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Nothing like beginning the day with some cappuccino and biscotti!
When you can't decide between a brownie and a pizza for a quick bite, get both.
Everything's better when there's aloo puri around.
A little bit of weekend for breakfast. #DreamingOfFriday
If it's one thing you'll chase in your life, let it be good hummus.
If you can't decide on what flavour to order, remember that chocolate is always a good option.
When all you need is comfort on a Monday. #MondayMotivation
Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao dosa!
Maybe your commute sucked, you spilled your coffee, and your boss decided to go on a long leave, but this chicken thali makes it easy to push through. #Motivation
What do weekends and dosas have in common? Neither of them last long enough.
The ratio of veggies and noodles in this bowl of Mee Goreng is just perfect!
TFW you see a rawa dosa chilling with chutney-sambar. Alone.
The steaks are high tonight! ;) #ENGVCRO
In the mood for some garma-garam kebabs? The weather sure calls for it! <3
What mid-week indulgence looks like! :D
Tried out the #SwiggySignatures yet?
The perfect #MondayMotivation lunch ;)
Love is a piece of fried chicken sandwiched in a burger and lots of cheese.
An ode to the best therapist in the world. #WorldChocolateDay
Ditch meetings and eat cheesecake kinda Friday. #FridayFeeling
Manager: How are you at multitasking? Us: ...I can eat everything in a thali at the same time. #ThursdayThoughts
Anytime's a good time for a crispy vada ;)
Not a bad way to begin Monday eh? #MondayMotivation
Weekends are to be celebrated with a bit of crunch! ;) #WeekendVibes
We only have two rules. 1. Never stay hungry. 2. Never share spicy, cheesy shrimp spaghetti.
Of course it's perfectly fine to celebrate #FridayFeeling with chole bhature! ;)
Dreaming about these lovely churros from @chinitataqueria 😘
Who says you can only eat a proper English breakfast on the weekend and not on a weekday? #BreakTheRules
Whatever it is that's bothering you, always remember that these fried dumplings will make it all right!
Looking for a way to beat mid-week blues? This bruschetta platter will help!
Looking for a mood-lifter on a sick day? We've got you fam ;) #TuesdayThoughts
Love is a plate of kheema pav on a gloomy evening.
It's a stay home and order in spaghetti kinda weather! #MondayMotivation
Why share food when you can eat it all? #SharingIsNotCaring
It's Friday and that means only one thing, B I R Y A N I F O R L U N C H. #BiryaniIsBae
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