Taika Waititi

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I played Korg and now you can play Korg! In @MarvelChampions. So basically everyone gets to be me for a bit. Enjoy your new and improved lives! #ad Download from the @AppStore or @GooglePlay
Flashback to my birthday on Aug 16 when I turned 1994. #TaiPac
@marvelchampions has captured the essence of Korg. Just look at his smile. You can tell that the guy who plays him is a Māori supermodel. You can play Marvel Contest of Champions by downloading it from the #AppStore and #GooglePlay #ad #māori #rocksadaisickle
Taikaholics Anonymous annual meeting. So happy to brighten up a couple of sad losers' day. Ten Goldblums out of a possible ten Goldblums. #LifeFindsaWay #ShirtLife @tcss
Off my face waiting to meet my daughter's teacher because she slashed the principal with the flick knife I gave her for her birthday. Ah, they grow up so fast! Also, Korg is in Marvel Contest of Champions! #Korg #1stGrade #Skool Check out the Korg video btw. Link in bio.
Happy Birthday @chrishemsworth you piece of shit. Always thinking of you and sending unlimited positive vibes. Xo
Korg is coming to @marvelchampions and he's bringing Miek with him! He will - rock - your world. They literally paid me to say this. #ad #korgrocks  Download on #GooglePlay and the #AppStore !
Obey the yellow. 😘
Making a film sometimes feels as exhausting as trying to invade Russia. #jojorabbit
Happy Father's Day!
Doug's ded, bro. Long live Doug. #LestWeForgetDoug #Rocknarok
Teaching that Avengers lady how to do biscuit acting. #jojorabbit @jojorabbitmovie
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