SuperSpeed Slugger

The weighted training bats used by the Pros!! The FASTEST way to increase your Bat Speed & Exit Velocity 👇Get yours today!

Great user video from Tommy at @trainatprime showing how their athletes get after it with SuperSpeed Slugger - These high intent reps remind me of pitchers performing their high intent pull down throws into a net
Anyone who has played collegiate baseball should know exactly how scary this 6:30am feeling is 😖
The new standard for speed gains #superspeed
Great video from @coach_coxy who has her athletes swinging @superspeedslugger and she calls this “Building The Engine” - Love it!!! #superspeed #deathtodonuts #softball
Looks like @superspeedgolf made its way onto @foreplaypod thanks to long drive pro @raymonizerlongdrive swinging out of his shoes - Ray DEFINITELY got the memo that SuperSpeed swings should be max effort ⚡️⚡️⚡️
We had an awesome time at the first ever @onbaseu seminar in Oceanside, CA - @MyTPI has such incredible facilities that are on par with the incredible minds they have compiled to create the OnBaseU certification
Shoutout to yet another CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) who is placing his athletes onto he SuperSpeed Slugger training protocols - We also see a lot of these S&C coaches getting creative with their implementation of SuperSpeed, with different exercises and uses during workouts (like @esposito_strength_club does often)
Looks like @DrivelineBaseball is getting after it with their SuperSpeed Slugger bat speed workouts - This is one of their hitting coaches @maxgordon04 performing a no-step load exercise with our green bat, using our bat speed radar, and grabbing other measurements with the #KVest
SuperSpeed Slugger making a cameo in Dr. Greg Rose presentation yesterday at @OnBaseU
Here’s a quick sneak peak into the first @OnBaseU learning seminar at @mytpi this week - Dr. Greg Rose is taking the participants through the common and uncommon issues that appear in a player’s swing - Many of these issues can be assessed through initial ROM screenings. But what percentage of baseball training facilities do you think know how to properly administer and analyze those quick tests?
Want to take your coaching to the next level? @onbaseu launches this week. This is going to change the game. How your body moves/functions has a direct correlation with how you swing the bat. SuperSpeed Slugger is excited to partner with this Certification program for 2019.
Has your offseason training moved indoors yet?? Holy Cross Baseball uses SuperSpeed Slugger for bat speed training indoors during the offseason - Find more ways to get better
@kcron24 of the Dbacks
Love seeing more & more training facilities and youth teams using SuperSpeed Slugger - If you aren’t training for speed in your swing then you are behind the 🎱
Which set have you used? @superspeedgolf or @superspeedslugger
Sheeeeesh Matt Antonelli from @antonellibaseball looks like he still got the bat speed that made him a 1st Round Draft Pick and former MLB player for the Padres
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