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Functional cannabinoid-infused products made with RIPPLE dissolvables. #justaddripple

Stillwater Runs Deep: # 17 in a series /// Meet KEVIN, our regional sales representative. Kevin loves music, cats, and kittens, which would seem to make him a big softy. Except that Kevin used to play paintball competitively, and he was featured in two paintball magazines back in his prime. So, don’t let his kitty-love and charming personality fool you...he’ll get you.
Relief is...🌲🌞
Every bottle of Ripple contains 10 stick packs (aka packets) and, of course - love. Just like those Brooklyn croissants. 💚
Stillwater Runs Deep: # 16 in a series /// Meet NOELLE, specialty machine operator. Her loves include heavy metal concerts, UFC fights (she’s a huge MMA fan), spending time with her girlfriend and puppies, and helping others in need. She’s another one of our Colorado Natives, born and raised in Denver, and she has always wanted to work in the cannabis industry — so score one for us! Noelle is a firm believer in CBD and all of the health benefits it provides.
Brunch of Champions: kombucha + Ripple Relief on the rocks, with a side of Eggs Benedict. 👌
Saturdays are for the boys. And for the girls. And for camping.
Stillwater Runs Deep: # 15 in a series /// Meet STEPHANIE, our senior process chemist. Steph grew up in the mountains of Colorado, so you can usually find her skiing in the winter. She loves her best friend / puppy, Leo, cannabis and chemistry (really, all things science), and live music. She’s also a huge Harry Potter nerd (aren’t we all!?) and she still plays with legos. Steph loves working for a company that values innovation, quality, and helping as many people as we can. And we’re definitely helping more people with Stephanie’s expertise and care.
Next time try using Ripple for accurate dosage. Godspeed. 🙏🏼
Stillwater Runs Deep: # 14 in a series /// Meet KEITH, our director of R&D and resident mad scientist. When Keith isn’t making magic in our factory, he’s spending time with his beautiful family, which includes his wife, his twin girls, and his pup, Sampson. Keith also loves skiing and (his words) leveraging science to create new products. How lucky are we to have Keith!? We’ll tell you: very, very lucky.
We got packets for days, y’all! ✔️
Scholars have debated the symbolism of the Ripple bottle in this painting for centuries.
Stillwater Runs Deep: # 13 in a series /// Meet EMMA, our order and packing specialist. Emma is originally from the UK, which she credits for her obsession with tea, specifically Whitewater. She is a huge fan of her family, which is comprised of her husband, two Chihuahuas, and her Maine Coon kitty. But she loves all animals (more than most people), even the scaly ones. Emma also loves to explore Colorado when she finds the time, looking for a new hot spring or breathtaking spot to setup a hammock and chill. Her guilty pleasure is mint chocolate chip ice cream with a serving of Ripple Balanced. But it doesn’t sound that guilty to us! “I love being part of such a great team at Stillwater,” says Emma. “I can genuinely say I love going to work every morning and love the people I work with. I’m eager to grow and learn with such a compassionate and thriving company in this innovative and rewarding industry. I love cannabis and all of its healing benefits.”
Aunt Susan clearly hasn’t tried Ripple yet. Precise dosage makes for a consistent experience, every time.
Congratulations to our #JustAddRipple summer contest winners! We will be doing more giveaways in the near future -- stay tuned!
NOW AVAILABLE: Ripple Singles. Ripple curious? Want to try a new variety? Stop by a dispensary near you and pick up a single pack! Want to know who has ‘em now? Check the comments 👇
Fall is upon us and you know what that means? Ripple Relief in your pumpkin-spice-latte-thing. ☕️🍂👌🏽
Take your BBQ to the next level with Ripple. Happy Labor Day. 🇺🇸
Stillwater Runs Deep: # 12 in a series /// Meet CHRIS, gummy technician. Chris loves helping others, E.D.M, and he considers himself a big foodie. He builds desktop computers in his free time, and he’s also very crafty and artistic—he’ll paint a Bob Ross painting every once in awhile. Happy trees. Chris loves working with Stillwater because he thinks it’s a great company and he’s glad to be a part of it (especially because we’re all so nice, so he says …). Chris also likes feeling like a part of the Stillwater family, which he absolutely is. “Honestly for me, work is more than just a job,” says Chris. “When it becomes something you love to do every day, it stops being work and becomes something much deeper than that. That's very important to me.” . . #coloradocannabis #stillwaterbrands #edibles #cannabinoids #functionalingredients #dissolvablethc #dissolvablecbd #justaddripple #justaddrippleyall #gummies #supplements #manufacturing
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