Stephanie Listl

Just a tiny Yoga loving girl from Munich on the journey of capturing the beauty of the world 💕🙆‍♀️ 🌏 ✒️ Second account: phie.designs

Picture and editing by @alex181193 ❤️
In love with the golden hour🙆‍♀️😍❤️
Such an amazing time spent with @saskiastolzlechner in vienna❤️ hope to see you soon! . . . #vienna #summer #friends #love #kahlenberg #missyou
Holiday vibes🌱☀ 🏝
I miss you...💕
Vienna was such a nice trip! Met my lovely friend @saskiastolzlechner ! ❤ Hope to see you soon❤️❤️❤️
Throwback to Valencia botanical gardens🌱
Had so much fun hiking around the Königssee! Used to hike a lot when I was little and felt so much grace and love being back on the mountain, even if this were 'only' 300 metres of height. The trail was kind of challenging from time to time, but it was one of the best days this year! Especially refreshing myself in this super cold nature pool surrounded by lots of waterfalls 🙆‍♀️🌱 📷&editing by @alex181193 ❤️❤️
2018 was and still is about reaching some goals. Split pose was one of them and already achieved it in winter! But yesterday was the first time I made it without endless cardio training before. Practise makes perfect! So let's move onto the next goals🙆‍♀️💪
Already missing those days in valenica...❤️ 📷: @alex181193
Throwback to my anniversay raw cake made out of cashews and rasberries! My mom made it recently for my birthday again. So good😍 #raw #rawcake #vegan #anniversary #love #couple #foodphotography
Thank you for being you. For always making me smile, for giving me shelter when my nightmares hit and loving me the way I am.❤️
Valencia, you've reached my heart although I'm kind of melting away at 40 degrees🙆‍♀️ pale skin goals as well haha, I'm living in the shadows so I'm not catching fire😂
I'm kind if obsessed with that feeling you get when you're reaching goals you set although they're almost unreachable! Mastered a new challenging yoga pose on my favourite spot in Munich. On top of the hill where the mind can be free🙌
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