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Back to where it all started @un1t_london. There’s nothing like it ❤️💀 The @esquaredfitness_uk challenge also kicked off with this morning’s @mymanorlondon Capacity with @johntrancoaching... may the most workouts win 😈 #esquaredchallenge
Big one tonight. Big one this week. Calibrating effort levels at Threshold tonight, hit 24kph on the skillmill and 1546 cals on the ski erg on max effort. Thought I was going to fly off the skillmill 💀 That felt good. Why can’t I bloody work the assault bike though 😭 #mondaymotivation
#tbt when my upper body strength came into some interesting use at @whistlepunks 😉 tonight’s upper body, conditioning and run home were just what I needed after a tricky day at work - hit some solid splits on my run too! 4:45-4:53. Friday can’t come any sooner 🙏🏻
Blood, sweat but no tears. Loved every single hill sprint despite these horrible blisters on my feet. Loved every single rep with this legend @almhayes_fitness. I’ve been training solo a lot lately so it was great to be back with this lot 💪🏼
It was proper yard tonight. Tyre hill runs b2b 100 D ball squats / 100 DB clean and press / 100 CTF burpees / tyre flips. Run up 14 flights of stairs for this stunner. Face full of dirt but smashed it with my 🚀 @almhayes_fitness 👊🏼
Water never tasted so sweet after a double whammy in this heat - Hollywood was reminiscent of the playoffs at @f45_fulham and @mymanorlondon Yard Work had all the hill sprints + pyramids 🔥 Also popped round to @un1t_london ’s 70k row, inspired me to look for a new performance challenge. Any ideas?
Cheeky Monday off for some me time at the gym and to chill out by the pool with @beckyhelpsy... not quite the beautiful Atlantic Ocean but it’ll do 😌 Hands are battered from this morning’s filthy fifty as requested by @almhayes_fitness (50 box jumps, 50 burpees, 50 TTB, 50 pull ups, 50 KB swings, 50 push presses, 50 wall balls... you get the gist. Threw a few rope climbs in too) and @bfit.sc ’s finisher (15 sec on 15 sec off - first to 75 cal) on the ski erg 🚑
First ever playoffs done! Narrowly missed out on the finals but pleased to compete against the likes of @caitlin_dimbleby @f45training_jane and many others anyway. A good benchmark and looking forward to upping my score even more 👊🏼 Thanks for a great day champs @kingcobrachris @ananyaearsu @transform_ldn @jodinsta 🏆
Hands up if you think it’s coming home 🙌🏼 Come on England! (📷 @lunch_and_lycra )
That time when @misslfitt_ and I died a little in @lukebaden ’s WOD. We died a little trying to punch each other at @12x3gym tonight. Strong women init 👊🏼 (📷 @thirdspacelondon )
Head down for a big week ahead. More @mymanorlondon. More @f45_fulham. @f45_training playoffs. But more importantly... ENG vs COL 👊🏼
Feeling a bit snoozy in this heat, getting myself to @f45_fulham was a struggle this evening. If only I had last week’s WOD partner/#wcw @lunch_and_lycra with me... • 1,200m row/run warm up • 400m row/run - 30 wall balls (9kg) - 30 box jumps (20”) - 30 shoulder taps 300m row/run - 30 KB swings (20/12kg) 200m row/run - 30 KB swings 100m row/run - 30 wall balls - 30 box jumps - 30 shoulder taps • 400m row/run - 15 alt. KB row (16/12kg) - 15 box jump burpees you go I go (20”) 300m row/run - 15 KB squat high pull (16/12kg) 200m row/run - 15 KB squat high pull 100m row/run - 15 alt. KB row - 15 box jump burpees you go I go • 8 min EMOM 10/5 cal ski erg - plank for remainder of minute • Monkeying around on the frame and a big ol stretch to finish 💦
A different kind of #transformationtuesday . Since I caught the bug a few years back, my body has gone through a fair bit of change. The first time I noticed real change was when I did my first #f45challenge last year (middle), but the truth is l yoyoed a fair bit after that. I changed jobs, back to a career I love but that was incredibly demanding. Stress began to creep up on me. I just kept pushing on mentally and physically by training. My way of coping with it was through eating. When it all got a bit much at the beginning of the year, I decided to take proper care of myself. Giving myself time off, training differently, reevaluating my relationship with food. I decided to do the challenge again as my way to regain control and become more resilient to work stress (second pic - even managed a decent tan 😂). While some see it as a quick fix, I see it as my rock and more than just a challenge. Sure I wasn’t sticking to it to a t but I used the community and framework to reestablish a healthy relationship with food, doing it on my own terms. Far more than an obsessive numbers game. But above all training was always my constant, building my mental and physical strength, and this is not small, quick or temporary. Just ask my strong girls @beckyhelpsy @misslfitt_ at @mymanorlondon Yard Work tonight 😉
Sweatlife III - bigger, better, sweatier 💦 7 classes and a rowing challenge later, I’m ready for a lie down and chill the f*ck out in the sun. Had the best company, thank you @un1t_london @mymanorlondon @thirdspacelondon @foundryfit @rowingwod @emilyclarehill @leo.cosendai for a fantastic time, and the miracle that was @danielgalvinldn for the braids that lasted through all that sweat 👊🏼 Big rest day tomorrow!
Happy international yoga day 🧘🏻‍♀️ I don’t want to sound like a wanker but this year I’ve learnt to breathe better. Breathing through long intervals. Heavy sets. Weaving my way through crowds of slow walkers. Passive aggressive emails. Annoying people. It’s a no brainer but it’s strange how much we hold our breath throughout the day when we could just exhale the bullshit to give us strength to deal with it. Admittedly I haven’t been on the mat much lately but looking forward to a good WOD and stretch with @lunch_and_lycra tonight 👯‍♀️
This week’s pump trumps last week’s slump 🙌🏼 Feeling strong and back in my element after last week’s dip with some solid Yard Work at @mymanorlondon with @beckyhelpsy : repping it out with incline loaded carry runs, d ball over shoulders, GTOHs, DB snatches, KB swings and hill sprints. Same time next week @squad.sc ? The #f45challenge might also be over but I’m keeping some good habits going until the next one 👊🏼
Couldn’t have asked for a better week at work, but I’m absolutely shattered and looking forward to a nice stretch and night in tonight, resetting my body for better training and eating 😌
My face when someone tries to give me work at the end of the day 😂 Wish I could do @turfgames all over again. Not gonna lie though, my workouts have been feeling a little underwhelming for the past few days (especially tonight - huge disappointment with a certain studio 🙄) - I feel like they haven’t been challenging/I probably haven’t pushed myself out of my comfort zone enough and my nutrition not quite back on track. I’m missing the likes of @un1t_london and @metabolicldn ! I’m looking forward to be able to run in a few weeks’ time so I can crank that engine up and feel speedy and strong again 💨 thanks for the pap @jonpaynephoto ! #fortheathletewithin
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