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So Pokhara has a POTATO FESTIVAL! Although there was an underwhelming amount of potatoes, it was super cool to see a local Nepali event in full swing, dodgy amusement park rides n all ☺️ • And speaking of potatoes (well, food) A Vegan Guide to Travelling Cambodia is now up on, link in bio 💕 📸 @squinns#tourist #backpacker #veganbackpacer #potatofestival #dodgyamusementpark #nepalifestival #potatoes #potatoesarethebestfood #wholefoodsplantbased #onlywhitepeoplethere
Hey team, here’s a shot of me lookin’ like an absolute tourist upon arrival in Kathmandu 😂 • Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was the fact I’ve got something pretty cool starting up when I get home. Nothing too exciting is going to be happening for the next couple months, but if you’re curious feel free to go and give a cheeky follow! • 📸 @sqwinns#tourist #earthismyhome #kathmandu #backpacker #veganbackpacer #vintage #recyclerevolution #secondhand #ecoconscious #ecoconscioustravel #instastore
Let salt water be thy medicine • Tears are release The floodgates are overflowing and the tension has been unleashed The water has drained to make way for new A de-hazed perspective is coming through Misty eyes sparkle just like the stars Washing and cleansing all of my scars The thing about tears is that they’re nothing but truth And through them, uncover the purpose in you • Honestly though, despite that cheesy shiz tears are pure magic. They allow you to surrender to your emotions, become vulnerable, ask for help, open up to receiving, understand your insignificance, your human nature and your complete strength. A beautiful magical tool. • *unedited light flare!!!!* #tears #crying #surrender #vulnerability #travel #biggirlsdocry #conscioustraveller #backpacking #paiaandstevie #consciouscreative #nepal #sunshinebystevie
Namaste Nepal 🙏🇳🇵 So far I’ve done nothing but eat and let myself recuperate for the obscene about of bus rides I’ve taken over the past few weeks. Loving it all the same ✨ Nepal seems to attract a different kind of traveller. It’s lovely being surrounded by folk who made the purposeful effort to come to this stunning part of the world. • • • #namaste #namastenepal #nepal #trekking #conscioustraveller #mountainview #cuppajoe #kiwiinnepal #vegantraveller #vegantravel #backpacking
See ya l8r SouthEast Asia What a crazy six months that was. Indescribably epic! I’ll be back soon. • If anyone has any recommendations for Nepal, please let me know💕 • • • #southeastasiaadventure #backpacking #solotravel #veganbackpacker #sixmonthsabroad #travel #instatravel #wanderlust #paiaandstevie
Hey team, I’ve been in Asia for six months now and what never ceases to amaze me is the amount of bullsh*t there is to buy. Check out my new blog post where I break it down for ya, link in bio✨ • In all honestly though, the distorted view of material possessions is reversing human evolution. If we’re not conscious of it, it’s filling our brain space with clutter that all too often has a direct correlation to our happiness. Consuming consciously has an insane array of benefits, for our planet and our well being. • Let’s discuss conscious consumerism! What do you do? And do you have any tips and tricks that help you make wiser decisions? Feel free to read more on the blog ☺️ enjoy this sweaty picture of me after 8 hours of vintage shopping in 35 degree heat. Thanks for the support! • • • #consciousconsumerism #thriftshopping #madenotmanufactured #chatuchak #thailandshoppingspree #ethicalfashion #ethicalconsumerism #ecoworrier #minimalism #fastfashion #paiaandstevie #breathe
In the sleepy hours of yesterday morning I left behind my little island home I’ve grown to love so much. Each era tends to come with a lil lesson and here’s the biggest one I learned from my time in paradise: Community is EVERYTHING I’m so beyond grateful to have met yet another incredible group of girls. They made my last night one to remember. We sat around a bonfire at the beach and meditated, wrote intentions and howled at the full moon, wild and free. • Anyway, here’s a pic of me, salty haired and sweaty wearing my favourite dress that’s been transformed by the lovely Hydi @bohemianthreads23 into a top and multi-lengthed skirt set for a lil added practicality. Hell yeah to creativity, getting shiz done and dreams coming to life ☺️ • #wildwoman #wolfwoman #fullmoonenergy #islandlife #wildandfree #feminist #womensceremony #womensupportingwomen #sisterhood #yourvibeattractsyourtribe
Scooter gang roll up 🛴 Living out my 16y/o dreams • Back on the bus to Bangkok today. New adventures await on the other side of the continent with my beautiful friend @sqwinns Any guesses as to where we’re heading? • • • #scootergang #buslife #conscioustraveller #seasia #backpacking #backpackingadventures #paiaandstevie
Temple runnin’ 🤘 Here’s a travel story for ya! • An hour or so after I put my last post up about using yogic practices to help get through stressful travel situations I was flung into one and put to the absolute test 😅 12 hours into a bus ride, around 11am after a night of very little sleep my bus stopped in a town about 40 minutes away from my final destination. I hopped off the bus to go to the bathroom taking only my phone and wallet (containing about $20USD) with me. I asked the driver where the bathroom was and told him I’d be back in a minute. Bet y’all can guess what happened next.. The bus left without me, and with it it took my laptop, my credit card, all my cash, my journal and my passport, along with all my luggage. I definitely got my self in a bit of a pickle. The funny part is I’d been seeing people leave their backpacks on the bus every time they got off the whole trip, where as I’d always taken mine with me to the dingy