Steve Miller Band

The Steve Miller Band has been performing and recording since the 1960's. Get/Stream 'Ultimate Hits' here:

"The first box set covers us right from the beginning, when we were learning how to make records, our first recording…" #SteveMillerBand ’s 'Children of the Future' is part of 'Complete Albums Vol. 1,' out Friday!
“This is a different way to listen to music… [You] pull the album out, you look at the artwork, you see it, you put it on a turntable, you drop the needle on, and the sound is amazing. It's as if the band is performing in your room, and that’s the way music should be listened to.” Pre-order now:
‘Steve Miller Band Complete Albums Vol. 1’ is out next Friday—pre-order yours today!
Reserved your copy of 'Complete Albums, Vol. 1' yet? From 'Children of the Future' to 'Fly Like An Eagle,' this expansive collection includes #SteveMillerBand 's newly-remastered first 9 studio albums on heavyweight vinyl. Pre-order now!
To commemorate the 50 years since #SteveMillerBand ’s first 2 @capitolrecords albums were released, ‘Complete Albums Vol. 1’ features SMB’s first 9 albums on 180g remastered vinyl! Pre-order yours today on @amazon !
Whether you're "Going to the Country" or "Going to Mexico," now's the perfect time to rediscover #SteveMillerBand 's 'Number 5':
Recorded in San Francisco and newly remastered, #SteveMillerBand 's 'Your Saving Grace' is a vinyl lover’s must-have:
25 Years ago today, we auditioned Joseph Wooten to play Keyboards in the Steve Miller Band. Not only did Joseph knock us out with his playing skills, but his vocal harmonies have been a perfect compliment to our live shows and recordings. As great of a musician as he is.... he is an even better bandmate and friend. Congrats on 25 Years Joseph! Now.... get tuned up! We've a full schedule for 2018!! Looking forward to hitting the road in a few weeks for another Tour with Peter Frampton!
Released originally in 1969 on @CapitolRecords , 'Your Saving Grace' sounds oh-so-good in HD-take a listen for yourself:
#SteveMillerBand 's 'Brave New World' is a record you must own on vinyl—and it's now available for pre-order on exclusive yellow 180g vinyl, as well as standard black vinyl:
This #NewMusicFriday features #SteveMillerBand 's 'Brave New World' in a brand new HD format, available now! This 1969 Steve Miller Band classic couldn't sound better than it does in studio audio quality!
Pick up your vinyl copy of #SteveMillerBand ’s ‘Sailor’ on 180g blue vinyl exclusive to the uDiscover store or on standard black wax:
'Sailor' is the second #SteveMillerBand album available for download in studio-quality, high-resolution digital audio! Immerse yourself in 'Sailor' in the stunning audio quality it deserves:
Just announced! Steve Miller Band playing May 6 at @New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Jazz Fest takes place April 27-May 6 and features 500+ bands on 12 stages. Tickets on sale now at #jazzfest2018
Steve talks about the night that Wynton Marsalis asked him to help bring a greater blues presence to the House of Swing. Steve takes you on a blues journey 12/1 and 12/2 in the Rose Theater in New York City:
Tonight is the night! Watch Steve Miller on The Big Interview with Dan Rather at 9/8c on AXS TV !
Steve Miller had the pleasure of sitting down with renowned journalist Dan Rather! Watch their conversation on a new episode of 'The Big Interview' Nov. 14 on AXS TV
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