Szilard Viet Sztancsek Tran

👨🏻🇭🇺👩🏻🇻🇳➕👩🏻🇭🇺🇻🇳 N.👸🏼💍❤️🇵🇱 ⚽️B93 (U14, U17, U19) 🇩🇰🏆 26/47= 55% (18.03.18.)

UEFA B2 course ✅ Diploma in 🏠 🔜 B license👨🏻‍🎓⚽️ . . #progression #football #coach
Study tour at Chelsea FC Academy! 🔵⚽️ . . I had the chance to watch the English Premier League Cup Final between Chelsea and Manchester City. . . #football #chelsea #manchestercity
Group picture including Thomas Frank former B93 and Superliga trainer at the English Championship club Brentford FC 🇩🇰 . . #football #england #championship #trainers
FC København- Atletico Madrid Europa League Match . . Come on @atleticodemadrid !!! 🤙 . . #football #uefa #atletico #københavn
I never played for a draw, and I never will . . #football #coach #b93
U14 Vanløse- U14 B93 1-9 (0-2) . . We started 2018 very hard with a victory against one of the best teams in the league U14 Vanløse. . . “The moral of the story is not to listen to those who tell you not to play the violin but stick to the tambourine.”- Jose Mourinho . . #victory #revenge #haters
Happy 60th Birthday Mom! ❤️ Chúc mừng sinh nhật Mẹ yêu ❤ You are old, but GOLD! . . #mother #birthday #love
She said YES! ❤️
I’ve just found this picture of you little buddy! It’s from the first time you left the house. You were so excited, you didn’t want to come home so I closed you out. 😊When everything was bad you were there to keep us happy. You are the greatest cat in the universe, who made me stop hating other cats. You will be always in our heart. Love you Captain! ❤️#greatest #nyugodjbekeben #rip
My player, Joeffrey’s school project. . . I am sure he got a 12 on it. . . What’s next? B93 will be in FIFA 19? 😃 . . #denmark #football
‘3 years, 1096 days 94.694.400 seconds and it’s still counting ’ . . We are still together. Crazy right? Others would have left me for a more handsome, more rich an more muscular guy, but for some reasons, you stayed with me. You chose to stay with an exotic beauty with a really weird sense of humor. I can bet on my life you are keep asking yourself every single day: “Why? Why the hell I am with this weirdo?” Well let me answer your question here and now ‘My Love’. The reason you are with me is because I am a legend, and legends don’t compare themselves with humans. They work harder than humans to find other legends, like you, make their life awesome, and let humans write romantic novels about them.🦁🐯 . . Thank you for being such an awesome person and never stopped loving me! ❤️
Meanwhile at B93 Klubhus. . . I love this game! 😂😂😂 . . #football #coach #denmark #celebration
THE CHAMPIONS OF U17 ØST 1 DANISH LEAGUE 🏆⚽️🇩🇰 . . #football #denmark #champions #coach
We are THE CHAMPIONS OF U17 ØST 1 DANISH LEAGUE guys! 🏆⚽️🇩🇰 . . I would like to congratulate Sami for finishing as the top goal scorer and @hassanelsayed29 for finishing as the top assist king. . . Here I would also take a moment and say thanks to Lasse for helping me to become a better trainer than I was before. . . I would like to thank the whole team for the commitment and effort you put in this beautiful game this season. . . You are all freaking awesome! :D . . #champions #denmark #football #coach
The pre-season before the Danish Winter League is over for U14 B93. ❄️ . . #football #footballmanager #denmark
U14A Boldklubben af 1893 . . #football #coach #denmark
Köszi mindenkinek ezért a remek hétért. Jó volt mindegyikőtöket újra látni. Reméljük decemberben újra találkozunk. . . Thanks to everyone for this awesome one week at home. It was nice to see all of you. Hopefully, we will meet again in December. #friends #love #family
Pre Anniversary Gift from Natalka 🎁 ❤️ #love #football #nikeshoes
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