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I mentioned in my previous post that babies usually don’t sleep through their whole session, but that’s okay. Even though parents come to me expecting sleepy baby photos, these eyes open ones usually end up being their favourites!
Yesterday someone asked me what I do for a living, and when I mentioned newborn photography, she said, “Oh that must be so easy, they just sleep!” ••• Occasionally there’s that unicorn baby that sleeps through their whole session, but the reality is, there are usually a few breaks for feeding, snuggling, and soothing. This is why I don’t put strict time restraints on newborn sessions, I’d never want us to feel rushed or worried about taking time to take care of your baby’s needs. ♥️
Baby expressions are just the best. What is it about their sweet little faces that we could just stare at them for hours?!
Sweet little smile as she’s held safely in her father’s arms ♥️
Although many parents schedule newborn sessions hoping for their little babe to sleep the whole time, these eyes open awake images are almost always favourites once they see them!
Love this sweet image requested by mama at both their studio newborn session, and in-home session (with toes!) a few months later. • • • I rarely get many shot requests from parents, and I can only assume that is because of the level of trust they have in me, my portfolio, and years of experience. So when something special like this comes up, of course I am happy to oblige!
I hope everyone had a beautiful day yesterday and is ready to rock this week! — I spent the day away from my family, with a beautiful group of women at a half day retreat. It was just what I needed. It was everything, from emotional, to peaceful, to empowering. Reminded me that I need to find a thing that’s just for me, and do it on a regular basis. — What does self-care look like for you?
I wish my 3 year old was sleeping like this. Instead he’s trying out multiple fake cries to try to convince us he’s “not even tired at all” and needs to play more. How do they learn this stuff?! 🤣
That feeling after a good stretch 😍
I might be sipping on a giant Thieves tea this morning, trying to kick this cold, but most mornings it’s a small coffee. Which reminds me, on Sunday May 5 you can come learn about natural health solutions while sipping on some coffee with me, in the lounge at the fabulous @brockstespresso. Link for tickets in bio! 🍋 🍃 ☕️
Today I was excited to photograph some headshots and branding photos for some of our Young Living team over at Brand Ambition, and I will definitely be sharing those soon. It was my first time shooting in that gorgeous space, and it was so lovely spending the afternoon with some amazingly motivated and inspiring women! Speaking of which, this is @gillianbuckleyyoga , taken in my own studio. She's a down-to-earth yogi and multi-talented entrepreneur herself!
Headshots with Personality! While I do love to create standard headshots (swipe to see Scott's), I also love when clients want to show off their personality and what they're passionate about. For Scott, it's sports, and baseball in particular, and his brand is built around it - how fun is that?! Check him out: @soldwithscott and head to taragrahamphoto.com to message me about setting up your own headshot or branding session.
Believe me. I see it all the time, and I know just how stressful and time consuming it can be trying to find images for your website and social media feed that speak to your brand and your clients, when you’re not a photographer yourself. This is exactly where I come in! In addition to updating your headshot, I can provide you with a custom set of images suited to your brand and your services. From lifestyle imagery, product shots, or details, I would love to know more about what you need and learn how I can specifically help you take your grid from Drab to Fab (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) I’m here to relieve pressure in your life, so how can I help you?
May 5th! Mark your calendar, sign up at the link in my bio, and invite a friend. This lovely lady (Joanne from @tippingpointnutrition ) will be dropping some natural health care knowledge on us, in an event geared specifically toward entrepreneurs and small businesses. Of course, all this info can be applied to your home situation as well, so don't feel like you need to run a business to join us - I promise you'll still get some valuable insight. ☕️💧🌱 Brock St Espresso will be providing the coffee, and there will be gift bags and door prizes too. Can't wait!
Sometimes it seems like things never slow down. I go from working toward one new project or idea to the next, then I’m in mom mode with hardly a chance to exhale. But when I do find moments to reflect and unwind, I love to do it with a nice warm beverage. Have you tried the Coco Blanco from @brockstespresso ? It’s heavenly. Something about the combo of coffee and white chocolate just soothes my soul. (I’m also co-hosting an event there May 5, see my previous post for details.) What’s your go-to beverage when you want to relax?
Fellow entrepreneurs, can you level with me? Have you ever considered how the products you use in your workspace/studio/office can affect the mood and health of not only yourself, but your clients too? I get it. It’s easily something that could never cross your mind, or might not seem all that important. But working with newborns, this information had a massive impact on how I manage my studio. Even if your clients are all grown up, I know you want to make sure you’re taking care of them in every possible way. ☕️☕️☕️ Join me for a fun and informative event at my new favourite local café, where Joanne Makwana from @tippingpointnutrition will share her knowledge with us, combining three of my favourite things: coffee, entrepreneurship, and natural health! 🌱 Swag bags, coffee, networking, and door prizes all included! Link in bio: bit.ly/latteslavender
If you’ve ever been the type to watch a movie with director’s commentary because you just have to know what was going on in their head, this post is especially for you! Today in my stories I’m walking you through how I set up for a newborn session in the studio. I’m really excited to share this inside look, so check it out!
Hi! I'm Tara. Many of you already know I’m a photographer who posts a lot about my business, and in my stories you'll often see my adorable toddler and love for all things natural. But I figured it’s about time I toss up a post that tells you some things about me you probably didn’t know. And since it’s approaching tolerable temperatures outside, this post's theme will be entirely spring-weather related. Ready? I have a love-hate relationship with spring weather and it’s indecisiveness. Is it t-shirt weather, or will there be snow... who knows?! I'll probably wear my winter coat til June anyways, but I always crave a cold cider on a sunny patio as soon as we get a hint of warmer temps. Lately I’m really into personal development courses and trying to find more time for reading. My fave thing to do on a chilly morning is snuggle up with a blanket and my boy, though he rarely stays there for long unless I bribe him with my phone 🤷🏻‍♀️. And one of my favourite ways to enjoy spring is taking a family walk to explore the neighbourhood in the evening. Nice to meet you! 📷@portraitsbylindsaylou
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