Tara Lipinski

Broadcaster by trade. Skater for life.@nbcolympics @olympics 🎤 #commentator #olympics #figureskating#figureskater #olympian

My outfit tho🔥 Who’s tuning in for an all new episode of Kidding tonight?! Do you guys like the show? #kidding #showtime
Last week at this time in 🇮🇹 @chelseakruse and I were serving our best menswear looks in between fits of Chardonnay fueled giggles. 🍷👔
Yup, just me and Jim Carrey and Jim Carrey’s head. Who is watching @shokidding ??? I’m still in shock that I’m part of this show. What an incredible experience. I mean me and Jim Carrey...acting. Pinch me. Check out my profile for some clips from the show. #kidding
As you know, Dublin is the light of my life. He has always been a picky eater and I’ve finally found a brand of food that he absolutely loves! Nothing makes me happier than watching Dublin enjoy his @nulopetfood – it’s the one thing he looks forward to every day and I know it’s giving him the best nutrition possible. That’s why we’re so excited and proud to be partnering with with Nulo #healthiertogether #nulopartner
Au revoir Paris! I already miss your chocolate croissants.🥐🍫
2/3 of us 1/3 of Eiffel Tower. @toddkap
After a decade, I’m back in Paris. 🇫🇷 Restaurant, bars, really any suggestions are welcome!
What happens when we try to mix it up from our usual go to pose. Todd pulls out the air pistols and I uncontrollably laugh. 🤣👉🏻👉🏻
Making her a Mrs! @amandakoch21 👰🏼
Rome’n around with my soul sisters. 🇮🇹🍷🍕🍝@chelseakruse @debsvarc
October means one thing. I get to put my headset back on. Skating is back in full swing! 📷 courtesy of @ringer
That Friday kinda feeling. @goodamerican
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