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“Hello, I’m not an individual, but I am a business and a business enterprise and you said Swap-N-Shop is for me, correct?” - Richard Christy trolls #SwapShop hard in a new prank call on (🔗 in our stories)
Is that George Clooney or Gary Dell’Abate? See all of the photos from King of All Blacks’ fashion show now on (🔗 in bio)
“I’ve met so many people and established so many relationships over a f-cking joint.” - @SnoopDogg talks smoking his first blunt with Tupac, getting @MarthaStewart secondhand high, and getting out-smoked by @willienelsonofficial —check it out on #Howard100
Wolfie thinks a child could be in JD Harmeyer’s future, but what does JD think? "I can barely take care of myself let alone someone else …” (🔗 in our stories)
@bravoandy set the record straight on @kathygriffin , pushing @stephenathome out of the way at the #MetGala , and Ronnie the Limo Driver’s sexuality (🔗 in bio)
Join us in wishing Wendy the Slow Adult, who turned 38 yesterday, a happy birthday!
In his return to the #SternShow , @SnoopDogg reflected on his iconic career thus far with Howard, telling stories about everything from writing "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang” behind bars to getting a special visit from Tupac and @Madonna at @nbcsnl —hear it all on on (🔗 in bio)
#FlirtyGary nearly charmed the pants right off an 83-year-old woman in his latest prank call—hear it now on (🔗 in our stories)
King of All Blacks evaluated #SternShow staffers on their fashion and gave them each a ranking from 1 to 10. See who came out on top (and bottom) in King’s opinion on
#SternShow staffer Memet Walker confronted Bobo about why he’s been sending him porn videos: "After I didn't reply to, like, 10, did you think maybe I'm not into it?" (🔗 in our stories)
@iamcardib sat down with Howard in her #SternShow debut and opened up about her baby girl (due in July), her rapid ascent to the top of the charts, and how the music industry is more cutthroat than stripping (🔗 in bio)
Bobo’s junior high school teacher left some less-than-stellar remarks about him on his report card—read it on “Steve is a constant source of aggravation …” (🔗 in our stories)
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