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chhs‘19|| ‘18 field hockey state champs|| su‘23|| isaiah 41:13||mwpss’19|| no funnies bro

aaaand that’s a wrap! my last charger hockey has come to a close and I’m so grateful for the amazing people I’ve been blessed to have by my side these last four years. charger hockey has undoubtedly dug its way into the very fiber of my being, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. i love you all so much 💗 #chargerhockey #snrszn
ITS OFFICIAL !!! ❤️💙🐝#collegehereicome #shenandoahuniversity #suhornets
happy snowy senior sunday!!! this christmas shoot was so much fun🎄☃️🎁 be sure to reserve a date with mrs. waller for the best portraits possible! #mwphotography #mwpseniors2018 #seniorsunday
on this turkey day i’m super thankful for my family, my support group of friends, my team, and the unexpected (but amazing) experiences God has put in my life. i love all of you for making me a better person, and creating lasting memories with me. you truly made this past year something to be thankful for. i’m so so so excited for what’s to come 💛
After 5 short years, my final whistle with charger hockey was blown. I’m going to miss this team and the many lessons they taught me. Through different challenges we learned the strength of determination, perseverance, and the power of heart. We knew to leave our everything on that field, and we did exactly that. Today we conquered our past demons, threw out the trash in our minds, and just played. The outcome was a state championship win. As important and exciting as that trophy is, I will never forget the moments leading up to this. The hard practices, watching tape of Larkin calling us out, being completely immersed in movies (no matter how confusing the plot lines were), and every single pep talk and letter. Those moments helped define us, helped shape us, and brought us closer together. I’m going to miss my family, and forever love the amazing program that I had the honor of being a part of. Thank you Larkin and Coachie for always being there for me, and pushing me past my limits both mentally and physically. Thank you to my fellow seniors, who have struggled these past four years with me and have always been a crutch to lean on. Last but not least, I thank the four different generations of teams that I have had the privilege of learning from, leading, and loving this sport with. Charger Hockey will always be a part of me, and a big piece of my heart will always stay with this program. I love you all so much, and can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the following years. CHANCE-WHAT? CHANCELLOR #chargerhockey ❤️🏑⚡️
happy senior sunday !!! be sure to schedule your photos with melissa waller asap !!! 💓📸💗 #mwphotography #seniorsunday #mwpseniors2018
regional champs !!! 🏑🏆🤩 #ringchasing #wemadeit #strokesonstrokes #chargerhockey
senior night ‘18 ✨💛💫 #chargerhockey #icried #loveyouguys
the best time to wear a striped sweater... 🎃🍂✨🦃🌽🧡 #fall #spookyseason
senior homecoming ✨☄️💫 #snrszn #hoco18
pink out !!!! 🌸🎆🎀💞 #snrszn
had the best time at su today 🤩💖 #su23 #souperexcited #fhockey
happy senior sunday :) 🍯✨🌼🌞💛 #seniorsunday #mellissawallerphotography #mwpseniors19 #classof19
happy national fhockey day 💖
national doggo day to my sweet gingie 🐶🌱🐩✨🥒💖
freckles & fridays 🦖🌴🥗⛳️🛶🛣💚#ripsummer
happy first b-day gingie !!! 💗🐾🐶🎂 #puppyfirst
“get you a girl with a water belly.” I had an amazing time getting to grow with this amazing group of girls. thanks so much for making this week fun!💗🤩🏑#makegoodchoices #fcastrong #fhockey
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