Tanuki Raw

Serving up amazing donburi & cocktails at kapok within the National Design Cente and Orchard Central. Reserve at http://cho.pe/dineattanukirawsg

Here's to that Friday feeling. Photo from our balcony by @veronalxx #tanukiraw
Slide over to our outlet at the National Design Centre for our Chirashi NDC #donburi . Tuna, salmon, snow crab, hamachi, negitoro, spicy tuna, ikura and tamago all over our signature mixed rice. Only 21 SGD during lunch time every day! (#chirashi photo by @wabudong.sg ) #tanukiraw
When you're feeling fancy, you feed yourself fancy. But don't break the bank. Enjoy our foie gras truffle yakiniku #donburi for only 19.90 during lunch every day! (rich photo by @jonathan_lnw ) #tanukiraw
Today is go day! At 5pm we launch our #tanukiraw Prime Rib dishes. Our final dish is the Prime Rib Burger. 150g of thinly sliced US prime rib piled on top of a sweet potato bun freshly baked in house and toasted with honey butter with crisp lettuce and tomato, then topped with wasabi mayo. Our Prime Rib quantity is limited every night. So come early and get your share! Available from Monday-Wednesday 5pm - 8pm. Only at our @kapoksingapore outlet within the #nationaldesigncentre
Get set. Our second of 3 new Prime Rib dishes launches on Monday! Our prime rib set consists of 250g sliced US #primerib , served with house-blend truffle sauce, spicy miso and prime rib jus along with our signature rice, salad and miso soup. Available from Mon - Wed 5pm - 8pm for only 48 SGD. Exclusive to our @kapoksingapore outlet within the #nationaldesigncentre #tanukiraw
Get ready. Our new Prime Rib #Donburi is launching this Monday. 200g (come hungry!) of shaved US prime rib loaded high on a bed of our signature mixed rice, then seasoned with truffle yakiniku sauce and topped with an onsen egg. Available from Monday-Wednesday 5pm to 8pm at our @kapoksingapore outlet within the #nationaldesigncentre #tanukiraw
Happy times. (spot on photo by @acerias91 ) #tanukiraw
Early week treat. Only $10 during lunch time on Mondays and Tuesdays for our salmon don, negitoro don, or garlic butter chicken don. Available at our @orchardcentral branch. (seaworthy photo by @colourfulpalates ) #tanukiraw
Tried and true. #tanukiraw (photographic evidence by @epiphany711 )
.@samoosg has got the photography skills to make us get a craving. We've got the beef bowl to help you satisfy it. Find us at Terminal 3! #tanukirawexpress #tanukiraw
Start the week! It's 10 SGD every Mon & Tues during lunch at our Orchard Central branch. Your choice of our lovely #salmon kaisen #donburi , garlic butter chicken don, or spicy negitoro rice bowl. (donburiffic photo by @seachelleeee )
Hello weekend. Let's eat! (hungry photo by @creativebagels ) #tanukiraw
Saturday afternoon sunlight. (photo by @flux_sg ) #tanukiraw
Let's have a drink! Kushi Hour starts at 9:30 PM every evening at our Orchard Central outlet. - #SQUADGOALS - 99 SGD for 5 bottles of beer, 1 bottle of Jim Beam whiskey, and an order of Uncle Hiro's chicken - 3 SGD Kushiyaki Skewers - Bottled beer and cocktails at 8 SGD See you there! 🍻🥃🍸
We've got our truffle yakiniku don, loco moco donburi, happy gyoza and other custom creations in Kuala Lumpur! Find us at the @tiffinevent Food Court pop-up starting August 30! #tiffinfoodcourt #tiffin2018 #tanukiraw
It's a big yes to sweet potato #fries and #mentaiko #salmon . Why not #sushi roll today? (snacky photo by @chemicalcammy ) #tanukiraw
Do the wobble with our truffle yakiniku #donburi . (Shake-it shake-it video by @shinjuju ) #tanukiraw #eggporn
Good food and good beer make for a much better airport experience. Find comfort in our tori #karaage and beer combo... only 10 SGD! Find us in Terminal 3. #tanukirawexpress #tanukiraw
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