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ECO DETOX: KITCHEN // Biodegradable dish scrubbing pads made out of walnuts and more eco cleaning alternatives for your kitchen now on the blog {{ Link in bio bbs }} And, yes. I actually do still wash dishes by hand 🤚 Anyone else old school like me? #stylemesustainablehome
Daydreaming about the day when all of our clothes can go right back into the earth without harming our planet, it’s resources, and all the beautiful beings living off of/on it. .. Luckily, @theverygoodbra is one brand that’s working hard to make sure that dream becomes a reality. It’s the worlds first zero-waste lingerie line that’s woman-run, comes in 24 sizes, and will break down in nature leaving no toxicity. .. No wires, no waste. This is a bra to celebrate. Made from Tencel fiber from sustainably farmed Eucalyptus trees, it requires just a fraction of the amount of water cotton needs to grow and process. The organic rubber elastic in the bra is also all-natural and sourced from rubber trees. .. There is 59 hours left to back their project on Kickstarter (you can find the link in my bio) — if you pledge now you will also get your own zero-waste The Very Good Bra + undies set! The more we support sustainable brands and contribute to their success, the more likely other brands will follow suit. Let’s demand more zero waste, zero toxin, sustainably made fashion ✌🏽 . . . 📷: @zoeburchard
ITS OKAY to slow down and take the scenic route in life. Even if our fast-paced, corporate-run, social media/tech-driven society tells us otherwise. Be thoughtful. Be mindful. Choose quality over quantity. But in the end, you have to decide what works best for you (and, of course, the planet that we all share) 🌸 #obligatoryflowerpic #theartofslowliving
What kick-starts your morning? Coffee? Lemon Water? Music? Yoga? Inspirational Podcasts? I’ve been looking for more morning motivation recently. Share the things that help you below and maybe we can help motivate each other! ❁ . . . 📷: @victoriajill
I’ve been really into Copper lately - anyone else? 🧡 This reusable hammered copper water bottle is one of my favorite (and probably prettiest) #zerowaste things that I own, and it’s one of the many eco items you can find on a site I just discovered called @wearewonderfulthings 🙌🏽 I love that there are so many new “one stop shops” popping up for sustainable + ethical goods, don’t you? Wonderful Things has a beautifully curated collection of almost everything you’d need for your home and lifestyle 🍂 You can see a few of my favorite ECO things from @wearewonderfulthings by following the new link in my bio 👆🏽 . . . #stylemesustainablehome #wonderfulthings #sustainablehome
Happy Earth Day! 🌏 — Making sustainable fashion choices and buying better is super important to me, and I get really excited when I find a new brand that is stylish, sustainably-made AND gives back to an earth-friendly initiative. That’s exactly what designed by @danielvosovic is, and today through 4/30, 20% of sales from will go to @cooleffect_ , a non-profit that helps reduce carbon emissions and offset your footprint 👣 . Check out their beautiful collection and use the code COOLEFFECT to save 10% if you decide you want to bring something home 🌿 #stylemesustainable #earthday #buybetter . . 📷: @zoeburchard
I love layering my mindfully-made, recycled metal birthstone necklace from @puckwanderlust with other dainty eco pieces. My birthday month is February so, of course, I’m wearing the amethyst charm! . Mining of precious metals has increased dramatically in the past few decades to meet demand. This often results in severe environmental damage and human health consequences as well as depletion of valuable mineral resources. . Choosing recycled metal jewelry is a great way to accessorize responsibly. I also love the birthstone charm because it’s special to me, making it something I’ll treasure and wear often. Do you know what your birthstone is? Let me know your birthday/birthstone below! (Does anyone have a birthday today??) ⭐️ #earthday #recycledjewelry #responsiblysourced . . 📷: @zoeburchard
EVERYDAY SHOULD BE EARTH DAY 🌏 . “Official” Earth Day is Sunday but we can all celebrate 365 days out of the year by committing to doing little eco-actions daily (or at least as often as we can). . Having a fully sustainable wardrobe may seem like a huge undertaking, but it’s SO easy (and cheap!) when you choose to shop second-hand ♻️ This blush trench, floral corset, light skinny jeans, and basket bag were all thrifted! . My mules are from @shoesofprey and aren’t made until you design and order them, ensuring no overstock — which usually gets resold through a 3rd party distributor, donated to a corporate thrift store, or dumped in the landfill 👎🏽 . What small “eco-actions” have you taken recently that you’re proud of? (ANY little thing helps!) #stylemesustainable #earthday . 📷: @bluehourphotography
