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Scrappy neoplatonist/heretic studying philosophy of religion. Wandering through Connecticut, Colorado, and grad school at Yale with my tripawd Delta Δ

I spy with my little eye some freakin’ fall leaves in Connecticut 🍂 hurry up autumn let’s get to it
“In the morning when you rise unwillingly, let this thought be present: I am rising to the work of a human being. Why am I dissatisfied if I am going to do the things for which I exist and for which I was brought into the world?” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book V
Everything is fine 🙃
My mom can do so many push ups and has read so many books, and she also does an amazing job of making me feel like a capable and responsible adult while still reminding me to get my oil changed (because, duh, I forgot.) Other close people in my life get a lot of love on my social media but do not EVER think it means I do not have a kickass mother— it just means she is usually taking the pictures instead of being in them. But sometimes I’m sneaky and I catch her. 😜
Still in a daze after teaching undergrads yesterday. It was... awesome. We had great conversations about the relationship between truth and time, discussed the difficulties of working with fragments from antiquity, and established Being/Becoming distinctions from our Parmenides reading in preparation for Plato next week. I wasn’t perfect, I wasn’t always clear, but I know what I need to work on to be even better next week and do right by these bright young people. I’m so excited to learn from them and see the ancient world through their eyes!
A beautiful night to plan curriculum about Zeno of Elea and the philosophy of infinity 💫 which is great because I am INFINITELY nervous to teach undergrads for the first time tomorrow !
Requiem for a #tongueoutTuesday
We are back into the swing of the school year, which means I get to do a lot less adventuring and way more throwbacks. I’m not mad about it. I’m fine trading big rocks for big books at the moment, and the incoming long weekend means I get to go up to New York or New Hampshire for some good good hiking. Anyway, current course schedule: Philo and Allegory, Ancient Rhetoric, Aristotelian Hylomorphism, Kant’s Philosophy of Religion, and German for Reading/Research. Gonna be one hell of a semester!
“Waterfalls are good.” -Aristotle, probably
I will take twisty blind hairpin-turns on steep mountain passes over New England highways any day (I’m looking at you, I-91 South). Folks out here in Connecticut will drink one cold brew from Dunkin while commuting to work and suddenly every innocent driver on the road is perceived as a challenger LOL
Taken at my favorite place in the entire κόσμος: Lily Lake in RMNP. If you look closely, you can see shiny water droplets that my shitty iPhone somehow captured as I was surprised-rained-on during an unusually sunny day. ☁️
Two pieces of great news: 1. August is almost over (let’s be honest, it’s a weird month with a weird vibe) and 2. School is about to start !!! I’ve had the pleasure of being an orientation leader this year for Yale Divinity School and meeting a bunch incoming grad students. Thankfully, many of them are tolerable and daresay even likeable, interesting, well-adjusted, and kind (these are qualities that are in short supply in ivy leagues so I’m not even joking when I say I’m into these people for these reasons). Here’s hoping that there are a few sunset chasers and platonists among the new nerds as well.
New Haven gets a lot of crap. I’ll admit, it is a complicated place. But it’s also SO BEAUTIFUL in ways that many people will never allow themselves to see 💫
Feelin ~*moody*~ because the scary summer storms knocked over my tomato plants, but scary summer storms are also gorgeous
Always a pleasure to show the places I love to the people I love. I’ve been insanely lucky to have the same close group of friends since my freshman year at St. Olaf College, and I continue to be #blessed when I get to see many of them several times a year, despite all of us being scattered across the country with different commitments and careers. Here’s to 6 years together, winners. And many happy returns!
Have a seat, let us talk about death and gods
You KNOW Delta is singing that stupid Moana song in her head here on this fine #tongueouttuesday 😜 Bonus: Minnesota friends Matt and Evan in the background enjoying beach day
Misty mountain morning in New England with St Olaf ride or dies
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