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You might not know this, but Van Gogh wasn't actually painting a town in southern France when he made Starry Night. He was just inspired by the tahini & nut butter swirl on these glorious brownies. #arthistory #brownies #dessert #baking πŸ“·: @chocolateforbasil
Yes waiter hello, we would like one cheese with a side of mac, extra breadcrumbs, no side salad. #pasta #cheese #wcw πŸ“·: @sofiaeatsnyc
If you're trying to play a super intense game of hide-and-seek, set the boundaries inside this impossibly puffy croissant. Endless hiding spots and endless snacks, all in one place. #baking #croissants #pastry πŸ“·: @tuscan_baker
Mad about Monday? Here's an activity: roast some lil potatoes with garlic and basil, then smash them down with a "Pow!" Gets the aggression out *and* you get potatoes. An all-around win. #monday #potatoes #dinner πŸ“·: @tashasartisanfoods
Is Sunday really even Sunday if you aren't diving into a bowl of spaghetti all tangled up with basil and sundried tomato pesto? A question for the ages. #pasta #italian #tomatoes πŸ“·: @happyskinkitchen
#NYFW may have ended yesterday, but these designer cinnamon rolls apparently didn't get the memo. They're looking runway-ready for sure, in a world where runway = the path from plate to mouth. #breakfast #baking #fashion πŸ“·:@cravingsjournal
Raise your hand if you like cheese (πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ) and raise your other hand if you like meat (πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ)β€”great, now you're in the perfect position to celebrate @princi 's upcoming Chicago opening on 9/18. We hosted a dinner preview last night and can confirm that it's definitely something special. Now put your hands down and tag a CHI friend who needs to know about this πŸ’ͺ#thisisprinci #princi #chicago #chi πŸ“·: @jpp_drone
We're not saying that you'll win the @nycmarathon if you eat this Thai quinoa salad on a regular basis, but we're not *not* saying that, either. It worked for @shalaneflanagan , so it can't hurt to try. Click the link in our bio for the recipe, from Shalane and @elysekopecky 's new @nytimes bestseller, #runfastcookfasteatslow πŸ”₯ #healthy #eatrealfood #recipe πŸ“·: @alanweinerphotos
Wonton noodle soup combines 3 of our favorite things: wontons, noodles & soup. 4 things, if you count the whole ensemble. And @foodsofjane has the recipe, so you can get in on the action too 🍜 #noodles #soup #dinner
There's approximately a 17% chance that any of these cookie dough balls will make it to the oven. But, if they do, chocolate chip cookie party over here in 8 to 10 minutes or until golden brown πŸͺ #cookies #dessert #chocolate πŸ“·: @jspiesy
Thankful for this reminder that figs are in season, that they go with goat cheese like PB goes with J, & that flatbreads are just one more way to have pizza for dinner. #fruit #recipes #dinner πŸ“·: @lastingredient
If this stack of pancakes can stay vertical today, so can you. #mondaymotivation #pancakes πŸ“·: @cookingclassy
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