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It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be yours. Start making it today with @samsungmobileusa. Do what you can't. #samsung #dowhatyoucant #iamcool
Dad of the year. This is what happens when you turn up to the pow wow, watch you some fancy, eat a "taco', and crash out. Thank you @philandteds for the solid dad bed! #indigenousAF Search: indigenousaf-long-sleeve
Okayyyyy... The Thor: Ragnarok digital release is Feb 20. Blu-ray March 6, and through Retinal Injection Surgery in 2035!
Auckland is burning! So proud to support such strong artists and this beautiful part of NZ culture. Go to the site where you can check out the interactive documentary AND make these queens BATTLE. I love this project so much! fafswagvogue.com #voguebattle #FAFSWAG #PikiFilms @fafswag @carthew @pikifilms directed by Tanu Gago
Love and eternal respect to our whānau mob from te whenua whero on this day. #January26 #AustraliaDay #ChangeTheDate
RP: That time #taikawaititi came by the studio and we threw cinder blocks and glass at him. Freezing time and moving light. @satellite_lab are my mates who created the look for Valkyrie's flashback in Thor: Ragnarok. It's the first time in cinema history that this lighting technique has been used and my good friends @carlovanderoer @stuetr are behind it. This was an early test of their tech when they were developing the concept a few years ago. Smart lads. #timeramp #movinglight #stoppingtime #lightandtime
In honour of today's incredible #WomensMarch2018 I'd like to throw it all back to our 1800's Māori Women's Dress Reformers who most deffo wore it better than the dudes. Mana Wāhine! Turns out they were also sheep shearers which makes it even cooler. Imagine a gang of women shearing sheep dressed like frikken Oscar Wilde!! Ahm yass sisters! #OriginalSquad
Whatever. New Zealander of the Year 42 years in a row. #Ragnawrecked
GAME OVER Million Dollar Baby! In 2005 this woman tried to smuggle an apple into New Zealand and we punished her with a $500 dollar fine. Three days ago I caught her trying to smuggle one of OUR apples out of our sweet island kingdom. No, crooked Hilary Swanky, homie don't play daaaaaaaaat. As New Zealander of the Year my job is to stop this BS and keep our apples in NZ hands. You played with the wrong playa gurl! Turns out BOYS DO CRY! Straight to Taika jail!!! BOOOOOOM! #CrookedHillary #TaikaJail #LockHerUp #FruitKarma
Merry Christmas kids, we splashed out and bought each of you a house! #boxlife #freegifting
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