WIFE of @stayfresh.atl 💍 LIFE’S Journey to be continued....... Atlanta ,GA

Kamden has the cutest big bubbly eyes❤️❤️❤️
Promise to self short term goal : embrace my last 4 weeks of maternity leave, find out my financial lucrative purpose & travel somewhere❤️
Our first moments with Kamden 👶🏽. I would like to thank my husband @stayfresh.atl for being bedside through it all & catering to my every need during this life changing moment. I also appreciate all the words of encouragement/support while delivering our precious one you made welcoming Kamden into this world even Easier. I love you from the top of my heart❤️. We did it together like we do everything cheers to us. Welcome 🎊 Kamden Azell Ranè Baldwin👶🏽 Born :4/24 Time :4:19 Est Size :6 pounds 0 ounces Gender :Male
38 weeks serving you snapback face ❤️
My babes 💕💕💕
The bartender was just so sweet when she saw that I was pregnant & so she made this special drink particularly for me😩💕 .... #virgin (ps. Who said pregnant women can’t drink 🙄 lol ha ha jk )
My love bug just melts my heart ❤️ someone is talking ,walking & opening up all the doors in our house.
My Santa is Black & Mexican ❤️
Merry Christmas ❤️
makes me cry just looking at this picture reminds me of all the wonderful blessing that are endless in our life. My children & husband are the first page in my happ(ily) ever after & the book is endless with lesson ,tears ,hard -times, Great-times, birth , reinvention of self , achievements & growth. #endlesslove #endlesspraise
❄️Our 2nd Christmas Married❄️ We both know that marriage is a challenge under any circumstances. We remain in this unity not because of the title ,but because we have come to a agreement to love each other no matter what until the end of time. I imagined you long ago before I seen you & every emotion I’ve ever felt has been with you❤️ . I pray we remain blessed and covered through it all. #marriageworks #equallyyoked
Cookies on my shirt because daddy gave me way to many .I love cookies FYI ☺️ #jojo
Beyond Thankful for my Family❤️
Oooo how I love you💕💕I'm usually laughing this hard daily ,because your over the top goofy just like me😌💙🍾🥂🎉
Trying to be cute & pregnant that's all🙃😌
Thanks to my Bestfriend for always being around during all the great & the rough moments in my life . @pennylouu thanks for celebrating my 26th birthday with me ❤️🎊🎊🎊🥂🥂 #friendship
Did someone say birthday girl? Well so many surprises and not enough daylight . Happy 26th birthday to be 🔥... Also drumroll please🥁🥁 We are having our 3rd child 🤗🎈🎈🎊🎊🎉 . @stayfresh.atl Thanks so much for everything & also thanks to my Bestfriend @pennylouu for helping my husband with keep everything a Secret❤️
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