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Much like this asparagus, we, too, would like to be wrapped in a bear hug made out of prosciutto. #cooking #sides #warmhugs πŸ“·: @lindseyeatsla
Cookies aren't the only things that deserve a full decorating treatment πŸ₯ Our latest #TTInsider event put the spotlight on BUTTER, which of course meant lots of croissants, a butter tasting & breakfast for dinner. #spon #breakfast #pastries πŸ“·: @alyssaringler
$2,000 to spend on grocery delivery β˜‘οΈ A cookbook set curated by TT and @peapoddelivers β˜‘οΈ A cooking class for you and 3 friends led by a private chef β˜‘οΈ Enter for the chance to win this ultimate combo (link in bio!), and set yourself up for holiday cooking success. #sweepstakes #spon #groceries
If you can fit your bagel & lox into your mouth without having to slightly unhinge your jaw and turn your head to the side a little bit, you're not doing it right. This number from @publickitchennyc should do the trick πŸ₯― #bagel #nyceats #nyc
Me: I only eat eggs at breakfast time what is happening Also me: 😍 😍 😍 πŸ“·: cibus__amans #brunch #eggs #minneapolis
IT'S MAC N CHEESE SZN, celebrate accordingly. Here's a good starting point. #pasta #cheese #spooning πŸ“·: @jamesmurphyphoto
Like Jenga, but with more chocolate, and when the pieces fall over you get to eat them. #chocolate #baking #boardgames πŸ“·: @katiebirdbakes
Sure, you could go to a restaurant if you want to treat your S.O. to a special night. But staying home for a date night in means there's no wait for a table, and you can both enjoy a next-level Gentleman Jack cocktail without having to worry about the lines. #ad #whiskey #gentlemanjack
Just in case the rush of midterm elections and the feeling of making change happen wasn't enough, @shakeshack is giving free French fries to those who show up to the polls today. Hit the polls, then crunch down on the sweet, sweet taste of democracy πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #vote #electionday #govote
If you could dive into a pool filled with any kind of food, what would it be? For these dumplings, it's the spicy-sour sauce at @xianfoods , and they're living out the dream here. #dumplings #nyceats πŸ“·: @briancantstopeating
🚨 SWEEPSTAKES ALERT: One lucky winner will get $2,000 to spend on grocery delivery courtesy of @peapoddelivers β€”not to mention a curated cookbook set & private chef-led cooking class, too. Enter now for your chance to win (link in bio!) 🚨 #sweepstakes #cooking #spon
Debates that will last until the end of time: Pineapple on pizza: y/n? Is a hot dog a sandwich? Do nuts belong in brownies? We're with @rushyama on this one, but sound off below on how you ~really~ feel. #baking #chocolate #dessert
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