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New podcast episode out: neck health in combat sports with Dr Rosi Sexton, UFC Fighter:

How to dig for a Kimura using a wedge when your opponent is keeping his arms tight by Rob Biernacki @islandtopteam. The wedge is a super useful concept you can use to pry your opponent’s limbs apart and/or isolate a limb from moving. The full video is on YouTube and called: “What's a 'Wedge' in BJJ & How Can You Submit Someone With It?” #bjjconcepts #nogi #jiujitsu #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu #grappling #kimura #armlock
And here’s the other half of the fitness equation: cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Today was a 2 hour uphill hike in the rain ending up in the snow, and then a gondola ride down to spare the joints. Great fun! There really aren’t any shortcuts to developing endurance other than grinding away and not stopping, so you might as well be in a beautiful place when you’re doing that! #cardio #seatoskygondola #endurance #conditioning #uphill
The more I do hex bar deadlifts the more I like them. For two decades I was all about the squat and I only did the deadlift occasionally for fear of injuring my lower back. But the hex bar deadlift is sort of a hybrid between the squat and deadlift: you’re pulling weight that’s centered over your feet as opposed to it being in front of your shins, and that makes the lift feel a lot safer to me than the traditional deadlift. Also hearing Nike sprint coach @ryanjflaherty singing the praises of this lift and its translation to improved sprint speeds on the @timferriss show doesn’t hurt either! #conditioning #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #hexbardeadlift #homegym
Good thing I have ‘help’ when I’m video editing! This bottomless affection well of a cat wants to be in the middle of everything. Still, I’m making good progress on the @fabiogurgel guard pressure passing system project despite it all... #videoeditorcatsofinstagram #fabiogurgel #pressurepassingsystem
Thanks to @philosograppler for sharing this technique to shut down the underhook from half guard! The full video (and our podcast) is available at —- #halfguard #guardpass #topgame #bjj #grappling #jiujitsu #brazilianjiujitsu #philosophy #fullvideoonyoutube #strenuouslifepodcast
Throwback to getting Shaolin-swept by @vitorshaolinbjj himself in NYC a few years ago. What a technician! #bjj #guardsweep #vitorshaolin #shaolinsweep #shaolinkungfu
Here’s some fun I had on my Self Defense Tutorials YouTube Channel #streetprovenmartialarts
“If you’re going through hell, keep going!” This quote, attributed to Winston Churchill, is one of my very favorites. Movement beats meditation, rumination and self pity every time. #quotes #favoritequotes #winstonchurchill
Here’s the first 10 seconds of the new video I just posted on with @islandtopteam showing you exactly how to defend and counter the super-powerful over-under guard pass. Rob learned this from @caioterrabjj and I was shown it by @fabiogurgel so you’ve got some pretty big names in the #BJJ community endorsing this technique! #guardretention #guardpass #nogi #grappling
This is my Saturday night; working on a new article for Grapplearts. #nerd #bjjnerd #fullbjjnerd
5 months till I head up north for my Arctic solo, so it’s time to start the sport specific activity of paddling and begin refining technique and conditioning those muscles, tendons and ligaments! Good thing that this training is fun, takes you to beautiful places, and has a ton of conditioning carryover to other activities! #canoeing #canoetripoing #solo2019 #stephankesting #deerlake
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