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Watching this @cariferavioli before & after on repeat. 🥳 Thank you for sharing!!! As always— show us your Tartine-inspired bakes by tagging #mytartinebake . The loaves, pastries, pies, summer galettes🍓, you name it. We’ll share our favorites here! 🥰🥖🍪🍰
Summer is for flowers and desserts and fruits and cake and more cake.
WOW 🥰 this week’s #mytartinebake is making us proud. a truly beautiful tart with fresh strawberries by @audreypeterson , @breadstalker_ ’s seeded rye with sprouted rye berries (+buttermilk, dark beer, and dark malt syrup), a heroic durum sourdough with sesame crust (@simon_bread ) — and finally: we love this @jkamuda before and after. as always, show us your tartine bakes by tagging #mytartinebake and we’ll post our favorites each week. Y’all are stars🌟🌟🌟
welcome, children. 🥖😇 #tartine
This weekend come try our limited smoked salmon toast with cream cheese, frisée and lemon shallot dressing!
proud, grateful, and excited for @nbeitcher on another beautiful @midnitebagel pop-up. naturally leavened bagels. smoked fish and veggies. natural wines. 🥯 congratulations nick, this bagel emoji doesn’t do yours justice ❤️ photos by @charleschen66 , @nbeitcher , @smondry
Week three of #mytartinebake . Today we have eyes for this cinnamon raisin loaf (@maurizio ) - and yes, he dehydrated his own raisins, - this blueberry galette which is reminding us we can almost taste summer (@slomodernmom ), @sleepwelladam ’s delicate country loaf with rosemary and lemon zest, and finally - these salted sourdough chocolate rye cookies made by @boling_ang As always, show us your Tartine-inspired bakes by tagging #mytartinebake . We’re talking breads, pies, cookies, pastries, etc. We’ll feature our favorites each week. Bake on! 🥖👏🥰 #tartine
❗️❗️THE NEWS❗️❗️ Starting today our fresh baked bread is available in 2 Whole Foods Locations in Los Angeles. DTLA and 3rd and Fairfax. Each store will have a Tartine staff member there to answer questions and support our program. Whole Foods is committed to elevating their bakery program, working with sustainable partners, and investing in a relationship with Tartine in order to bring more of our quality products to some of their Los Angeles stores. The bread will be delivered twice daily - fresh from our ovens as we bake throughout the day. Just like in our own locations - you will not find a loaf more than a few hours out of the oven 🥖🥖 Made Each Day. Each Day Made. #tartine
🥖🥖 !!!Very exciting news coming to the LA area tomorrow!!! 🥖🥖 * Our packaging is made from organic materials that are plant based. The kraft paper and plastic that make up our bags are both biodegradable and certified compostable. * #tartine
The first release of the third chapter of our Tartine Inside Stories series. We believe in better bread. A complex balance of natural fermentation, time, and temperature acts on the simplest of ingredients: flour, water, and salt. A long, slow fermentation process improves digestibility. The result: a substantial, dark, blistered loaf containing an open crumb, with sweet character and a subtle acidity.⠀⠀ Made Each Day. Each Day Made. 🎥: @andrewgooi #tartine #tartinebread #skagitvalley #tartineinsidestories
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