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Today on #Howard100 , Jake Gyllenhaal talks passing up a role in #MightyDucks , transforming his body for #Southpaw , and starring in #BubbleBoy alongside @Beetlepimp and the original Bigfoot.
When he first saw the footage from #Rambo , @officialslystallone said he wanted to buy back the film and burn it. But instead he found a way to turn it into a box office success. Watch an extended clip from his 2005 interview with Howard on the @siriusxm app (🔗in bio). #SundaysWithHoward
Despite writing #Rocky , @officialslystallone told Howard in 2005 he was not the studio's first choice for the lead. In fact, he turned down $360k to sell the script, filmed the movie in 28 days, and wound up winning #BestPicture at that year’s #Oscars . Continue watching on the @siriusxm app (🔗in bio). #SundaysWithHoward
Artist: @beck Song: “Where It’s At” Year: 1997 #SaturdaySoundtrack
Watch @beck surprise Howard with a live performance of “Where It's At” during his 1997 birthday show on the @siriusxm app. #SaturdaySoundtrack
Catch @ikebarinholtz talking his impressive lineup of projects, bonding with @Sethrogen , and his celebrity superfan status in his 2015 #SternShow visit today on #Howard100 !
Today on #Howard100 , catch the always hilarious @realstanhope telling stories from his past. Plus, hear the full story about “Washtub Willie” from his girlfriend Bingo.
Watch @BravoAndy talk Kathy Griffin, pushing @stephenathome out of the way to see @Madonna , and Ronnie the Limo Driver’s pegging revelation in his 2018 interview with Howard on the @siriusxm app.
Catch up on all of the best #SternShow videos NOW on the @siriusxm app.
Watch @iammarkronson take Howard through his process of producing the Grammy-winning hit #Shallow with @ladygaga and Bradley Cooper. See his full interview on the @siriusxm app.
Watch @iamjhud tell Howard how she went from @AmericanIdol finalist to Oscar-winning actress with her role in #Dreamgirls alongside @beyonce , @iamjamiefoxx , and Eddie Murphy on the @SIRIUSXM app. #SundaysWithHoward
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