SuperSpeed Slugger

The weighted training bats used by the Pros!! The FASTEST way to increase your Bat Speed & Exit Velocity 👇Get yours today!

@OnBaseU has just kicked off in Orlando this morning and it didn’t take long for @MyTPI ’s Dr. Gregory Rose to grab a SuperSpeed Slugger bat and start working the room!! #mytpi #tpi #obu #onbaseu
Awesome video from Chicago Cubs hitting coach, Justin Stone, about MLB on-deck circle routines and what will actually make a player swing faster when he comes to the plate - How are you going to adapt your routine to prepare yourself the best?
Professional baseball coach and former professional player @thewillimartin has some great things to say about SuperSpeed Slugger - Whether you are using this on your own or with your team, these bats will take your game to the next level with : • Increased Bat Speed • Higher Average Exit Velocity • A more explosive swing
LEFTY or RIGHTY What do you guys think?? - This young slugger is getting his SuperSpeed training done in the garage, no excuses not to find a place to train! (Also a great way to develop switch hitters at a young age)
Kyle Seager of the @Mariners is getting after it with his offseason training with @jasonwlindsay and @superspeedslugger - 2014 MLB All Star still looking for new ways to increase bat speed & get better @mlb
Looks like @tuff__7 got his set in the mail, time for this little slugger to get after it with his SuperSpeed training
Know WHY you are using a hitting “aid” before you start using it - Donuts DO engage the muscles in your forearms, but they also DO slow down your bat speed
Eric Thames got his set of SuperSpeed Slugger during the 2018 season - Great video from @antonellibaseball of Eric talking about his hitting adjustments
MLB hitter Cody Decker (@antiherobaseball ) refeiving his set of SuperSpeed Slugger
We often see great videos of athletes pulling down big velocity #’s or pitching videos from Driveline, but this was great to see them getting after it with SuperSpeed Slugger
Athletes are always looking for new ways to get faster - We promote training for faster bat speed with SuperSpeed Slugger - Some athletes like SuperSpeed user & HS Prospect, Noah Bright, train for running speed as well
Here’s an awesome drill from Coach Antonelli of @antonellibaseball - Coach Antonelli is always looking for new drills and product to incorporate into his coaching - He has turned to SuperSpeed Slugger for bat speed development
SuperSpeed’s own Don Murray locked up the #3 most listened podcast episode for @therecruitingco in 2018 while talking about SuperSpeed Slugger & his own baseball career
Awesome video from @drivelinebaseball showing side-by-side comparison of the kinematic sequence of a pitcher and hitter - It highlights the peak rotational velocities of both athletes as they move through their swing/pitch pattern
Love seeing SuperSpeed Slugger softball & baseball users opening up their sets on Christmas!!! - Awesome present for dedicated athletes #SuperSpeed
Once you have your own set of SuperSpeed, we recommend this program to increase your speed - You will see immediate and long-term speed increases ⚡️
HO HO HOMER 🎅🏻 - Looks like the new SuperSpeed training protocols are paying off for @instaa_bob_ with this 452ft bomb on @hittraxcagebombs
A lot of teams have already added to their roster this offseason, who is your favorite to take home the championship next October?!
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