Mr. شیخ

°Stubborn & Adamant💢💢 °Blunt & Broken⚡⚡ °Rebellious😈😈 °Happy being Me✌✌ °Perfectly Imperfect👌👌 °King of 22 Jan 🎉🎉

Belive in ur self 😎
Many friends come & go in ur life but always remember who is stay & stand for u in hard time.
People tell me I am change I recently update my version 😎
Let's the dog 🐶 bark The lion is still the king 😎
Allah jis se khush hota hai use beti (daughter) ataa krta hai 😍😘😍😘
I was born to make mistakes, Not to fake perfection.
Fuck the system Create ur own path 😎
I know I changed that was the turning point 😎
From here to here Allhumdulliah for everything Specially thanks to my mom 😊😚
#Tiger Sherof 😎😎
Dreamliner 787
Boeing 787 Dreamliner 🛫🛫🛫😍😍😍
Pic wid D sir
Traditional day @ the airport 😎
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