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Of course I had to visit the cathedral of Cologne! Did you know that the cathedral took 632 years of building to complete? They started in 1248 and it was initiated in 1880! Fun fact: The cathedral was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list of culturally important sites in 1996.
Are you afraid of heights? 😅 I know I am. But that didn’t stop me from taking this picture. On top of a 28 floor building you find this amazing panoramic view of Cologne! I just had to get up there and take a picture 😂
Getting those Christmas vibes at the market at the cathedral in Cologne 🎄 There was an insane amount of people and that’s not really my thing so I just went for a quick stroll and some hot chocolate and then I moved on to other adventures 🥰
Cologne, you had me at hello! ♡ I’ve been to Germany many times before but never here and I must say that I’m impressed. I mean look at this view! Tomorrow I will start my trip for real as I had to get some school work done today. How has your day been?
And the tree is finally up! I don’t have a Christmas tree in my tiny apartment so it’s always fun to come home to the family and help them with theirs. And it’s the perfect way to get in to Christmas spirit! Tomorrow I’m off to Cologne to visit their Christmas market and hopefully to get even more in to the spirit. Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?🎄Swipe to see the final result of your tree.
Last night I arrived in Gothenburg again! I met up with @thatswedishtraveller straight away and headed to Vi Viet for some delicious Vietnamese food 😍 It was so good! And I really recommend checking Vi Viet out if you’re in Gothenburg 👏🏻
I’m going to Germany! 🇩🇪 I found flight tickets for $30 round-trip to Cologne in Germany so I couldn’t help myself and booked straight away 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m going in the middle of December and I’m so excited to visit a Christmas market 😍🎄 Have you been to Cologne? 🇩🇪
I’ve been a bit absent here on Instagram lately. But now I’m well rested and back in the game! Currently I’m back home with my family and I’m staying for another week. Today me and my mother went for a lovely walk in the forest and I brought a basket. And brought half the forest home with me 😂🍂 How has your day been?
My days are flying by and all of a sudden I realise that I haven’t opened Instagram in days. I’m having a lot on my mind these days. My bachelors thesis, exams, trying to find a new apartment in another city, illness within the family and still working at my day job. I’m very sorry for not posting as much right now but you know life is ups and downs. Right now I’m just trying to get by and enjoy autumn as much as possible. I will always be honest with you guys and right now it’s just a bit to much. In case no one has asked you in a while - how are you? ❤️
Guys! Last night me and a friend FINALLY booked flights to Canada!!! So in April we are heading to Edmonton, AB. Have you ever been to Canada? Do you have any recommendations? We want to make the most of our stay since we are staying for 11 days! 😍🇨🇦👏🏻
One of my favourite places to go to when I’m home. Talking about being home. I feel like I’ve been home for too long now and I’m desperate to get away. I have a few spare weeks now as I’m writing my bachelors thesis. And I’m thinking about traveling somewhere just to get out of my apartment. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go? I need some inspiration 😉✈️🌴
My favourite season is finally here! 🍂 I just had to go out today and take a walk in the forest since it was such nice weather. How has your weekend been so far? 🍁☀️
Today there was an international street food market in my hometown so of course we had to go! 🤤 We started off with some Hungarian langos and ended with some Belgian waffles 😍 So nice to go out in the middle of the week for a little (delicious) adventure 👏🏻
Fall has really started here in Sweden now and I truly miss summer. This summer was such a good one for me. I got to go to Greece, twice, and spent so much time with my friends and family. . . How was your summer? What was your highlights? ☀️
The sunset tonight was absolutely beautiful 🌞 Can’t believe that this is only a short walk from my apartment. How has your day been? 🔥
Another one from Glyptoteket in Copenhagen. Such a cool place if you’re in to art 🖼 love the glass ceiling that is in this building! Do you often visit museums when you travel?
This week I met up with @lisabelinda in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 We have been friends pretty much all of my life and it was nice to finally catch up again. We went for a lovely lunch and then some vegan ice cream at @nicecreamcopenhagen 🤤 Today is also Belinda’s birthday so you should head over to her page and wish her a happy birthday 🎂❤️
Yesterday me and a friend went for a small hike and encountered these lovely deers. It’s so incredible to be able to be so close to wild animals. . . Yesterday me and @sandratraveltheworld also decided to go camping and we probably had one of our worst camping trips so far 😂 All of a sudden a full blown storm appeared and it was raining IN TO the tent ⛺️ and when we woke up the tent had basically been lifted from the ground 😂 But we had a fun time! And that’s what’s most important ❤️
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