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I always ask myself, how far can I push it and not make my mom scared? ⬇️YouTube⬇️

It’s @bobonsantoso dying because of eating chilies. That’s it.
It’s @bobonsantoso and me eating chilies. That’s it. ⛸ @e.benrei
@bobonsantoso and me eating spicy stuff. That’s it. 🎦 @e.benrei
Waking up at two to watch the sunrise in Bali. That’s it. Thanks my preeeeeeens @ricsnt @e.benrei @bobonsantoso @hanzzrel ❤️❤️❤️
Walking along a rice field in Bali. That’s it. 🧸 @e.benrei
Standing on a boat on a lake in Bali. That’s it. 📯 @e.benrei
Always looking for a good deal. Riding on top of this 1942 steel monster can save you some bugs! #traveltips #savemoney Unfortunately @e.benrei spend all his money on bananas so he couldn’t make it. Laws are strict in Bangladesh nowadays... Ahh by the way - full video on YT - I won’t give you the link I want that you work for it. Search Steve Long on YouTube - it‘s an adventure!
Is it magic? Is he a wizard? Noo - He is Este (@e.benrei ) aka Mister Thumbnail. Swipe left for the magic! #EsteTransformation
I always post two pictures then a video. It’s my new thing now. I have a video, but no pictures. So I post random pics so that I can post a video again. Do you understand that? On this picture you see birds in cages. You could say bird cages! 🕹 @e.benrei
Okey. Calm. Down. The spam is over this is the final post of today hehe. Want to see if we ate this beast of 🥩?! It’s easy - go on YouTube and type in - „near death experience because of biggest fu@#&€ piece of meat thing ever“ - enjoy! Thanks @eyetayungmaitaii for this experience - thanks @e.benrei for the shots - thanks @tobias_heckmann for being there ❤️
NomNomNom. Our starter when we went to Rachada Nigth Market in Bangkok. After that we ordered a second one! Don’t believe me??? Find out by yourself - video link in Bio. 📸 @e.benrei
The throwback to this awesome day is as actual as eveeeer! Why,do you ask yourself? Because we are dropping the videos like skrillex drops the bass... Go check them on YouTube - just search for EYETA ( @eyetayungmaitaii ) or the good old Long to the Steve to get the full satisfaction! 📸 @e.benrei
Where is a thumbnail there is a video - it’s an old saying from my grandpa. What do you think - we found the cows 🐮 or not? Check Link in Bio to find out!!!!
By the way thanks my Bangladeshi Army for 10K subs ;) I know there are Indonesians, Thais and Indians as well, but BD is in the lead guys! Follow up! Thumbnail skills right there by @e.benrei
Room-View from our AirBnb in Bangladesh 🇧🇩. Overall 5 ⭐️ experience. The smell, the view , the feeling just a match. Or what would you say @e.benrei ???
Let’s Make Bangladesh GREAT! I ❤️ that country! Check Link in Bio to watch Full Video on YouTube. Make Bangladesh great! —— #bangladesh
Stroooong Insta-Game at Ahsan Monjil & average spectator crowd in Bangladesh when doing anything! #picby @e.benrei
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