colorful design + inspirational quotes for the visually passionate and emotionally confused for inquiries By @tessaforrest

Still playing around with the @AdobeSpark Post app. #AdobePartner If you guys get emo in the winter like I do, take it upon yourself to design one of your favorite quotes or sayings with the app to share your feelings. You'd be surprised to see who relates. Talk it out and share the love!!! xo
“Never forget that life is a blessing. A rare opportunity. When the illusion seems real, look up at the sun and remember who you are. Remember what it is within you. And in this, be joyful.” Robert Holden
Robert Holden
Andy Warhol!
#AdobePartner // I love that a lot of you guys send me requests for quotes to design. But as corny as it sounds, I can only make a post if it’s from the heart and a quote I’m really relating to at the moment. Unfortunately that means I usually can’t fulfill your requests. Lucky for you, @AdobeSpark let's you design really cool and customizable text posts. I clearly love expressing myself through my designs, now you can too 🎨 Check out my stories to create something personal for you too!
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