Diverse 'Street Photography' from Around the World. Feature Account by @RYUFFI Official LINE @qsr8942a

Here is another one of my favourite photographs I took during my trip to Japan. All I wanted was the cool sunset behind the temple and an empty street. At first I was annoyed this woman walked into my frame, but coming home and editing the photos I realised how a simple person in the frame could change the entire photo. Looking back at this shot, it would be a completely different vibe to the photo without that woman in it. This is the shot that drew me and transitioned me from architecture to street photography. #streetsharedteam
This is a photograph I took last summer in Osaka, Japan. I came across this unique escalator on my way up an observatory building, with a platform on top that offered a complete view of the city. Turned out the best photo I got that day wasn't even from the top of the building! It's funny how sometimes the unexpected photos are the better ones. #streetsharedtakeover
Hello, my name is Hansae (@hansaelee ) and photography is my passion. I am 16 years old and since I got my first mirrorless camera about two years ago, I have been addicted to documenting as much as I can. Out of the thousands of photographs I've taken, this here is one of my favourite shots of all time. This was taken during my recent trip to Hokkaido, Japan. What drew me to this scene was the distinctive divide in color temperature, everything from the lighting to the hanging food to the plastic bags, and of course the man in the middle of it all, perfectly dividing the two sides. There are moments like this where it seems as if everything lines up perfectly, however most of the time these moments go unnoticed. Photography to me is having the sense and skill to capture these moments. #streetsharedtakeover
She got style I love to integrate people into other types of street shots. This was taken in Hong Kong. My friend helped me with this one. I want to show how in life things get so busy, but if to take a moment and slow things down you can see the beauty in the simplest of things. Don’t get caught up in busy life. It’s too short to let it fly you by. #streetsharedtakeover
Courier New York is one of my favourite places in the world to shoot. Always in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Always something happening. Here a courier is rushing to meet his delivery deadlines. On a cold winters morning he cycles through the city steam like a man on a mission. #streetsharedtakeover
Hi, my name is Gary @garycphoto. I am from Ireland but live in Toronto, Canada. I am a creative photographer always pushing myself to improve and try new things. To be inspired by the many talented photographers out there and to hopefully inspire others too. I have been taking pictures for about 7 years now and love that you're never done learning. There's always something new to try and achieve. Photography is my happy place, my meditation, my personal time. I am whole when I shoot. The world is an amazing place, so get out there, get shooting. Try and maybe fail and try again. Keep trying, you'll get it, it will happen! . Keeping it clean... I love shooting at nighttime, especially on snowy nights. A vendor in Toronto makes sure his sidewalks are clean for not just the safety of his customers, but because he is a kind, considerate person. Doing what he can to make an honest living he gives back by doing something so simple as to sweep a sidewalk. Something we should all try to do. If you we all swept a little piece each, the world would be a much better/cleaner place. #streetsharedtakeover
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