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Functional cannabinoid-infused products made with RIPPLE dissolvables. #justaddripple

Stillwater Runs Deep: # 24 in a series /// Meet EMILY, our, well, let’s put it this way, “Specialty Machine Operator for the Ripple.” What’s that mean? We can’t divulge the deets… all you really need to know is that she helps us help you, by turning our dream into your reality. Before putting down roots here, Emily grew up as a pastor’s daughter in Nebraska. Summers were for visiting the Rockies in her family’s RV. A lover of dance, wine and adventures — the trifecta, in our book — she’s spent the past couple of years recovering from a neck injury which left her on the sidelines for a long time. But she’s back, and we’re grateful to have her on Team Stillwater.
Mellow Mint Tea getting us through dat weekly grind! #deepbreaths #tomorrowisfriday #yougotthis
Sounds like ol’ Susan got a great night’s sleep. RIP tho? ⚰️
Drinking tea and being cool are not mutually exclusive, obvs.
Orange you glad we’ve got gummies galore? 🤤
CBD gummies on this snowy Sunday? Yes please!
Gummy Supplements as fine art? 🤔
Anyone else partying hard tonight?🤘☕️
Just add RIPPLE. 💦
We’re honored to have been selected as a winner of @leaflink_ ‘s Best-Selling Edibles category for RIPPLE Pure 10. Thanks, everyone!
Just look at those splendid granules glistening in the morning light. ☕️
Green Tea Mango Gummy Supplements contain 2.5mg THC & 2.5mg CBD. Oh, and they’re delicious.
Sharing is caring. Oh, and our Honey Lavender Gummy Supplements contain 5mg CBD and only 0.25mg THC.
Stillwater Runs Deep: # 23 in a series /// Meet KENNY, confectioner & lab tech, captured here with a tray of our new, gobsmackingly good, Stillwater Gummies. This, for Kenny, is what we’re all about as a company: bringing the benefits of cannabis and CBD to people who wisely want to avoid smoke. Edibles, now and forever. So it’s no surprise that when he’s not helping whip up a batch of gummies, you’ll find Kenny taking in a concert, or at home cooking a great meal and then chilling with a video game, or even making music of his own. In any case, we’re happy to have Kenny striking the right note for Team Stillwater.
Recenter with the perfect THC to CBD ratio. 5mg / 5mg is Balanced 5.
Have you tried our Blood Orange Gummy Supplements yet?
Stillwater Runs Deep: # 22 in a series /// Meet SAMANTHA, who has one of the most fulfilling jobs here at Stillwater. She calls it “an amazing job,” but we’ve never run from a pun — she’s actually on our fulfillment team as our Packing Specialist. Samantha especially loves the collaboration with her coworkers. They make sure that the Stillwater products which find their way into your hands arrive on time, all present and accounted for. Offsite, Sam (born and raised right here in CO,) finds collaboration helps with her camping-enthusiast family — including her husband and two children and a passel of 4 dogs. By our math, that’s 8 mouths to feed!
Cheers Witches 🧙🏼‍♀️ #justaddripple
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