Steven Hart

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The man himself with the finished portrait, before I put it together properly, then take it to the framers!
The final piece! Scared to take it to the framers, cause at 4ft x 3ft, it won't be cheap!
The finished background collage! Happy with how it turned out.
Nearly there now! But happy with how it has progressed.
The collage was a lot of hard work. It's very time consuming going through thousands of images to find all the right ones to represent Scott's life. But it came together well.
The background collage getting under way! This has many images of Scott's life, including his family and friends, his career in film and TV, his charity work and his love of football.
The four corners of the background collage, showing Scott's wife, his mum, brother and grandmother.
Just some of Scott's treasured items from some of the TV series and films that he's worked on. Yes, that's a prop finger from the Outlander TV show! It's going to be a very interesting collage!
The figure cut out and stuck together, and placed on the canvas, all ready for the background collage to get started.
The figure looking good with all the parts put together.
Face finished, now to start putting all the component parts of the figure together.
Feeling much better about this newest version of the face.
Torso finished, just got to work on the newest version of the face.
Trying out the sporran for position on the kilt material.
The finished kilt, using Scott's actual Kylander tartan material.
Applying the first few pieces of Kylander tartan on to the heavy cartridge paper.
Trying out the sporran placement on the kilt, before the Kylander tartan material is added.
Detail of the sporran, before it's cut out and applied on to the material of the kilt.
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