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#selflove 💪🏼👙☺️ #bodypositive 🥊Fighting Crohn’s Disease @vpx_sports / @bangenergy Elite Athlete MORE here🤗👇🏼

My heart is pure & my booty is real❣️ #allnatural 📸 @visualpoison // @entertainmentworldhd Link in bio for more🐾
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Rise & SHINE🤩 If I can do it so can you🤗 Every day is another opportunity to work harder towards your goals! Swipe to see where I started👉🏼 At one point I was 90lbs.. it was my lowest point with my health & my disease. I was in & out of the hospital, having a hard time eating & what I did eat, ran right though me, along with a ton of pain. Over Time I’ve learned how to manage my disease, Cutting out certain foods & adding natural remedies to reduce inflammation. I worked tremendously hard & stayed very diligent with proper nutrition to get the body Ive built. Ive had Many set backs with my Crohn’s disease.. but I learn to adapt. I am so grateful for everyday that I get another chance to be healthy, don’t let anything stop you from getting your goals! You can do it!!💪🏼what’s stopping you? Link in bio for ALL #workout programs, meal plans & So much more💓 #crohnsdisease #invisibleillness #fighter
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taste the rainbow 🍭👅🌈 I work really hard in the #gym so I can have some skittles here & there💁🏽‍♀️🙊😭🤣 📸 @moezart // @vologlam Join me for More on my website:🐾LINK IN BIO👀
#body ✔️ I always feel lean right after good a cardio session😈💦clean eating & Consistently is key! Click the Link in my bio for training programs & Much More!! 🐾
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The secret to having it all.. is knowing you already do✨ #grateful #blessed Photo: @moezart // @vologlam . Join me for More on my website: LINK IN BIO🐾
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#nofilter X #allnatural Feeling confident, being comfortable in your skin.. that’s what really makes you beautiful💙 . Link in bio for #abs routines, #workout programs & Much More!! 🙊👀 #selflove #saturday #morning #fitgirl #inspo
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