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Trying not to be too London about this weather. Only 5 hump days until I’m back under the sun... will be getting my 🍑 handed to me on the regs at @360athletic until then. Game on • Cheeky gasser at @mymanorlondon YGIG 100 cal ski erg (1200 cal+ splits) 100 cal assault bike 100 cal rower (1500 cal+ splits) 100 KB goblet squats 20/12 100 KB swings 20/12 100 D ball slams 9/15 💦
“How are you doing?” “Fine”. I really am fine pretty much all the time, but sometimes I feel like I have to say that because 1) I want to avoid small talk in the lift or 2) I’m like every other woman and I’m actually angry at you or 3) I’m conditioned to say that because if things aren’t actually fine, I feel like I need to deal with it myself, it’s part of maturing. But there have been rare moments when I did just that and it felt like life was turning upside down. Like when I became my mum’s carer when I was 16, or even when work got a bit too much and I didn’t feel like I deserved to speak up. Who am I to complain, when there are worse things happening out there? That’s what we’re made to think, but we’re all better off asking for help and talking about it when we need it, because no problem is too small to talk about and no one needs to deal with shit on their own. Everyone will feel vulnerable and need support at some point in their life - that’s why I’ve chosen to dedicate my place in the London marathon to @mindcharity for their work in crushing the stigma around mental health and offering help and guidance for these times in life. • I owe my positive self to my incredible family and I have my friends and fitness to thank for making the strongass self that I am. I am there for them if they need me, I am equally there for you if you need me 👊🏼 #worldmentalhealthday
London Marathon 2019. It’s finally happening 🤗 Still shaking from the news, only took 4 ballots for this to happen... Incredibly excited and nervous at the same time - Paris Marathon feels like a lifetime ago, and I’ve only started running again this summer since I tore my rec fem in March but I’ve come back stronger than ever before. Between this and @turfgames... 2019’s going to be an eventful year 😉 (this is also an excuse for new activewear and trainers obviously... 🤗)
Jumped onto the train back to freezing London after a sweaty round 2 at @bootcampmidtown - merci beaucoup Manu! Hit him up if you’re looking to burn off late night crêpes 😉 Had such a beautiful weekend with my sister from another mister, I’m not ready to be back yet. Who knows, I might just find myself living in Paris again... À bientôt mon amour ❤️
Cocktails by the Seine last night, boxing in the 20eme today. Couldn’t not pay @emmaly.o ’s home turf a visit 😉 There’s no bullshit with @lehallboxing , they’re serious about skills and have created a great community. Now for nuit blanche with these girls ❤️
@bootcampmidtown told me to tell you to move your ass 😉 • Studio fitness wasn’t a thing/I was only in high school when I lived in Paris so of course I had to give Midtown a spin this weekend. In all honesty, we weren’t off to a great start as the trainer was 15 minutes late and when the class finally started we could barely hear him on the mic. Still had a good sweat though - the skillmill kills me every time. I’m ready for you @emmaly.o 😉
Running away from London again this weekend - this time back to Paris to see my beautiful @emmaly.o ❤️ Getting my 🍑 handed to me by @digmefitness @mymanorlondon this week, as I try to up my game on the skillmill and assault bike. I’m also itching to get my 1RM deadlift to 120kg (currently 115). Sorry not sorry for my many puddles of sweat 💦
Resetting life and goals this weekend. Fully recharged and ready to go 👊🏼
So it should’ve been @almhayes_fitness instead of the sign in this pic but someone liked her bed a bit too much eh 😂 Went to the newest addition to the @f45_oxfordcircus schedule, Brixton, and kicked the shit out of the pads this morning. Talk about being zen after a beach holiday... Thank you @enticecommunications 🙏🏻 So excited for @f45_training_batterseapark to open and get back into my life again 😌
Back in time for national fitness day - can’t wait to get back into the thick of it 👊🏼 My hilly runs in Mykonos got me wanting more hill running, especially in this lovely autumnal weather - any recos for London? Wearing @fableticseu Winn sports bra #MyFabletics #fableticspartner
Five days in Mykonos, a few shades darker, mind and body fully recharged. Thank you @foodfitnessflora @maikenf for the great company ❤️ Back to the hustle tomorrow 👊🏼
Having the best farm to table dinner at @farma_mykonos on our last night ☺️ Beautiful view, mouthwatering food, the best hostess and company ❤️
Excuse my resting beach face 😅
Another beautiful day, another hilly run. Much steeper hill today but still done it 🏃🏻‍♀️from 4:52 to 5:30 for the steepest stretch. Hand me the ice cream🍦
Hide and seek 🤗
What goes down must come up 😅 An easy 3.5k downhill meant a long 4.5k continuous steep run back up. Not complaining when you’re running to sea breeze and a beautiful view of the shoreline though 😌 Thank you @fabletics for the super soft sports bra!
Not quite ready to put my coat on yet 🤗 Having the best time at @cavotagoomykonos with @foodfitnessflora and @maikenf ☀️
I ran to @360athletic yesterday and needless to say my legs did not like @tara_360athletic ’s AMRAPs... so this morning I got an Uber 😂 Some mid-afternoon preworkout from the US (read: Reece’s pieces and babyruths) got me going at @sweatitlondon tonight too - it’s been a while! • 90 sec per station x3 rounds Broad jumps Assault bike Push presses Box jump burpees Commando plank • 10-1 KB swings 10-1 D ball slams
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