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Broadcaster by trade. Skater for life.@nbcolympics @olympics 🎤 #commentator #olympics #figureskating#figureskater #olympian

I’m so excited to be part of the #goodsquad with @goodamerican Their new work out line is incredible and I’m honored to be part of this campaign. Head over to Good American as I’m taking over their InstaStories today! I’ll take you along with me on my Saturday and give you some BTS of my shoot with Good American. 💪🏼
So very excited to finally share this news with you! I’m incredibly proud to join a group of strong, beautiful women in Good American’s #GoodSquad 💪🏼 #Repost @goodamerican ・・・ Talk about a GOOD AMERICAN! Welcome Olympic Figure Skating champion-turned-superstar sports broadcaster @taralipinski to the #GOODSQUAD 🏅 She'll be taking over our Insta stories tomorrow so watch this space!
Sometimes you learn some of life’s lessons from the most unexpected sources. I’m glad that at a very young age this slab of ice taught me so much. I came across this saying today and felt it applied to my relationship with the ice. • You have always been there for me. You never cared the costs. Neither did I. I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. And then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more. You have never judged me for who I am. You showed me what true love meant. Thank you for what you taught me. Thank you for helping me see the beauty in imperfection. For inspiring me to accept myself. I know I know. Some cheesy reflections this Thursday but I am truly grateful that skating has been a part of my life. I loved something so deeply at a very young age that was all mine and through the good times and the bad, this little sheet of ice opened my eyes to what is at the heart of love and passion. Obviously this means I need to get back to the rink since I miss it!! It’s time.
All of you know I love my fitness classes. I’ve had obsessions with spin, weight training, barre, running and the list goes on and on. Currently it’s Pilates. I have seen more changes in my body since I started Pilates than with any other form of exercise except.....skating (of course) I walk out tired and refreshed at the same time. Great for the body and the mind. I have @noelteubner to thank for not just aiding my body but also my mind! What form of exercise makes you feel like this? I love hearing from you all! #pilates 💪🏼 #fitness #pilateseveryday
It’s #nationaldanceday Does dancing on ice count? ⛸💃 Happy Saturday!
Throwing back to how we spent our last day of vacation in France. I wouldn’t change a thing. Other than the color of the float. My dad has always told me bright yellow attracts sharks! ⚠️🦈 I am not sure if this is true or if my dad just gets a kick out of scaring me. #beyonce #sharkweek #sharks ( @johnnygweir - @toddkap ‘s favorite MOT (the float not the boat). Can anyone guess what our little inside joke of MOT stands for?)
Wheeeeee! @johnnygweir and I got some good news today!!!! Since we can’t tell you just yet go ahead and give me your best guess. Hint- you guys were a big part in making it happen. 🙌🏻🙊🙀
I’m shocked and incredibly saddened by the news of Denis Ten passing. His life was senselessly taken from him. I can not quite believe it. He was one of the most talented and moving artists to ever take to the ice. We lost a beautiful soul both on and off the ice. Heartbreaking. What a huge loss. 💔
I’m just grateful to have these beautiful strong women (and @johnnygweir ) a part of my life. They make me a better person and a happier one. Couldn’t imagine life without them. That’s all. #friendship #friends #sistersquad 📷 @sylviegil
It’s Monday which means its #WeddingCakeChampionship day. Tonight my husband @toddkap makes an appearance as the bakers make us a 1 year anniversary cake! 🎂 @foodnetwork at 9/8 C #foodnetwork #weddingcake #cakedecorating
Miss moonwalking on the ice. Actually just miss the ice. You know when it’s time. It’s time to go home. ⛸ #home #tbt
A brand new episode of #weddingcakechampionship is on tonight!!! This might be my favorite episode yet. Yes, probably because Dublin makes an appearance but I’m promise it’s filled with lots of beautiful cakes and a little bit of drama.👌🏼Tune in at 9/8c on @foodnetwork 🎂🐶🎂🐶🎂🐶#foodnetwork #proudmama #cake
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