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@lykkeli magic tonight
A lovely message tonight from @serpentfire 🙏 ・・・ Give yourself credit for all of the processing you’re doing in the background. Life goes on and is ever-stimulating, demanding our attention and energy in new ways. But the things you went through 3 months ago, the challenges you faced a year ago, or the big news last week are still doing their thing in the more subtle spaces we inhabit. Our dreams can be a subconscious processor for all of this, but all of it is still occurring in the environs of the mind and heart as we wake + walk. So if you’re tired today, or emotional, bummed out and don’t know why, give all of these amazing, monumental processes some credit and provide space for it all. Just because life goes on doesn’t mean these elements become less significant. Sending love. || #musingsonthepath
In that order please.
Do you even live in LA, if you didn’t get a selfie with @aiww this week?
Sunflower Seeds by @aiww includes over 100 million hand crafted, and painted porcelain sunflower seeds.
To new beginnings in haunted hotels 🥂
I’m at a loss for words. You were a light in the lives of so many, Matt. One of the greatest pleasures was to have you as a friend. I’ll never let another David Bowie song go unsung at the top of my lungs for you.
Olafur Eliasson @theundergroundmuseum | amazing show, amazing close, amazing party, amazing @karondavis 🙌
we’re working on selfie technique still 🐾
To Rome and Back: Individualism and Authority in Art, 1500-1800 @lacma
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