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To all those teachers who said I'd never make it... Now who's a loser?! In your faces!!!
Congrats to @chelseawinstanley and @hepicopter on being selected for the 2019 Sundance Film Festival - Documentary Premieres section! This is one of NZ's most important films which celebrates the life of my mentor, Merata Mita. See it!
Marvelous reunion on the set of #TheMandolorian
We Stan a Leegend. #ripStanLee
If my legendary 3 yr old daughter says VOTE, then you VOTE. Don't be a tool, school that fool. November 6.
Thank you to #candokina for the epic delivery of Aotearoa Kina (Uni) (Sea Urchin) which is one of the main things I've missed from home. And thanks to @mackeydaddy for being the drug mule and bringing it to me. #HappyMaori
Happy Birthday Topaz! @rachelteaomarama
Happy Birthday Master Favarotti. @jonfavreau
I'm selling this pre-carved pumpkin for $6000 if anyone's keen! Just line up outside my house for 3 days. #colab
We must protect @kimjunggius at all costs. What a legend. Thank you for my picture. #NYCC
Got to meet one of my ALL TIME favourite artists, #BillSienkiewicz , at NYC Comic Con. @therealthatpolishguy
You only get what you put in. Or some shit like that. #MotivationMonday #Inspiration
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