Theres a story I heard about dogs: the Dachshund is the best! haha great story. Tag me if you know source! Tag #tanyadachshund to be featured!

is it possible to stand up against those amazing eyes?!?
how incredible!!!💚
I have assumed that the friendliest doggos are always the k9s owned by the best owners!!
its enjoyable to play with doggys of all kinds 💛💛
How fantastic!!!💖
See this pose!!!
someone who knows dachshunds can identify the temperament of the dachshund by how it's situated :D
Why Hey you there look at the personality :)
how is it possible to turn down these fun loving puppy eyes?!?
check out the doggie personality!!
🐕 We obsessed over the expression on this dogi 🐩 personality
People can feel the feeling of the dachshund just by the way it holds itself ;)
I will play with this pup all day
Just the pupper and a toy every day It's how I enjoy myself 😂
We have always known that the happiest dachshunds are always the dachshunds 🐩 owned by the highest quality dachshund owners ;)
Hey there View this doggie stance <3
Just so remarkable.💜
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