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Grand scale of things.
Living in Alberta the weather can be as diverse as the landscapes we have. I’ve been loving the @Marmot PreCip Eco rain jacket - it’s been so great on these pre Summer days. Rain, sun, or wind, it makes for a great breathable layer against any of the elements while being outside. Plus, it’s made with 100% recyclable materials and PFC-free waterproofing . I’m always stoked to support companies who are committed to sustainability and doing good for our planet. Click the link in my bio if you’re interested in finding out more! #RainOn #WeAreMarmot #Ad
Ready to stretch those winter legs for spring. @sonyalpha #AlphaCollective #BeAlpha A7ii | G 24-70 f/2.8
People always say there is no way I can get up that early. I always say there is no way I can miss a sunrise.
Another lap around the sun and can’t wait to see what’s next!
Everyday. 🌎
Hosting a photography coffee talk this Saturday at @thecamerastore ! Come out to talk all things photography! Plus who can’t say no to coffee? Details in my story on a swipe up frame.
Spring thaw brings life to familiar places. @sonyalpha #AlphaCollective #BeAlpha A7ii | 16-35 f/4
Can’t wait for those days of open water and summer light.
Every time is the best time when you’re in the mountains.
Curiosity will lead you to some of the best places.
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