Beauty for a lifetime, from Japan with love. Founded by Chief Treasure Hunter,@vickytsai. Tag your treasures #tatcha 💜

We don’t like to play favorites with our treasures, but we’d be lying if we said that the limited edition Magnolia Bloom Lip Trio didn’t have a special place in our hearts. ❤️💋 #tatcha #jbeauty
Our friends at @GlamourMag compared The Silk Canvas to "an adorable pink marshmallow cake" when naming it Best Primer during their 2019 Beauty Awards. If that's not the perfect way to celebrate #TextureTuesday , we don't know what is! 💖 #tatcha #jbeauty
As if waking up on Mondays isn’t hard enough… doesn’t this cozy scene make you want to snuggle up and stay in bed? 😴 Wishing you exquisite skin and an amazing week! #tatcha #jbeauty
Traveling is always better with tiny treasures. ✈️ Right now, when you build your own Tatcha travel set with three minis of your choice, you’ll also receive this stunning cosmetics bag as our special gift! Exclusively on Tatcha.com. #tatcha #jbeauty
In our eyes, double the Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil is twice as nice! 😍 Watch @vickytsai and @janipher put our limited edition Biggu-size cleansing oil — along with a bunch of your other favorite Tatcha treasures — to the test on @QVC and @qvc2 during the following time slots: 💜 Sunday (4/14) at 6pm on QVC2 💜 Tuesday (4/16) at 2am on QVC 💜 Tuesday (4/16) at 1pm on QVC 💜 Tuesday (4/16) at 11pm on QVC 💜 Tuesday (4/16) at noon on QVC2 #tatcha #jbeauty
It’s a dewy skin party! We can’t imagine a better way to head into the weekend than with plumped, hydrated skin. This treasure is packed with Japanese purple rice and pure botanical oils that leave skin with a radiant, glowing finish… and you can find it now at @sephora and @sephoracanada 💜 #tatcha #jbeauty
🌸Spring is undeniably beautiful, but the gorgeous flowers can take a toll on your eyes if you suffer from seasonal allergies! Luckily, the cooling ceramic applicator on our Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum is perfect for helping soothe puffiness. These are just a few of our favorite times to use this treasure: 😂 After we laugh so hard, we cry 🤧 When our favorite spring flowers start to bloom — and make us sneeze 😴 When we stay up late chatting with loved ones and need a morning pick-me-up #tatcha #jbeauty
If you could teleport anywhere in the world on this #WanderlustWednesday , where would you choose? We’d appreciate these beautiful blossoms at Kyoto’s Ninna-ji Temple. 🌸 (📷: @zen_temples )
A magical view of one of our most magical treasures. In mere seconds, The Rice Polish transforms from this powdery texture into a creamy, cloudlike foam when mixed with a splash of water. ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ And don’t even get us started on how incredible your skin looks and feels after you gently exfoliate with these pure Japanese ingredients — you’ll feel like a precious jewel! 📷 by @queenonadime #tatcha #jbeauty #texturetuesday
We hope this treasure trove of Tatcha brightens your Monday! ✨ 💎 ✨ 📷 Thank you for the stunning shot, @milkyafternoon. 💜 #Tatcha #regram
Which glowing skin gift will you choose: a dewy mist, a firming hydration serum, or a gold-flecked beauty oil? ✨ While supplies last, choose a travel-size treasure for luminous skin using code GLOW19 on orders $100+. #tatcha #jbeauty
Beauty isn’t “one size fits all,” so why would your skincare be? We love seeing the different ways that our client friends mix and match our treasures to create the perfect ritual for their skin. What are your top Tatcha must-haves when caring for your skin? #tatcha #jbeauty
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