Sure-Shot Game Calls

Inventors of the Double AND Triple Reed. We are Waterfowl history! #masterthecommit #sureshot #yentzen #yentzencaller #takeemintheface #comeandtakeem

Happy Fathers Day!! Here are winners of our #sureshotdad contest. First is our Facebook winner Marlon Grantham and his dad. And our Instagram winner is @micahj.nguyen and his dad. Congrats to our winners!!
"I suppose it may seem like a strange sort of lullaby to some, but I have never heard sweeter music than the muffled report of duck guns on a distant marsh, and I know that others share my feeling." Burton Spiller, More Grouse Feathers, 1972 . . . . #sureshotgamecalls #yentzenone2 #yentzencaller #masterthecommit #comeandtakeem #duckcalls #waterfowlhunting #waterfowlhistory #duckhunting #duckblind #duckdog #birddog #mallards #pintails #teal #ducksunlimited #deltawaterfowl #madeintexas #duckseason #wingshooting #goose #specklebellygoose #specks #ourseasonneverends
Fathers Day giveaway time! Were going to give one lucky follower a Waterfowl pkg with a few surprises, which may include an Autographed call by Cowboy Fernandez! Heres how to enter: Follow @sureshot1959 and Comment or Post a new photo of your favorite Fathers hunting pic to Instagram and Include the hashtag #sureshotdad and tag @sureshot1959 in the caption Contest closes on June 10th at 9pm CST, and you can enter as many times as you like. Good luck!
Whats hanging from your rear view? @birdstrap
Fathers Day is right around the corner... why not get dear ole Dad a new Sure-Shot Game Call? Visit our website
A little rest after a successful morning in the blind...
Never too early for a Yentzen Classic !! Congrats on the new addition to the duck blind!! #Repost @soundgear_official 颯颯 Getting them involved early is key to the future of hunting, habitat and all things outdoors. Welcome to the family Easton Michael Kraemer! @lance_kraemer @sureshot1959 @kuiu_official @moltgearinc @pheasants_forever @quail_forever
Never gets old! #Repost @baileylubberdink 颯颯 Winter green heads.
@shanechesson on the call at the First Annual @marshfesttx #tlc
This nation will remain the Land of the Free only so long as it is the Home of the Brave. For all of those who paid the ultimate price we salute you 綾賅綾
Ready for sunshine and duck blinds 儭
Just like your favorite hat the Yentzen Classic wont let you down. @hatcherhunts_swamp_people
#tbt to November 1967 where a young Cowboy Fernandez poses with a tray of newly finished Yentzen Callers
To the avid waterfowler, no moment of truth can match the instant when a flock first responds to his call and decoys, the time when this wild, free bird of unsurpassed grace begins a descent from the sky down to gun range. It is a stirring spectacle, ~ Grits Gresham, The Complete Wildfowler, 1973
Focused on the sky...
Is it duck season yet?
Shoot or dont shoot? #shovelersunday
@hayden.h0lder shows his friends how to blow a duck call using our Yentzen ONE2.
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