Sydnie Young

🖤💛AHS 2019🖤💛 Bff @jaderw18 Bff @harleigh_preston215 Best guy friend @cam.bam.davis

Love this amazing youth group so grateful to have y’all in my life pc credit @jada__sandridge
@harleigh_rose26215 @jaderw18 this is soooo true
Love them
Hanging with these beautiful gals
#TBT to when it was actually warm outside and not freezing
@francesann5872 happy birthday to my sister niece I love being your sister aunt you are amazing and I love you
@jada__sandridge and @mrs.cutie369 lol Ash we need this if we ever get an apartment or house together
TBT with my amazing sisters @jada__sandridge @mrs.cutie369 love y’all and miss y’all
These are soo true
When will I get this I am open to anyone’s advice
Can anyone else relate I’ve liked the same person for 5 years met in the 8th grade developed a crush on them and haven’t stopped liking them since.
I want a guy to stop and tell me this maybe someday soon patience but it’s hard
We won yeah baby this the start of a new streak for AHS keep it up sandies
It’s this sweet girls birthday I’m so glad that you are apart of my life @its_nikki_duhhh love ya
I love my bff @jaderw18
My bff 🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️
Can anyone tell me why people are so petty and call other people names when they know nothing about them
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