Stian Klo

Norwegian photographer DJI partner Feat by Apple & NatGeo Ambassador for Fjällräven USA, Ulvang, REAL Turmat, Viking, Renault, Lexar & Stjørdal Foto

The views flying over the vast glaciers in #Greenland are nothing short of breathtaking. Finding order in chaos is very difficult though, for me it's more about what to exclude rather than how much can I fit into the frame. Captured on @lexarmemory #lexarmemory
The very famous St. Johann church, Santa Maddalena - lit up to perfection a few weeks ago! Captured on @nikonnordic Z7 + 24-70mm f/4 S // @stjordalfoto
Scale on point 💯 We visited Oqaatsut, Rodebay in #Greenland back in August - and stumbled upon this iceberg. After being mesmerized by its beauty for a good hour, we continued our journey towards the massive Eqi glacier. Captured on @lexarmemory #lexarmemory
For once, the right place at the right time! Intense rays and spotted highlights combined with the #Dolomites landscape is a match made in heaven 🔥🌞
We randomly stopped for a gelato on our way for a sunset session, and this was the view from the quaint little village - #Dolomites is off the charts beautiful 🔥 captured on the new #Nikon #Z7 , its a beast!
Moments from Ilulissat, #Greenland 🇬🇱 Definitely challenging weather and conditions, but with @fjallraven_na outfits the weather was the least of my worries 🙏💯 which of the pictures in the gallery is your favorite and why?
No words can describe the beauty of this place. Left us all speechless 😍 #dolomites
It seems like there are endless mountain passes in the #Dolomites . Roadtripping here is not for the faint-hearted though, as the highest pass being close to 2800m (aprox 9000ft) above sea level. Italians must have nerves of steel 👌
Just your typical everyday view in the mighty #Dolomites . When we arrived, the fog was so thick that we could not see any mountains - we started walking further in and our motivation faded as the fog grew even thicker. Our luck changed 1 hr later as this scene unfolded itself - wow, some of the craziest fog and jagged mountains in my career so far! Well played #Italy , well played 🇮🇹😁 Captured with @nikonnordic #nikonnordic Z7 +14-24mm f/2.8 (with FTZ adapter) - thank you @stjordalfoto !
Thanks for now Dolomites, you've been good to us! See you again soon 🙌
I'm currently in München, Germany - en route to the Dolomites in a few hours! Who's around? 🙏😁 Oh, and this picture is an aerial from the mighty #Lofoten ! Shot on @lexarmemory #lexarmemory
Calm before the storm. Our captain, Arne, turned off the engines and we were drifting along in the slushy water just listening to the sounds. Birds singing, whales breaching and ice cracking - it feels like a great privilege being able to experience days like this in #Greenland ! See you again next year 🇬🇱🙏
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