What’s in my {ORGANIC} makeup bag? Find out what my daily essentials are for a natural, minimal look - now on the blog! ✨ Plus, there’s a discount code for one of my favorites 🙌 You know where that link is 😘 . . . #stylemesustainablebeauty #ontheblog #organicbeauty
Happy Monday 🌸 Who here loves Monday’s and who hates them? Even if you’re not a fan of the day, make it the best day possible and share your enthusiasm ✨ Put on your best shoes, take baby steps towards your goals daily, and kick-🍑 this week! #shoesofprey
My sweater tore, I wore it anyway 💕 More pieces being added to my Depop today - ✓ the link! 💗 Happy Friday, everyone 😊 #stylemesustainable . 📷: @rachelvclements
PEEK-A-MEW! 😻 I finally got my @shoesofprey mules in the mail and Quincy jumped into the product shot right when I unwrapped them, lol. I think she was excited about them, too 💝 So...I designed these shoes! I’ve never done it before but @shoesofprey ’s online custom-designing tool makes it so fun and easy. I lined the white vegan shoe with pink velvet and made the blocked heel an apricot color -- I’m so proud of my one-of-a-kind shoes! ✨ Having shoes made after you order it ensures no overstock and minimizes the use of materials and resources. 🌱 You can be a fashion designer and create your own shoe, too! Follow the link in my bio to play around with hundreds of different potential styles, colors, and materials. If you decide you’ve got to have the shoe you made, you can use the code STYLEMESUSTAINABLE for a free custom inscription (get a closer look at mine in the stories!) 👆🏽 What would your perfect shoe look like? I would love to see some of your unique designs - send me screenshots if you do it! ...Next time, I’m making KITTEN heels! (Haha! ...Ok, I’ll stop.) // #shoesofprey x #stylemesustainable
When you go home to LA to get a break from the Seattle gloom...but you end up bringing the weather with you 😂☁️ #cestlavie
I don’t always go #fullface - but when I do, it’s with natural + cruelty-free beauty products 💕 It was fun testing out @burtsbees new makeup line last week! If you missed it in my stories, I’ll do a quick recap of the collection today 💚 I tried matching my eyeshadow (I actually used some of the pink powder blush over the shadow) with my lips and vintage power suit to get a monochromatic look — how did I do, all my makeup pros? . . . #stylemesustainablebeauty #iamnotsynthetic #burtsbees
Stylish eyewear to an outfit is like the cherry to your sundae 🍒 It’s not always necessary, but sometimes it’s the final detail that makes something THAT much better. - Since the sun has been popping out more frequently (can I get a ‘hell yeah!’?), I’ve listed a few of my favorite sustainable + ethical sunglass brands that will protect your eyes but also keep your personal style 💯 - Check it out on the blog (link in bio) ladies...and gents! Yeah this one goes out to you, too, fella’s 😘 If anyone wants, tag all your male friends in the comments below to hint that more men should style themselves sustainably. 😜 Also, does anyone know any male eco activists and/or sustainable fashion bloggers? I’d love to hear of some! - {📸: @rachelvclements } #stylemesustainable #ontheblog
Who’s ready for SPRING and looking forward to ditching the layers? 🙋🏻‍♀️ This month on my @depop I’m giving back 10% to @wwf 🐼 Follow the link in my bio for patterned pants, light sweaters, and all things #spring2018 added throughout the month ✨ 📷: @rachelvclements // #smsdepopshop #stylemesustainable #springtrends
NEVER STOP LEARNING ✧ That’s one of my (many) mantra’s. Whether you’re a beginner or pro at whatever field you’re in, there’s always more information out there to wrap your brain around. . Today, on the blog, I’ve rounded up 5 sustainable fashion books that are both fun and informative. ✨ What are some of your favorite reads? ✨
Having briefly worked with girls (some as young as 7) in Cambodia who had been rescued from the sex trafficking trade, I deeply appreciated @sudaragoods efforts towards empowering the women in India who had suffered similar fates. No matter what section of the world you live in, life after trafficking can still be confusing and difficult, even when you’re “free.” . @sudaragoods helps India’s survivors live in freedom from human trafficking through living-wage employment and skills training. They make super cute and comfy loungewear that you can wear to bed, around the house, or even outside (wearing pjs during the day is the bessst, right!?). . I love that these floral “Ela” slouch pants and matching robe from @sudaragoods can be worked both into your fall/winter (with base layers) or spring/summer wardrobe. If you’re looking for fun, printed loungewear, joggers, robes and much more, use your purchasing power to support an important initiative like Sudaras that gives women hope. 🌸 #madefromhopemadefromlove #sudaragoods #stylemesustainable 📷: @kali_legg
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