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Australian 🇦🇺 🦘 Join me at @fuelfest 🔥

First time evaaaa😱... I’ve never seen this CLK GTR Roadster and I got to see TWO on the same night. Check them out now on my YouTube- it’s LIVE 🎦! 🕺👊 | #clkgtrroadster #clkgtr #mercedes #hypercars #gt1
I decided to change my Lucy design, cuz eggs 🥚 are way more popular than flowers 🌸🤷‍♀️. Do you agree? #Eggcellent #Eggborghini ! #Eggborghini #lucytheeggbo #worldrecordegg
Lucy and Supercar Blondie out on the town...🦋! Let’s go Lucy🌸! Thanks for this epic shot 👉 @pepperyandell | #Lucythelambo #lamborghini #huracan #cardipuae #carbonovdesign #supercars
Don’t miss this year’s coolest Car & Music Fest @fuelfest 👊with @codybwalker. I’ll be flying to LA for it and I look forward to seeing you there! There’ll be music, drinks, food and lots and LOTS of cars!! Everything from Supercars, JDM, mods, one-offs, Fast & Furious cars and more 🤩 | 10-3pm 2nd March at Angels Stadium, Anaheim. Buy your tickets now. Link is in my bio 🕺#fuelfest2019
Lucy’s new look inside and out! 💙🖤Your thoughts now you’ve seen her in more detail?? | Massive thanks to @cardip_uae for ALL the changes; paint, seatbelts, stitching, and carbon fiber touches. Also to my incredible designer @carbonov_design | #LucyTheLambo #Lamborghini #peelablepaint #Supercars
This is Lucy!! 🖤💙 She’s been hand painted for 3 weeks to achieve this incredible look. What do you think?? 😍 #LucyTheLambo | HUGE thanks to @cardip_uae for making her come alive and @carbonov_design for my design dreams!! Hit them up for your car 👈 📸 by @pepperyandell | This is peelable paint that is hand drawn on and can be peeled off any time. It can be handled and treated like factory paint. Check out my new YouTube Vid on all details!
Leaving my mark on the Apollo IE 😱🤣 | Disclaimer: Don’t step on a $3 million car without prior approval 🤓 @apollo_automobil | #ApolloIE #Hypercars #V12 #Dubai
I usually don’t post accidents but this I have never seen before 😱😆 it’s almost artistic 🇫🇷 🤷‍♀️😆| . #porsche #porschecupracing #porsche911
What do you think makes it shine like that?? 🤔🤔 Bugatti made this paint especially for the owner and named it after him 😱 *******More on my YouTube shortly..🇯🇵😱💙 | #chiron #bugatti #tokyo
Pink Lamborghini- thoughts? 😈💞 Badass female owner @mikitty_leroy 🍠 🍠 | # #SweetPotato #AventadorSV #Tokyo
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