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The best stories often have the simplest beginnings. My photography journey began with an old film camera. The process of creating an image with that camera intrigued me a lot and I was quickly hooked. Capturing an image on the film-roll and processing it later had a different charm altogether. As there was limited film roll available, I had to make sure every click of the camera was worth what I could get from the shot. Looking back, those years still manage to bring a smile to my face. Holding a picture in my hands after the time-intensive process was priceless. I devoted more of my time to photography and I clicked just about everything around me in different ways. I realized how much there is to this art. You can never really master it; you can only keep getting better. Several years later, I am still learning and I plan to continue doing so. It hasn’t been an easy journey. The decision to pursue photography as a career came with a lot of challenges and I had to convince those around me that this is a viable career option. My journey was not exactly a cakewalk; nevertheless, I have enjoyed it and made me who I am today. I keep working toward my goals and my supportive family has definitely made it a lot easier. Apart from family members, I am also thankful for a lot of platforms that have helped take my work to a wider audience. One such platform, the #P20ProBattleLeague gave me an opportunity to showcase skills with diverse teams. I loved using the #HuaweiP20Pro and it’s truly meant for the pro user. I enjoyed the challenges and the audience response has been simply phenomenal. • Picture & caption credits : (@fazil.insta ) • • Thanking @huaweiindia And @dabbooratnani for this opportunity. • • #indianphotography #indiapictures #indiaclicks #photographers_of_india #storiesofindia #photography #india_clicks #incredibleindia #india_ig #_soi #streetphotographyindia #instagram #streetphotography #mypixeldiary #indianphotographers #india_everyday #indianshutterbugs #travel #_coi #dslrofficial #nature #india_undiscovered
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