sunaina armaanian

Onwards and upwards no looking back True armaanian My idol my inspiration my love my life is Armaan

New song #jabsemeradil by @armaanmalik22 just touched my heart This song is something that made me feel so so happy for no reason
Purest person at the purest place @armaanmalik22 #goldentemple #amritsar
The moon of my life Actually not only moon my whole sky @armaanmalik22
Feeling music is the best feeling ever @armaanmalik22
Talk to me eye to eye 👀 @armaanmalik22
That's how my world looks like @armaanmalik22 #armaanian #armaanmalik
Three years of #mainrahoonyanarahoon the song that always give me unreasonable smile The song that taught me what music is @armaanmalik22 @amaal_mallik
If love would be a human it would look like @armaanmalik22
Seeing you smile makes me smile @armaanmalik22
Nothing feels better than living your childhood dreams @armaanmalik22
Cuteness + love + purest soul + soulful music + charming personality + wonderful voice = @armaanmalik22
Big big congratulations dear newly married couple May you have all the happiness of the world
Cutest picture I've ever seen @armaanmalik22 slaying 👌👌
No one can stop you @armaanmalik22 Not even three red lights
Happy Diwali to all of you May you all have a blessed and safe Diwali
If love would be a human it would look like @armaanmalik22 Even I don't know how much I love you
Our Diwali gift is coming @armaanmalik22 super excited for this
Who says there are seven wonders in this world The eighth one is @armaanmalik22
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