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Who needs elderberry elixir?! Just finished off a batch, so I'm opening up another order for you guys! 8oz jars for $15 and 16oz jars for $25, local pick ups on Sunday or shipping available for $10💜 Elderberry benefits: 💜Boosts immune system 💜Improves respiratory health 💜Eliminates excess cholesterol 💜Improves GI function 💜Promotes bone strength Packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients! This stuff is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal, so the cold or flu doesn't stand a chance💜 #elderberry #homemade #organic #organicelderberry #preventativehealth #healthyliving #immunehealth
Let's get this Thursday party started💪🏼💚💖 #pump #livegreendrinkpink #healthyliving #gymlife #fitchicks #strength #betterhealth
Little lizard catcher🦎 Boy just cant help himself these days. Hes trying to catch (and keep) everything that moves😅 We are working hard at remembering that animals like to stay in their natural habitats, not in a jar at our house (I always ask O if he'd like to live in a jar. Most of the time he says no😜) #momlife #boymom #unschooling #freerangekids #lizardking #garden #getoutside #floridalife #homeschool #staugustine
This #wildchild had a blast at @wildchildkidsyoga and made this cool bracelet that's he's informed me he is never taking off😆 I love his enthusiasm and strong will💚 @true.north.fitflow kicked my ass again with some HIIT. Thought I'd be better off this week since I was actually dressed for success, lol, but nope. I was still a hot mess. But hey, I made it happen. And now we are enjoying a nice relaxing bath before we catch some ZZZZs😴 #momlife #boymom #freerangeparenting #unschooling #yogamini #kidsyoga #wildchildyoga #fitfam #healthyliving #mindbodysoul #floridalife
We've been busy little bees today! Gym this morning, business meeting right after, dropped off a few jars of elixir, stopped to see daddy for lunch, home to bottle up and ship out some jars, post office, back home to brew up another batch, and somewhere in there we learned about cicadas and dragonflies💙 Time to figure out dinner🍽 #makersgonnamake #elderberryelixir #elderberry #immuneboost #immunehealth #healthyliving #herbalmedicine #mondayvibes #busybees #momlife #entrepreneur
Bedtime vibes are coming early tonight! It's been a long day, I am so ready for some chill time and this EO combo is the perfect pair to get the relaxation going from the outside while this body balancing trio works its magic on the inside✨ No more late night insomnia sessions for this chick😜 #teamsleep #holistichealth #insomnia #essentialoils #guthealth #detox #sleep #balance #dreamteam #bedtime #chillvibes #saltlamp #succulent #healthyliving
Flu season. A term we've all come to know and accept as truth. Well friends, there is ZERO factual standing supporting a "flu season". Flu viruses are always present, summer, fall, winter, and spring. The reality is a "flu season" has been created, most likely initially out of thin air, but eventually it's the very interventions pushed to prevent the flu that are spreading it. Everyone rushes in to get their flu shots and simultaneously the flu starts breaking out. Let's talk for a minute about this years Flu Mist vaccine, an intranasal vaccine that sheds for up to 28 days according to the manufacturer. Shedding is a term used to describe the transmission of live viruses from vaccine recipient to others through airborne and droplet exposures. The idea of shedding often overshadows the fact that any virus injected into some can infect them, not JUST live virus vaccines, like Flu Mist. Understanding the true nature of viruses and that the actual state of a virus is active vs dormant, not live vs killed, will give you a better understanding of why it's not just live virus vaccines that can infect the recipient (and in turn others). Guess what a dormant virus needs to become active? Taking it back to middle school biology here, something most people seem to have put in the memory bank and totally forgotten. A dormant virus simply needs a suitable host and environment to become active. You. It needs you, and a weakened immune system definitely doesn't hurt, which you'll be sure to have after the hit it's taken from the toxic garbage packed into your flu vaccine, bypassing the Th1 immune response, and exposing yourself to unnecessary pathogens. So what do I recommend for "flu season"? Simple. I recommend the same thing I recommend for every day preventative health, a quality BIOAVAILABLE multivitamin, plus a little elderberry elixir for an extra immune boost to ward off all the extra viruses floating around thanks to the lovely vaccine campaigns this time of year. No, this option won't get you a $10 Publix gift card, but you also won't risk Guillain-barré, encephalopathy, or seizures🤷🏼‍♀️ #informedconsent #nursesagainstvaccination #educatebeforeyouvaccinate #immun
Took a little cruise to the jazz fest🎹🎷🎶 Good tunes, good vibes, now home for some dinner🍴 #momlife #beachlife #weekendvibes #music #boymom
Just a little reminder not to let the actions (or inactions) of others dictate your character. Be true to yourself, don't waiver in your convictions because of someone else's lack of them💜 #integrity #karma #character #truth
Warmup flow for some splits #FlowsomeFriday with my sweet friend Mansi @thecrownchakra 💜☀️
Getting funky, as usually, for #FunkyHeadstandFriday with @jennyg2bfit and @duchess_of_plur 💜💚 Anybody wanna have some fun with me @haley_b7910 @karey.evans @jmkmuse ?
Focusing on my throat and heart chakras today 🐠 #fishpose is the perfect pose for balancing both the #throatchakra 💙 and #heartchakra 💚 #fishposefriday #balance #stretch #ground #breathe #decompress #calm #yogalife #yogaeverydamnday #getoutside
Health & Happiness is the name if the game! It's what we work for every day, striving to be better, striving to do better, and striving to spread this wellness way with as many people as we can💖 #livegreedrinkpink #cantstopwontstop #guthealth #preventativehealth #holistic #healthandhappiness #wellnesswarriors #nurselife #naturalenergy
There arent many things I'll cut my IF short for, but THIS is one of them😍🤩🤗 If you haven't been to @vitalitybowls yet, you're missing out! Ryan and I enjoyed some super yummy, nutritious breakfast after we dropped O off in the forest. I danced and mmmmm'd the entire time I ate this gorgeous bowl of blessings🐉💜🍓🥝🐝🥥🍈☀️ And it didnt hurt that it matched my favorite comfy leggings from @threadedlotus 🌸 #dragonbowl #allthefruits #eatrealfood #breakfast #eattherainbow #healthandhappiness
Sometimes you gotta remind yourself what you've accomplished (and remind others who sometimes assume that I woke up fit and flexible overnight). Prioritizing my health has impacted every single aspect of my life. Stop waiting for tomorrow, for a reason, for someone else to motivate you (which wont happen, btw)! You've got to make a decision, commit, and be your own motivation! At 31 I am healthier and feel better than I ever have, I honestly feel like I'm aging backwards (and so do most of my Plexus friends) I have energy to do all the things, I am stronger, recover faster, and just plain feel good! And the transformation isnt just physical, my mindset has totally shifted, the personal development that has come from prioritizing my health and happiness is insane! My point of this post is not to brag about my accomplishments (though I am high fiving myself bc #selflove ) but really I'm sharing this in hopes that someone will realize that they can do this too, that they can change their life, change how they feel, that little steps in the right direction add up to an incredible journey of self discovery and well being. YOU matter, your health matters, your happiness matters. It's not selfish to make your health a priority, it's not selfish to take some time and energy and focus on YOU. #selfcare #flashbackfriday #progressnotperfection #healthandhappiness #youreworthit #betheshift #livegreendrinkpink #guthealth
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