Tara Lipinski

Broadcaster by trade. Skater for life.@nbcolympics @olympics 🎤 #commentator #olympics #figureskating ⛸#figureskater #olympian

Just a Jersey girl living that Cali life while wearing my Ohio husbands jacket.
That Friday Feeling. ✨ And also that feeling when your fever is finally coming down! Who else caught this nasty flu going around? #friday #feelings #flu
A real go to move for me. 🙆‍♀️#tbt
My little family. 👫🐶 Vacation is over and now it’s time to get 2019 going! #2019
Spent the day playing with my best friend in the snow...not a bad way to start off 2019. 👯‍♀️❄️ @chelseakruse #2019 #friends #snow 📹 @toddkap
“Holding on to my daydreams” as I enter 2019. It’s gonna be a good one! #nye #newyears #2019 📹 @toddkap @rence #babyblue
A few dreams of mine came true in 2018. We broadcasted our first prime time Olympics and for the cherry on top of that experience we were lucky enough to host the Closing Ceremony. @johnnygweir and I then added @foodnetwork hosts to our resume with our show Wedding Cake Championship. Get ready for Season 2 this spring! I also had the most surreal experience of acting with Jim Carrey all summer on @shokidding Needless to say, my work experiences this year were more than memorable! But as we all know Instagram doesn’t always highlight the lows of life and I’m so lucky to have amazing people in my world to stand by my side through those moments. Those people are what matter most to me! Thank you to my husband, friends and family- you made this year a good one! I’ll never forget my husband throwing me the prom I never had to celebrating our 1 year anniversary in the best way possible. Having the best group of girlfriends a girl could ask for and a mom and dad I’m so grateful and proud to call my parents makes me feel so lucky. #nye #2018 #2019 #newyear #family #friends
Snow strolling with my girls. ❄️ @jillmordy @chelseakruse @amandakoch21 #mom #montana #friends Shot by @toddkap of course
❄️🐰❄️🐰❄️🐰❄️🐰 @chelseakruse @amandakoch21 @jillmordy #montana #friends
Is it too late for an ugly Christmas sweater contest? I think not. Please take note of @toddkap sweater...he pasted pictures of his father on it (He loves him though! All in good fun). 🙈😂 #family
Christmas Blue Steel.
When you go in for the kiss but you are just too short for him to even notice. 💋 @toddkap #shortpeopleproblems #kiss #alwaysonmytippytoes
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