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@therealkendrasunderland , @thegingerbanks , @missravenhart2 , and @onlyrichelleryan competed for the title of JD Harmeyer’s “favorite ass” at his on-air bachelor party and things got wild—see all of the photos on (🔗 in bio)
Celebrate JD Harmeyer’s on-air bachelor party with us LIVE Wednesday morning—it all goes down on #Howard100 🎉🎈🍑
Richard Christy revealed he has a “rotting” body part that will soon require surgery and his co-workers tried to guess what it was. Check out the full story on #Howard100
King of All Blacks sings, dances, and rubs down his shirtless body in a new video shot in his shower—watch it now on #Howard100 #shampooheavy
Happy birthday to the one and only Suzanne #Underdog Muldowney!
Watch @davidhasselhoff surprise Robin Quivers on her birthday with a special performance of "Heroes"
Watch JD Harmeyer read Howard the first draft of his wedding vows—which were written immediately after his bachelor party over the weekend—on (🔗 in bio) and see more videos on the @siriusxm app! #Howard100 #BeautifulCreature
Watch Robin Quivers get serenaded live in the #SternShow studio by a star mystery guest for her birthday on (🔗 in bio)
Happy Birthday, Robin Quivers! Tune in to #Howard100 for the full celebration complete with a special mystery guest!
Patricia #TanMom Krentcil returned to the recording studio with Adam Barta to craft a new single, shed her nickname, and maybe even take a shower. Hear it all on
Did Brent Hatley break an unwritten rule at JD Harmeyer’s bachelor party? Which staffer got a stripper’s phone number? Why was Ronnie the Limo Driver screaming “21”? See everything that went down at the much-anticipated pre-wedding bash on
@jdharmeyer celebrated his birthday in December at a bowling alley, but not everyone was invited. See more photos on
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