toilet cubicle. • I was so so fortunate to meet a very kind tuk tuk driver to let me use his phone to call my last hostel, and drove me to the bus station in Kampot. I was also so fortunate that a wonderful group of French people sitting around me noticed I wasn’t on the bus and packed my drink bottle and journal back into my bag and left it, along with my luggage at the desk at the bus station. • THIS was definitely a situation to connect back to the inner self 😅 breathe, keep a positive mindset and stay centred. There was definitely a worst case scenario here, but the reality was that there was no one there to look after me. The mental break down I was on the cusp of only would’ve made the situation worse. I had to remind myself that I was meeting some BEAUTIFUL friends in Kampot, I was only 40 minutes away, and I have insurance. A very, very good lesson in practicing what I preach✨ • #traveldisaster #solotravel #conscioustraveller #consciouscreativecollective #templerunning #advancedselfie #nightbusnightmare #practisewhatyoupreach
I’m currently not with any other New Zealanders and I’ve been finding it pretty hard to comprehend yesterday’s happenings in our sleepy country. Something I said yesterday morning, before the attack took place was “diffuse your frustrations with awareness”. • I followed my own advice. I encourage everyone to look into Islam a little. Bring awareness to their basic principles of peace and equality. Don’t let this act of ‘anti-terrorist’ terrorism do as intended. • As a white woman I don’t think I have much of a place to talk about these topics and do them justice. However, I would recommend looking into the true meaning behind Jihad, and the principles behind Islam. • The power of the internet has been so so helpful during this time. Being able to talk to family, educate myself and see how many people truely care about this is a really wonderful thing. • My heart truely, truely goes out to all those effected. “They (terrorists) want us to tear open wounds in our societies so they can use them to spread their infection” ~ Deeyah Khan • #christchurchourheartsgoouttoyou #christchurch #theyareus
So I did some super touristy things yesterday, and despite getting up at 4am and it being over 30 degrees before 8am, I’d say it was well worth it • It’s a really nice feeling immersing yourself in a country’s culture. It lets you in on the little secrets as to why things are the way they are. Cambodia has such a tragic and recent history, and being aware of it really brings me to take a step back • I feel like I’ve got a hold of, and brought awareness to my typical tourist frustrations. The constant badgering of tuk tuk drivers asking where you’re going, the crowds and crowds and crowds of temple goers with selfie sticks, the slightly dodgy border crossing bus services. None of it is a personal attack, it’s a culture re-creating themselves. It’s human evolution, it’s livelihood, and it’s damn smart • Thank you Cambodia for all your lessons 🙏 #cambodia #solotravel #angkorwat #conscioustraveller #paiaandstevie #sunrise #instatravel #difuseyourfrustration
Temple hopping, vintage shopping, river cruising and an empty bus to nowhere. Feeling like a little kid in a jungle gym. Bangkok is chaos, filled with people from all walks of life. It’s a smack in the face but a nice change for a little while. Glad to be flying around with my long lost brother @umbeadam#bangkok #backpacking #longlostsiblings #khaosanroad #bustonowhere #beachbumsinbangkok #imissislandlife
New skills coming along slowly slowly ☺️ feels groovy to connect to the inner child through the art of dance and play, something that is all too often neglected. Embracing failure in order to learn. Give it a go team! Reconnect here, be silly • Swipe 👉 to see some actual cool stuff, not just flinging a wooden hoop into a fire • • #hooping #islandlife #firedancing #hulahoop #eternalwakefulness #innerchild #flowart #newskill #practicemakesperfect #paiaandstevie #beachbonfire
Glorious way to spend the day after bouncing back from dengue fever. Cliche as it sounds the biggest thing being ill has taught me is to fully surrender to your situation, because it’s probably trying to teach you something. Wishing you were somewhere else is only going to dampen the experience, health can change so fast. • I’ve spent a decent chunk of the past couple years trying to be in control of my spiritual growth through attempting strict practices and routines. And although I know they really work for me, I also know you can’t rush that shizz. There is no way to make yourself learn if every time you do something that doesn’t align with your own ideals (like have a couple beers) you spend the time after beating yourself up. New little mantra to myself, from myself; surrender to the opportunities that are presented to you, and make the most of them ✨ • #selfgrowth #islandlife #boatlife #surrender #lotus #selflove #vegan #paiaandstevie #denguefever #islandhop
Enough said. Love having the time here to create, and am completely feeling called to do that with strong words like these ones. Little lessons that present themselves daily. More coming xxx • • • #create #consciouscreativecollective #paiaandstevie #growthbeyondhealing #islandlife #mandala
Happy Valentine’s Day Gypsy Mamma ❤️ and to all my global buddies, and @quinn_bromleyo • • • 📸 @abbeebrown #valentinesday #gypsy #islandlife #southeastasia #paiaandstevie #friends #puppylove
Peaceful lil video taken from my bedroom window at 6.45 this morning✨ • On another note, A VEGAN GUIDE TO TRAVELLING VIETNAM is up over on Link in bio! Swipe👉to check out some good looking kai • #islandlife #vegan #veganguideto #paiaandstevie #veganfood #paradise #southeastasia #backpacking
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