ll see how maybelline compares! 🤘🏼🤘🏼
Love my contour! Took forever to master
Moving day tomorrow! Wish me luck!
Loving my new @mermaidsoncapecod hoodie! 💚🧜🏼‍♀️
I’ve basically been non stop packing from Friday afternoon to Sunday night! Do I look like a wreck? I totally feel like it! 😭😂
@love_lysss thank you for the love gurl 💚🤘🏼
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